As of today, anonymous visits to unanswered duplicates where all targets have been deleted will no longer redirect. There are currently 21 such questions on Stack Overflow. Along with this change, anonymous visits to unanswered duplicates with multiple targets where all but one are deleted now will redirect to the sole remaining undeleted original. There ...


Yes The question has already been answered and accepted, so your problem is solved. Marking it as a duplicate would be the best course of action here, as it directs people looking for help towards a useful thread that would probably help them more than your specific problem.


Yes - if an answer-post on different question solve your problem (even if it a different question but the explanation is the same) you should mark it as duplicate and you shouldn't delete it. Consider other user encounter the same problem as yours. They will search and find your question and not the other one as the question is different - but they still ...


I reversed this duplicate closure. When choosing a duplicate target: the age of the post is irrelevant, it's the quality of the post. This is determined by views upvotes number of answers answer quality (usually determined by upvotes) Regular expression to stop at first match clearly exceeds on those points over My regex is matching too ...


The original was deleted by a moderator (for good reason). Since this question also has the same reasons to be deleted, I've deleted it.

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