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How can I deal with a question that answers itself?

If the code the OP shows does not, in fact, have the problem they claim it does, it should be closed as "Not reproducible or caused by a typo". (If they have code that actually reproduces ...
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How can I deal with a question that answers itself?

Several closure reasons seem to apply: "Not reproducible or was caused by a typo", "Needs debugging details", "Needs details or clarity" However, these are only ...
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When *should* a question be converted to a Community-Wiki?

Questions should be marked as community wiki only in extremely rare circumstances. In contrast to answers which can be marked by the author as a collaborative effort, questions already are ...
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Should the O.P. be allowed to delete a Q&A that is not helpful?

Thus, I see no benefit in leaving the argument on the site. That is right. We should not keep unhelpful comments on the site. As such, you should delete the comments or flag them as 'No longer needed....
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What to do if I find a question for my problem, but I have different thing to say? Why is editing the old question bad?

the question is what I'm looking for. It has 4 upvotes and a diagram. Nice. The answer doesn't satisfy me, as it doesn't have the code. Great, there is a tried and true way to proceed here: post a ...
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