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[Disclosure: I work for Amazon specifically on OpenSearch] If you take a look at the disambiguation page on, it refers to the 2005 OpenSearch as the "OpenSearch Syndication Protocol" and the still existing OpenSearch GitHub repo calls it the "OpenSearch Protocol." The 2021 project itself doesn't use "Amazon OpenSearch,&...


One is a protocol, the other is a product (based on another product). Amazon's opensearch can be amazon-opensearch meanwhile the other can be opensearch-protocol. That's how disambiguation goes, removing the ambiguous tag. People wouldn't be confused by either.


ICSS is a feature of a 3rd party service/library: CSS Modules (note to readers: this is not some official feature of CSS published by the W3C or WHATWG or anything). I am not certain we need a separate tag for this. Do any of the other dozen or so aspects of css-modules have their own specialized tags? Creating a standalone tag icss is just begging for ...


What benefit is derived over renaming, as opposed to simply adding the synonym sql-server-management-studio to the ssms tag? You can do that yourself, right now, if you have enough rep in the latter tag. There certainly isn't currently a discoverability problem, because if you type sql-server-management-studio in the tags box you get suggested ssms due to ...

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