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Who is served? Well, some people in the future: source: xkcd If we close/remove not so well asked questions, it is easier for future visitors to find the well asked (and thus well answered) ones. I know it is hard to not help the person asking, but by doing that, we help all the other people with the same question arriving here in the future. We focus our ...


These are questions with updates since you last saw the list. Hover over the dot and it says: This question has new activity For example:


I'm going to be bold here, but I say yes, that closure is right. The question is off-topic. It is well-asked in my opinion, despite the claims in the comments. Here is my reasoning. While Android Studio is a tool often used by programmers, the specific issue is not about using the features of Android Studio. It is more about an installation/setup/operating ...


From the What is on-topic help page: ... software tools commonly used by programmers; and is a practical, answerable problem that is unique to software development Now Android Studio is a tool commonly used by progammers so questions about that tool and how to configure and use it are on-topic. That same reasoning can apply to plugins for that tool. ...


At the moment, Teams reflects any reputation changes that we make to Stack Overflow. We have plans to add configurable point values, but it's currently not slated until late next year.


There is currently no way to revert to the old UI once you've joined a team. However, I've added this to our Teams feedback. The left nav is in a state of constant re-design so it's definitely something we should think about.


Yes, the change to the reputation scoring system will affect all Stack Overflow for Teams sites. The reputation recalculation for Teams is being performed at the same time as the reputation recalculation for the public sites, and, if it is not already complete, it soon will be. You should be seeing the revised reputation counts Real Soon Now™. The change ...


View history is only tracked for the question, it would require changes to the site which I imagine SO wouldn't be interested in. With the current system being based on the question views there would be no way to stop someone posting an answer on a highly viewed question to simply farm badges, let us not have that.


There are several good reasons to apply the change retroactively, which I think make an overwhelming case when taken together: The previous change, from awarding 10 points per question upvote to awarding 5, applied retroactively. Consistency with that precedent suggests this one should apply retroactively, too. Besides being an incentive, part of the ...


I have just checked a question I have asked on the private Stack. 1 question upvote = 10 points (instead of 5), so it has been applied. I am still not sure that this is OK, since we are trying to provide real-life incentives based on reputation gain.


View history isn't tracked. This means that a massively viewed question that get a new answer after gathering up views for 5 years, immediately rewards that answer with the proposed badge. That aside, there is no way to determine a answer was actually viewed. A page is loaded because of the question it contains. The question is always viewed. A bad ...


Actually "what you want to do is impossible" is an answer, and useful to anyone else searching for a way to do that impossible thing.


Effectively, "now". Other than that, there is no precise timeline for completion. The recalculation has already been performed on Meta Stack Exchange. The team responsible for such things is busy working on performing the recalculation for all sites in the network, including Stack Overflow: We're working on it. –Taryn You'll see the changes roll ...


The decision was made way back in 2010 by Jeff Atwood, one of the site's founders. (He has since moved on to other pursuits.) It was announced and explained in the blog post, "Important Reputation Rule Changes": […] question upvotes will now grant only +5 rep instead of +10.* There is no change to answer upvotes. This will apply retroactively to ...

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