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Your flag was not asking for a migration. You asked for the question to be closed and deleted. Your flag read, in full: This question is not about programming at all, but purely about vi/Vim, furthermore it provides plenty of useless details, which can only mislead the reader. Therefore, I've re-crafted it and asked on vi.stackexchange,


No. It has nothing to do with programming. It has everything to do with licenses and other legal implications, which isn't what we touch.


Explain why my code works like it does - on or off topic? It depends on the question. If you present a clear piece of code where you are getting unexpected results, that's an on-topic question. Even without code, if you present a practical programming related scenario, adequately scoped and with enough details for other users to reproduce; the question ...


Any posts either here on meta or on the main site would be closed and deleted as off-topic at best and might even end up being flagged as spam. The best you could do here is put some information about what you're up to on your profile and hope someone sees it. If you're doing something that's already popular then Stack Exchange might sometimes let you create ...


I have voted to reopen your question as it is now. It's clear, it shows a lot of research effort, it attempts to solve a specific problem - it's probably in the 99th percentile of quality for questions posted here nowadays. In terms of providing more information, it's obvious that you physically cannot as much of that information is simply inaccessible to ...


Stack Overflow is a Q&A site, not a discussion forum. That being said, valid Stack Overflow questions should have answers, not just ideas or opinions. This question appears to be soliciting discussion rather than answers, so it's off topic on the entire Stack Exchange network. You may be able to pose a question like this in chat, though.

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