To be honest, I'm less concerned with the bribery aspect of the question, and more interested in its topicality. If it's off-topic, it really doesn't matter what the OP offers in compensation; it should be closed and shut down, no questions. In general though, those kinds of things can just be...edited out of a question.


It's information that doesn't help answer a question and we already don't allow that so... the source code is vital to the question or answer - vote to close the question as unclear or downvote and vote to delete the answer as it's useless. the offer is in a comment - flag the comment as it adds nothing to the Q&A the offer is in the question or answer -...


Requests for help with code or how to solve a problem with code that has specific dependencies are on-topic; only requests for library recommendations are off-topic. Thus, if you have a question about how to do something with Bootstrap or with jQuery, for example, that's... a perfectly fine question to ask, so long as you include a Minimal, Reproducible ...


The mobile site is largely unmaintained. Instead, you should use the desktop site or use the site on a computer instead of a mobile device. The desktop site is more responsive, anyway.

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