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Can anyone in this group guaranty that their answer is 100% correct? If not, then Why is the “opinion-based” questions is banned from this group? A correct answer does not equate to a good/strong opinion, just as an incorrect answer does not equate to a bad/weak opinion. Let's take a look at the close vote text: Opinion-based This question is likely to be ...


If you're trying to implement something using the protocol, potentially...Only issue is that I don't know what kinds of questions one would ask because it's kind of an open-ended protocol kinda like p2p. Definitely try their forums first to see if you can get some help with the less tangible stuff (e.g. "How do I persist things?")


"What if people are looking for a suggestion or recommendation solutions for their problems?" That's a great question. I'd like to specifically answer that one. Reddit Quora Discord Any specific forum dedicated to the topic you have a question about colleagues classmates friends and family Stack Overflow does not exist to replace the web (or ...


The former article in question isn't a teething problem - it represents exactly what can be expected from a corporate extension of a community site. Companies like Google don't think in terms of "how can we contribute to Stack Overflow...", they think in terms of "how can we use this to our advantage", which includes a nothing-to-lose ...


What if people is looking for an suggestion or recommendation solutions for their problems? That's just not what SO is for. We're not a discussion forum, we want factual answers. What you're looking for is a more open / less moderated forum like *shudders* Quora.


We close questions to prevent answers. We prevent answers that are only expressing personal opinions. There's always an aspect of opinion in programming but some questions are primarily opinion-based, e.g. which programming language is the best? Such questions have no place here and they should not be answered. In the past, we allowed such questions and it ...

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