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Who can modify a locked post for me? I found an invalid URL that needs to be updated

Generally the historical significance lock means "this isn't useful here but was at one point and we want to honor its past life". That means it's not worth updating. If it's worth updating ...
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Why wasn't this spam post deleted even after getting a helpful flag?

I marked your flag helpful because it was. The question is what we call seeding. It was an acceptable flag, as the user was in violation of the guidelines surrounding excessive self-promotion, ...
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What's the status of the AI-generated content policy banner test?

On December 5, 2023, the results of the banner test were released on the Stack Moderators private Teams instance. These results included data on the efficacy of the banner along with details of what ...
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How do I get notified by email when I receive replies to my question? And how do I respond to those replies?

You are already notified about replies when you are at the page in the head You can go to profile settings, then Edit email settings and change your email settings:
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