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104 votes

Is it okay to show a screenshot of a deleted question to low reputation users?

Yes, it is ok. It is actually important for proper moderation - if question is deleted for reasons that need to be discussed every user of meta should be able to see the question - image is good way (...
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102 votes

My question got deleted by a moderator; how can I find out the reason?

I deleted the question because it looked completely abandoned to me. There were a bunch of noisy comments that no one had bothered to clean up after many years until I got an automatic flag about it. ...
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98 votes

Spurned authors deleting their questions after they are closed as duplicate

I constantly see in the comments that they would no longer visit the site as it's not welcoming to them. Truth be told, if someone can't take constructive criticism or disagreement without feeling ...
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91 votes

Deleted question audit 2018

I was (and still am) miffed that the Definitive C Book Guide and List was deleted. It was being carefully maintained by me and some other people. The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List survives, and ...
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86 votes

I've rethought my question about a homework assignment—why can't I get it deleted?

We intentionally make it difficult to delete questions, as that ultimately subverts our mission. As noted by Shog9, a former community manager: We're trying to create a library of reusable ...
83 votes

What should we do when one person tries to delete every duplicate?

I agree that questions that are duplicates should be closed. But, I find a disturbing pattern when somebody closes a dupe with a more general dupe and even not the correct tag i.e. suppose a person ...
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80 votes

What should I do with a rude/abusive comment on an off topic question?

Comments count as rude if they are rude, that's it. You should always flag rude and offensive comments, regardless of their context. We don't handle rude posts by posting rude comments.
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80 votes

Why was the early question about time zone detection deleted?

I messed up big time here. Big is probably an understatement. This question should never have been deleted. The worst part of this mistake is that I have never visited this question or its answers, ...
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66 votes

Allow post-banned users to see all of their posts, including the old deleted ones

Hiding a user's own deleted questions from them has always a been a bad idea*, whether they're banned, whether they're <10k+ users, whether the questions are more than 60 days old, whatever. So ...
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65 votes

Why did Community delete this upvoted question with an upvoted answer?

This question was posted by a user currently serving a suspension, who created a suspension-evasion account to post it. Deleting the user caused the question to be deleted as well. I've undeleted it, ...
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63 votes

After posting the question, I found that I had a mistake in the code. Should I delete the question?

You asked the question. You found the answer. So answer your own question and accept your own answer. It is totally allowed if you genuinely found the answer yourself. (Note: Answer the question if ...
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56 votes

User re-posts downvoted question, then deleted old one. How to handle?

Users asking a post repeatedly is quite a normal scene. The users do that to either Get more attention to their post (as they feel that no one else will see their post just because it's a few hours ...
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55 votes

Why delete a 'reasonable' (potentially fixable) question within 20 minutes of it being posted?

If that is not an MRE I don't know what is. The presence of an external SDK is not grounds for invalidating an MRE. Are you going to force users to include all relevant sections of the Android SDK ...
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52 votes

Regex question was closed as lacking details, but I think it was objective and clear

I have no idea why that question might have been closed. Regex questions that are perceived as asking for a regex to be written are often closed for this reason, rightly or wrongly, but this question ...
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51 votes

What should we do when one person tries to delete every duplicate?

Not really an answer to this question, but something I think may be worth looking into: What bothers me a lot more about these examples is that a significant portion of the deleted questions all have ...
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49 votes

Rep loss due to deletion of a year old post I edited

The post has a score of lower than 3, so the loss of reputation is as designed: Deleting and undeleting posts may reverse reputation effects as well, if these posts have votes. Actions previously ...
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48 votes

Is it okay to show a screenshot of a deleted question to low reputation users?

This is not just okay, it should be encouraged. Deleted posts are hidden from lower-rep users on the main site for a variety of reasons, but the general idea is to keep people from being distracted ...
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47 votes

Why did I get my bounty back?

Can anyone tell the reason for bounty back... Simple answer the question is deleted that's why your bounty reputation is refunded FYI February 2018, the rules have changed: If the bounty ...
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47 votes

Are users still punished for "unfriendly or unkind" comments left on deleted posts?

Yes, the "punishment" that exists for users who leave a large number of "unfriendly or unkind" comments still applies when the comments are left on deleted posts. That's a bit of an overstatement, ...
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46 votes

This question was perhaps erroneously deleted by a ♦ moderator

I agree with you and the commenters who have expressed concern regarding this question's deletion. The number one rule when moderating Stack Overflow—whether as a regular community member or as ...
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46 votes

Why delete a closed question waiting for review?

This sounds familiar... Some high level things: Deletion is not a "super downvote". Deletion should be reserved for questions which are beyond redemption. In this case, the OP very clearly ...
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43 votes

Non-downvoted question with accepted answer deleted by moderator

As Jon mentioned in the comments, the user in question flagged a couple of their questions and requested they be deleted. Typically, I decline flags like this on questions with upvoted answers. ...
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42 votes

Is it possible to access deleted questions?

If you have >10k reputation, you will be able to view deleted posts, if you have a link to them. You can also search for your own deleted posts, but not for other user's deleted posts. If you have ...
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41 votes

Why do questions that get closed as duplicates get deleted?

It was not deleted automatically by the system, but rather by a coalition of trusted users, who have delete-vote privileges. 10k+ reputation users can see that by navigating through to the question. ...
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40 votes

Allow retracting flags on deleted posts even if you can't view deleted posts

Before this feature gets implemented, you can use a userscript I wrote, which allows you to retract flags directly from the "Flagged Posts for [User]" page in the user profile. This is how it looks ...
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40 votes

How can one appeal the decisions of high-reputation users?

I re-wrote your question slightly; I think you made a reasonable attempt to be even-handed here, but terms like "attack" have the ironic property of making you appear more aggressive than you probably ...
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