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I agree that this is a meta tag; data is data no matter what it's about. Tags about data for a specific event in real life do not need to exist, so I agree with burnination and blacklisting. Do note that this tag qualifies for abbreviated burnination/cleanup since it has fewer than 50 questions. If you can get the sign-on of another trusted user (20k+) then ...


My opinion is they are not necessary. They describe the type of problem being solved rather than the type of technology being used. Having said that, I also do not think they are harmful in any way. I had a quick scan through those tags and they don't attract off-topic or low quality answers by and large. We could edit them out of all these questions to ...


Thanks for letting us know, looks like this was just a human mistake, we’re removing the tag sponsorship


Tags about a specific puzzle don't seem like "meta" tags to me. They describe the content of the question itself. Solving one type of puzzle is a very different programming problem than solving another type of puzzle, just like writing a Windows GUI program is a very different exercise than writing a Windows console application. This is precedent already ...

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