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The badges on the profile page are ranked by the rarity of the badge, and the ones on the activity tab are ranked by the most recent badge even when sorted by class. On your profile page, the proofreader badge is at the top because it is your rarest badge (Awarded 19988 times). Tag editor badge is your second-rarest badge (Awarded 25669 times). And the ...


You can visit the Users page and order by Editors for the all interval: Here is a direct link An alternative is to write a SEDE query. You can see the SEDE tutorial and SEDE help for getting started.


The CMs work on a rotation to handle issues like underage users. We're expected to get to them within a day or so for the most part. The flag was handled (as Nick indicated) as a note from the mods that they'd let the CMs know about the user profile. The moderators do not delete user profiles that are underage because the staff have a special route that ...


The solution is simple: Scroll to the very bottom of the old questions and read all the answers I close questions all the day using dupe target that are 10 years old and this is fine because they contain outdated and up-to-date answers but the issue is people that stick to the accepted answers or the most upvoted one when there is more than 20 answers. I do ...


It was flagged as "no longer needed", so I deleted it as it looked to me like it was no longer needed. If it's important post it as an answer, or if that's not appropriate, make it clearer what the link is to and why you are posting it as a comment.


Comments are temporal. They can be deleted at any time for any reason.


Your flag was a notification to the moderators to do something, and per the under age user policy: If you find a user claiming to be under 16 escalate it to us through the "Contact Community Team" button and select the "underage user" template - this will flag the on-duty CM for action so we can investigate and, if deemed necessary, ...


Thanks for pointing this out! I've updated the status of the question which will add the item to our backlog. Together with the dev team, we'll see how and when we could be doing this. We'll make sure to update this post whenever we have more clarity :).


We use free-form feedback in two ways: (1) We mostly use it to guide what responses to include in the survey, and (2) we are also starting to introduce publishing the actual free-form insights. While the second is more challenging, we have been developing processes to streamline this. 1. Response Guidance For example, this year with our Operating System ...


There are three main differences between the two pages: how many questions are shown, which tabs are available, and whether or not you can apply filters. Filters On the questions page, there is a Filter button on the top right, which gives you several options to sort or filter questions. There is no such feature on the home page. How many questions are shown ...

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