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Is Stack Overflow really racist/sexist?

I am a female developer, and I answered "no" to the survey question that asked if you felt as though you are part of the SO community. Immediately after the survey, they said that a lot of women had ...
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Should I be nice to new users?

Yes, you should be nice to your fellow users. Being rude to someone isn't going to solve any problems all by itself. It is the content that really matters. Users shouldn't be telling anyone not to ...
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Is Stack Overflow really racist/sexist?

No, there's no evidence. This is due to the insidious nature of the claim, as will be demonstrated. First, there's a claim which is undoubtedly true: Too many people experience Stack Overflow¹as ...
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Stack Overflow Mentorship Research Project

I don't believe this is a good idea. The main reason to me is that a new user will see a chat room and ask his question there. Then people in there will have to explain to him/her that they are not ...
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Let's improve Stack Overflow's "Ask a Question" page!

Make sure to read this answer from Rachel as well which solves the clumsiness of this wizard I understand that Stack Overflow wants to keep the bar low to post a question because that is the whole ...
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Stack Overflow Mentorship Research Project

What concerns do you have with how we’re deciding to implement this initially? Even though you explicitly mention that the mentors won't be answering programming questions, the biggest concern I see ...
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Is Stack Overflow really racist/sexist?

I have no more stats than you do. I do know what I've validated as comment flags recently though, and I planned on going through some of those recent flags. I, unfortunately, found the history of what ...
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Should Stack Overflow be more restrictive about new user registrations?

I feel like we need some numbers to help understand the problem here. I'm not going to draw any conclusions, just present some data that's a bit hard to get... If you think of something else that'd be ...
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New SO user not agreeing with the guidelines

As a reviewer, it isn't your job to convince other users, or even to argue with them. Please leave that to diamond moderators. You may, as in this case, choose to leave a comment explaining your ...
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Should Stack Overflow be more restrictive about new user registrations?

If you want to reach new askers, "ask" yourself this: Why hasn't the /ask page meaningfully changed since 2010? Here's a screenshot of the ask page circa 2009 from the wayback machine, next to what ...
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I'm new to Stack Overflow; what are some things I should do, and what things will I likely want to do that I shouldn't?

To Start First and most importantly, I highly suggest reading through the help center. This will give you most of what you need to know about the basics of the sites. This will also give you ...
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Can we be more welcoming by managing expectations?

I do think we need to manage expectations. We are, at the core, a site where we use the basics of the English language to communicate solutions to programming problems. Anybody who can do that ...
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Educating new users not to ask questions in the answers

I think the word "answer" itself may be an issue: answer noun 1 her answer was swift and unequivocal: reply, response, rejoinder, return, reaction; acknowledgement; retort, riposte; ...
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How can we stop failing the users who we actually want to join, and remain as, members of our community?

I see one big problem with pretty much any possible idea that anybody possibly might come up with: all the "good real estate" where such things could be communicated is owned by the company, ...
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Feature Test: Ask Wizard for New Users (trial has completed)

YE: status-completed This has been completed. The warning now shows up in the upload menu on the Stacks Editor for new users, same visual as the old one. See here for more details A known issue for ...
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How will Stack Exchange Overhaul their Q&A Format?

I think there are some AWESOME opportunities to refine the experience just for new users. Particularly in light of the excellent New Question Wizard that was recently introduced for new users. The ...
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Why is there such a large quantity of beginner Python questions that concern Pandas?

It's a combination of multiple reasons, in my opinion: Python is very popular, and Pandas is one of the most used libraries for data analysis and manipulation. Beginners mistake Python for Anaconda+...
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New User Experience: Deep Dive into our Research on the Staging Ground – How do you feel about review badges & opt-in settings for the Staging Ground?

Duplicates I read the entire thing and I do not see where and how you have tackled duplicates. Stack Overflow is over a decade old. A lot of questions a new user would ask have already been asked and ...
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Let's improve Stack Overflow's "Ask a Question" page!

I really like the solutions many of you have been proposing, so I would like to give it a shot with another approach Some questions can fit some broad categories easily, and I would say many have ...
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Detect "thanks!, wow!, fantastic!, that worked!" comments

I, as a new user, felt very identified with this post , as I was totally unaware that we had the option to upvote or accept the answer... It would be great for the new users to get a pop-up ...
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Stack Overflow Mentorship Research Project

So if someone is using this feature to get help improving their draft of a question, how are they intended to share that draft with the mentors? It's important that they do share the draft, so the ...
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Let's improve Stack Overflow's "Ask a Question" page!

Show, don't tell! I still think the team should consider showing examples of good and bad questions, linked to from the "ask question" page - possibly selected dynamically based on the tags the user ...
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Replace question downvotes and closure with a roomba-enabled "no community value" flag

I will reply to some of the points you made, not the entire proposal. Downvotes on questions If you want to remove downvotes, you must also remove upvotes. But voting on questions isn't useless. Votes ...
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Mentorship Research Project - Results + Wrap-Up

As a mentor myself I was quite happy with the experiment and I do believe that it may work, however I have a comment in the quantitative results of the experiment. Certainly I do remember that we did ...
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Is Stack Overflow really racist/sexist?

There is a tendency whenever sexism or racism is discussed to shift focus away from the experiences of those feeling alienated or marginalized, and towards one self. This question seems to me to be ...
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Changing new users' expectations of this site *before* they ask their question by requiring them to pass a test

Usability fact #1, the Prime Directive: users don't read. Now, we could be forgiven thinking that the users of Stack Overflow - who we can assume are programmers, and therefore more clued-up and ...
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Introducing the Staging Ground, an attempt at improving the first-time asker experience - What was asking your first question like?

I asked my first question in 2014. It was a really basic problem that was more caused by my inexperience with JavaScript than anything else. I got three answers that were all very helpful, explaining ...
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New User Experience: Deep Dive into our Research on the Staging Ground – How do you feel about review badges & opt-in settings for the Staging Ground?

TL;DR: please focus on what we have first, instead of piling more on top of it. We've been struggling for years, and while improvements have been made, we still have a long way to go before the ...
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Stack Overflow Mentorship Research Project

I signed up. However, I think this project is doomed to fail. The problem is that most of the people asking questions which fit your criteria simply lack the minimal understanding required to even ...
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A new user has just rejected an edit of his answer written in poor English

In general, when users reject good edits that fix grammar and formatting issues, you can flag for moderator intervention. This can happen because new users haven't read the Help Center and don't ...
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