Unconditionally reinstate Monica's moderator privileges, on all sites. Keep political causes out of the SE platform. Spend some time getting to know the communities, how they work, and the value that they provide. SE has forgotten how their communities work and why they are so important.


If you go to the information page at https://stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic and look under the off-topic section you'll see item 2: Questions about a problem that can no longer be reproduced or that was caused by a simple typographical error. This can often be avoided by identifying and closely inspecting the shortest program necessary to reproduce ...


Recently when I was searching on SO, I have found many old, similar questions (not programming related) which have gained many votes & answers. The above question contains simply one line: What are metaclasses and what do we use them for? For starters, this question is related to programming. I'm not sure why you don't think that's the ...


There's a number of problems that boil down to this one problem Actions are now being driven by fear instead of Community I posted this a few weeks back, while it was just starting to heat up People love this community. They want it to succeed, so much so they spend their own time and money (such as SoBotics and Charcoal) making sure it operates ...


I don't know what Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky think of the path their creation is being dragged down, but I hope the new CEO and management team don't screw up what has become an indispensable web resource for developers and lots of other communities. Stack Exchange is a gem. Don't mess it up.


Almost every single use of the name ".NET" on this site prior to .NET Core has historically been in reference to the .NET Framework, and it largely continues to do so today, because despite Microsoft's marketese, .NET (Fx) developers are used to it being this way for the last almost 20 years now. Out of nearly 290,000 .net questions, only 76 uses of .net-...


That should be an eye-opening thing for management. If a person who have given years to this community as a representative of stackoverflow and got discourage and stepping down with a heavy heart then this should be a point of concern for management. We, as community, really thank you George for your services and stand with you.


Voting to reopen your own closed post is indeed a privilege. And you're right they don't get full control over reopening because they need another 4 people (or one gold badge holder) to reopen, but they can kick the process off and put their post in the reopen queue. Hopefully they addressed whatever issues it had before doing that.


Question which you are talking about is asked in 2008, the days when Stack Overflow just started, almost 11 years old question. At that time site was learning how to handle the posts and how we can have a cleaner site where anyone can easily find a solution and that's what we all want. The question has more than 5k upvotes shows that it was helpful to the ...


Users are able to cast both close and open votes on their own questions as long as they have the privilege and since both of those votes require others to agree with them there are checks in place to make sure the action is correct. Users also are only allowed to cast a single open vote on a question so that if it gets closed again they are not able to vote ...

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