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On Stack Exchange / Stack Overflow the recommendation is to put the screenshot in a quote. This places a yellow border around the image to set it apart. This is mentioned in this Meta Stack Exchange question about when to use quote markup.


Commas Use the oxford comma in sentences. Don’t use a comma to separate two distinct phrases (comma splicing). Use two sentences instead. source:


Some suggestions: Put a border around the image By putting a border around an image, you are setting it apart from the rest of the text. Until someone can find a way to put borders in a text-only post, it becomes obvious that an image is present. Edit: as stated in another answer, you can put the image in a quote to add a border. Draw shapes on the image I ...


This isn't actually a bug. The developer story lets you pick which top tags to show. As an example, here's mine: Which results in: And, as you can see, the unselected Firebase tag isn't included in the list. The owner of the developer profile you used as an example probably didn't pick the react-context tag for whatever reasons they may have (...


Tag excerpts and wikis are in the Posts table (post types 4 and 5, respectively). WikiPostId and ExcerptPostId on the Tags table will give you the specific post ids to grab for a given tag.


Here is how I'm currently using them (my opinion): 👍 Thumbs up: I like the job, but it doesn't mean I'd apply to it (maybe it's not my role or level). 👎 Thumbs down: I dislike the job. Maybe it's an industry or company I'm not willing to work, or the office location. ❤️ Heart: I loved the job and I'm definitely applying to it if I fit all requirements. 🦄 ...


We don't offer any way to edit the information shown on those pages. If you'd like to change any of it, you'll need to simply delete it from your story and create a new list using updated information, as you've already done. As such, we also do not offer any way of moderating who lists those companies in their developer stories. There's no way to forcibly ...


This should be fixed now. We made a change that was supposed to hide the Similar Questions block in the guided wizard mode, but it ended up being a bit overeager in traditional mode. Thanks for the report!

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