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How to avoid editing war

I have been answering questions about fairly specific technical topics and libraries - mostly ones for which I am a lead developer -- for several years. Cool. Being a subject matter expert does not ...
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Who can modify a locked post for me? I found an invalid URL that needs to be updated

Generally the historical significance lock means "this isn't useful here but was at one point and we want to honor its past life". That means it's not worth updating. If it's worth updating ...
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When editing a question to cleanup grammar and formatting issues, should links to images of text be left as links?

This takes some justification and caveats, but: yes, I typically inline such images, and encourage others to do so as well. Caveats first: Do not inline the image if the question is a duplicate. It ...
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What does 'Notice added' mean in the edit history of a question?

Any post with a blue box (aside from the closure notice) has a corresponding 'Notice added' event in their timeline. This happens when a bounty is offered, or when a moderator locks a post. When the ...
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"dataframe" or "data frame" spelling in pandas?

I suggest to accept both the canonical CamelCase spelling ("DataFrame"), as suggested by MisterMiyagi here, and its most commonly used lowercase variant ("dataframe"), but not &...
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"dataframe" or "data frame" spelling in pandas?

The correct spelling is "DataFrame" as per pandas itself. This is how it is used in code and prose. As a class in a Python library this also matches the language guidelines. Neither of "...
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When a popular question's title and body are unclear, does it warrant a rewrite to match the popular answer?

So I wondered if the question body should be rewritten to match the question title and/or the accepted answer. That way, other users don't waste time trying to interpret the unclear question body. ...
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