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The comment flags are displayed as they currently exist. This has always been the case, and has troubled users in the past too. The usual route that I used to follow in order to get over this problem, was to just wait for a full 5 minutes and then flag. If the rude content is still present, use the unfriendly or the rude flags based on the situation. If ...


Once you realize you've suggested an edit improperly that has been approved the only options available to you are to suggest a new edit to fix the post again, or to comment and hope that a user with 2k+ rep (or the author) will fix it for you. If you're going to suggest an edit rolling back the change, it should have a really good revision comment though.


Your question is marked as a duplicate of two questions: How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP? PHP session interfering with sub-domain session The second one addresses the immediate problem that you're focused on: trying to maintain two separate sessions with the same root domain. The first addresses... some other issues with the code you posted. You ...


So, first things first: Thanks for reporting this! You definitely shouldn't have to be dismissing anything like this multiple times, and for now I'm treating that as a bug - more in a bit. The popup is turned off now, for everyone. You shouldn't see it anymore, at least not until we get this figured out. We're testing some other things anyway, which will ...


It seems really weird to me that these links even exist in the top bar. The left navigation seems to be the perfect space for this use case, promoting things like the Teams product. The left navigation was even sold to us as a way to introduce scalability for future products (emphasis mine): Principle #2: Scalability The new information architecture ...


You can click on "rendered output" to see the rendered post, including any images.


There's currently no way to disassociate yourself from a contribution that was never technically accepted. We can do things around specific revisions, but not so much things that never actually become revisions. The way the system surfaces some of the information around edits is far from optimal. In some cases we don't flout it for you enough (well, beyond ...


As I explained before in the comments, the tags actually were renamed and synonyms were only added for the transition phase so that people that still remember the old names are directed towards the new names. That way, we avoided getting questions e.g. for ASP.NET 5 when the people were actually referring to ASP.NET Core. As for the versioning of the tags, ...


Nope. That's meta-information, and should just be posted as a comment. You can edit a post to make the question more clear, and for duplicates, that might include adding why other questions don't answer it. But don't just add a wrong close reason because edit because that is not relevant to the question. If you post a comment, that can also get flagged as ...


isanswered:false doesn't count answers that have a score of less than 1 as answers, even if they're accepted. Instead, filter by having 0 answers to exclude results with any answer independent of answer score: score:10..1000 answers:0 [c++] duplicate:false


There is no delete queue that looks like the regular queues. But there is a place where you can find something similar. It's more of a list of recent/most delete/undelete votes. Click the review button. Click tools and it will look something like this: Click "Delete" (marked with red) You're done. You can adjust the time, but there it is. It looks like ...


Thanks for reporting this. We used to have a "Career" section on the Edit profile and settings page, which we got rid of in April 2019. We were incorrectly falling back on this info if the Title field was null. We've fixed the bug and are currently in the process of dropping that obsolete table completely.


The badge would remain after the question is deleted, and this is what it would look like (example here):

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