How is this going to be a useful question to others? The problem is just a simple typo in a URL, and yet the question contains several hundreds of lines of irrelevant code, and the question just states that what the code is and says it's not working, without even any description of what about it isn't working. There is no value here for why the question ...


As of today, anonymous visits to unanswered duplicates where all targets have been deleted will no longer redirect. There are currently 21 such questions on Stack Overflow. Along with this change, anonymous visits to unanswered duplicates with multiple targets where all but one are deleted now will redirect to the sole remaining undeleted original. There ...


It was a mistake to engage in an extensive conversion in comments. That is not the purpose of comments. It was a mistake to try to provide one-to-one help. That is not the purpose of this site. What you should have done was vote-to-close the question, with a suitable close reason (or flag the question with the reason that it should be closed, if you do not ...


People shouldn't be posting answers in the comment section in the first place. If they want to answer, they should actually write an answer. Given that there's already a system in place for preventing people from deleting questions that already have answers, I don't see a need for any change here.


I responded to a flag on your post as follows. Looking at the edits on both the question and the two answers you posted it is an excessive number of bumps. Some users deliberately take advantage of edits to bump their posts to the front page. In fact we have an automatic flag that trips when a post is edited too frequently. So, I was exuberant in deleting ...


You can't add comments to deleted questions, or answers on deleted questions. For the rest, edits are still visible because there's no reason not to show edits on deleted questions. Those edits might even be enough to warrant an undelete vote on the question.


The original was deleted by a moderator (for good reason). Since this question also has the same reasons to be deleted, I've deleted it.

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