The simplest reason I'd personally reject that edit, is: You quintupled the length of that answer. If your edit requires that you add that much to an answer, it should probably be a standalone answer. To answer your specific points: The mac shortcut is pretty redundant. As far as I can tell, it's pretty common knowledge that Ctrl means Cmd when you're on a ...


When reviewing an edit, make sure to look at the Markdown view for the post, because only looking at the rendered output can sometimes make it hard to see what's actually happening even with a side-by-side comparison. In this case, they added backticks to the code terms in your answer, which is an edit that I would approve. The side-by-side comparison also ...


There are no advantages in making suggested edits "revocable". No advantage for the one making the suggestion: there is simply no way to know the next suggestion is going to have a speedier reviewing. No advantage to the system: If one could cancel their suggestions, other users could be wasting their time reviewing edits that one could take back ...


We are actively working on Review Queues and will revisit this copy.


do I have to flag manually every time I come across such a suggestion? Yes, you should. No flag is automatically raised because you refer to the "spam or vandalism" rejection reason. Reference: What flags are automatically raised by the system?


This was fixed in October of last year. Basically, this happened because there was only one client-side check to see if there was a pending suggested edit, which occurred when the page was loaded. Thus, if you loaded the page before someone suggested an edit, and then proceeded to edit the post yourself, it would just direct you to the post editor since ...


To make Cerbrus' answer a bit more laconic: An edit to a post should not cause whole paragraphs to appear.


While I don't disagree with the intent of your edit, the implementation leaves something to be desired. I would likely have selected to "Reject and Edit" your change, and modified it to the following: What you need is an array formula, which is applied to all cells in a column. Enter the following in B1: =text(A1:A,"00000") and do not ...


Thanks for raising this. I've been able to reproduce this bug, and I've added it to our backlog for our team to address. We have to address some larger priorities on our roadmap right now, and when we get to this ticket, we'll have more information here.

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