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excel-vba is gone. So are most *-vba tags. Over the past two weeks or so, I've been cleaning up the per-application -vba tags, by adding vba where there was only a [name]-vba tag. I then merged the remaining use of the [name]-vba tag into [name]. This ensured that all posts which started with [name]-vba ended up with [name] and vba. (Note that in some cases [...


This tag absolutely should be burned, just like all coding competition tags that preceded. I’ve dealt with ~90% of the posts, closing a very large percentage (too broad or lacking a MCVE), the remainder were handled by others. It is now gone. In processing these I re-discovered competitive-coding, which is a meta tag just like leetcode is, only more so. It's ...


This post is community wiki, please edit at will. There is a chatroom to coordinate this effort. Guidance so far: When people create [tfs-*] tags where appropriate, do match the existing pattern of tfs-2015 and tfs-2005. But remember all the usual caveats of version-specific tags, namely that you shouldn't use them just because the asker happens to be ...


I’m removing the tag; it’s a manual process right now as there is no burnination support available. I’m cleaning up the posts where possible; we have a mix of access-control, Microsoft Access and general “trying to access X” questions, after all.


I've torched it. Almost every single post with the tag was off-topic (lacking an MCVE, or way too broad). I've also found that acm-icpc has re-emerged, with 13 questions, another meta tag of the same ilk. It has been torched too. I've also burned through the following related tags (each has only a smallish number of posts, 85 or fewer): onlinejudge google-...


Current Data: The appscript tag currently has a total of 76 questions and 0.3k watchers The google-apps-script tag has a total of 32,953 questions and 6.4k watchers appscript was removed and google-apps-script was added to the question a total of 88 timesSEDE The applescript tag currently has a total of 7,568 questions. The tag applescript targets ...


The lang-gap hint doesn't do anything. We don't have syntax highlighting for GAP. All of the supported language hints are listed here; you'll note that GAP isn't on the list. It pretty much includes only the most popular languages. When you specify lang-gap, you're just getting lang-default, which…is the same thing as what you get by default.


The tag appscript shouldn't exist. That's intractable. The potential for misuse is there. No amount of babysitting would be as effective. Just replace the tag for unambiguous ones.

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