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Ask to rename a misspelled tag [yugabyte-db]

This seems to match our existing naming conventions of not adding a hyphen when the "DB" suffix appears at the end of the previous word. Examples: mongodb, couchdb, amazon-dynamodb, azure-...
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The [hyphen] tag is being burninated

Observations/Retag Guidance: Questions about breaking words with hyphens can be tagged hyphenation instead. Some questions are about a library called dash; however, there are several libraries/...
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What do to with newly created tags that refer to class names or method titles?

Do nothing, unless there's an issue. Clean-up of such tags later does not become an issue, because they can be dealt with expediently and en masse. Since they are on-topic (nearly by definition), and ...
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Is a question tagged [untagged] an oxymoron?

Thank you for reporting this! All WSO2 questions that were tagged with the untagged tag have been cleaned up.
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Are [xml-entities], [html-entities], and [character-entities] actually one entity?

html-entities and xml-entities are certainly different. XML has " & ' < and > and that's all. HTML has all that XML has and more e.g.   You can read ...
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The [hyphen] tag is being burninated

The hyphenation tag is missing a wiki and an excerpt so it's not clear to me what makes for a rettag and what doesn't. The hyphen wiki currently says: hyphenation for placing hyphens in words ...
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Cleaning up PowerShell tags

TL;DR; While @iRon's answer correctly points out the differences between Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core as well as why both the powershell and powershell-core tags should remain, I disagree ...
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