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Are "Is my understanding correct" questions appropriate?

Typically you can answer such questions by testing—make the change in isolation with the same data/inputs and see if the problem is still reproducible, or not. So, at the very least, such questions ...
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Can a priority be added to a question?

Wouldn't that be a good idea to cover issues like mine? No, because the purpose of Stack Overflow isn't to solve your current problem. Stack Overflow isn't a help desk. It's intended to be a ...
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Is it acceptable to post over 100 lines of compiler-generated assembly for an optimization question?

Is this a suitable question for Stack Overflow? It sounds like one to me - or at least, a suitable question could exist in this space. Ideally, your "few lines of C++ code" would ...
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Are "Is my understanding correct" questions appropriate?

Yes, it's a good idea and should be allowed. I would argue that intentionally withholding your understanding/assumptions doesn't help anybody. If your understanding is correct, I can just say "...
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Are "Is my understanding correct" questions appropriate?

As mentioned in the comments, the goal is to ask a question that is useful to as many people as possible. So rather than ask the very specific question "is my understanding correct?", just ...
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Are "Is my understanding correct" questions appropriate?

Is this type of question appropriate? After all, if I am right, what could a responder do other than say, "Yes, you're right"? Yes, you're right. Would it be better to post my original ...
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