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Yesterday a banner about Stack Overflow for Teams was made live and we've heard how this has been impacting community members' experience on the site. This coupled with some known bugs around the cookies prompt, have obscured the view on the site for a number of users. We apologize for this experience on Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network that has ...


Why was the question deleted? This question was off-topic: it's not about programming, it's about downloading files. These sorts of general computing hardware and software questions are explicitly off-topic on Stack Overflow and belong elsewhere on the network. Why was the question deleted right after you answered it? Answering a question bumps it to the ...


The former makes the image clickable as a link to itself: [![enter image description here][1]][1] While the latter simply embeds it in the page: ![enter image description here][1]


There is no limit to the maximum time to accept an answer (other than the heat-death of the universe).


Your edit, while well intentioned, removed information form the platform. It's very well that a new syntax exists, but some other users may still benefit from the old syntax. We all have had to work with not fully updated technology now and then. Instead of editing the existing answer, post your own, suggesting the new syntax. Credit the old answer if the ...


Companies have the option to target their job listing to a specific geographical area. We determine that based on your IP address. If we detect that your physical location is outside the targeted area, the jobs are hidden from search results and advertising.


Note that on the right side of that question you marked there is a: modified 16 secs ago Closed questions get bumped to the top of the home page just as regular questions do upon edits. This makes sense when you think about it. True, the question will probably go to the reopen votes review queue, but this way it gets right into the eyes of its proper ...


The content of the question has changed substantially over time, but here are some comments not addressed by Ryan M. Why was your answer deleted? Your answer was deleted after 4 users who have earned the privilege to participate in the Low Quality Posts review queue reached consensus that your answer was not of sufficient quality to remain visible on the ...


See the official help article: Cancel your subscription which applies to Free, Basic and Business. Goto Scroll down to the end of the page. Click Cancel subscription. and confirm your cancellation. Optional you can leave feedback and prevent new users from joining the team in the confirmation step.


I think that you're referring to the fact that links to other questions will automatically be replaced with the title. In this case, though, it's a link to a user account (not a question or even a comment), which I assume was simply not implemented on the SE site. (It's not very common to link to user accounts in questions or answers, so this kind of a ...


If there is any attribution indeed it shall be visible without expecting any special privileges (being logged) That's not true, the licensees are in no way obliged to provide the licensor with public access to the licensed material (and effectively its attribution). If you are insinuating that the fact that you cannot view the question without the direct ...


Sorry. We were spamming in a private team without the intention of gaining an association bonus. The rule for that particular team was that we could spam without end and gain rep from that. Today, we had some trouble and my main account (Tech Expert Wizard) deleted everyone in the team and then cancelled the free subscription. Sorry.

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