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What can I do if a user removes a question after I've written an extended answer?

I've restored it and left the following comment: Hello :) If you'd like to have this question disassociated from your account, please contact us and we'll be happy to oblige. The answer you received ...
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Did we really have to delete this 80-vote community wiki answer after three years?

The question should not have been deleted. Say it with me: We do not delete good content. We do not delete good content. There are bad answers on that question (no doubt!) and the question itself ...
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What to do when a question you answered gets deleted intentionally?

In this case, I undeleted the question because I hate seeing when people try to take their ball and go home. With your edits, it's not a terrible question, and your answer provides general value. ...
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What posts get deleted, and why?

1,670,492 posts were deleted on Stack Overflow during the year of 2020. That breaks down as follows: Post Type Deleted by... Posts Deleted % of total Question Author vote 420,215 25.16 % Question ...
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Make deleted posts searchable for 30 days

Let me suggest another way this could be handled: tighten the self-deletion restrictions so that a question with any answer cannot be deleted by the asker. At present, a question with two or more ...
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Is it okay to show a screenshot of a deleted question to low reputation users?

Yes, it is ok. It is actually important for proper moderation - if question is deleted for reasons that need to be discussed every user of meta should be able to see the question - image is good way (...
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My question got deleted by a moderator; how can I find out the reason?

I deleted the question because it looked completely abandoned to me. There were a bunch of noisy comments that no one had bothered to clean up after many years until I got an automatic flag about it. ...
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Can self-censoring end up with a question ban?

Whether a post was deleted is mostly irrelevant to the question ban. If someone tells you otherwise, tell them they're wrong; if you see a meta post that says otherwise, edit it. What matters are ...
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Spurned authors deleting their questions after they are closed as duplicate

I constantly see in the comments that they would no longer visit the site as it's not welcoming to them. Truth be told, if someone can't take constructive criticism or disagreement without feeling ...
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Deleted question audit 2018

I was (and still am) miffed that the Definitive C Book Guide and List was deleted. It was being carefully maintained by me and some other people. The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List survives, and ...
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I've rethought my question about a homework assignment—why can't I get it deleted?

We intentionally make it difficult to delete questions, as that ultimately subverts our mission. As noted by Shog9, a former community manager: We're trying to create a library of reusable ...
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I can't submit a duplicate of a deleted question?

You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. This is likely due to the fact that a deleted question is really just soft-deleted. If a user with more than 10k rep, or the original author, has a link to ...
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What should I do with a rude/abusive comment on an off topic question?

Comments count as rude if they are rude, that's it. You should always flag rude and offensive comments, regardless of their context. We don't handle rude posts by posting rude comments.
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Why was the early question about time zone detection deleted?

I messed up big time here. Big is probably an understatement. This question should never have been deleted. The worst part of this mistake is that I have never visited this question or its answers, ...
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Should low rep users be able to delete their own questions?

Should low rep users be able to delete their own questions? Yes. The situation you describe is frustrating, but there's a lot to be said in favour of allowing folks to delete their content when they ...
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What should we do when one person tries to delete every duplicate?

I agree that questions that are duplicates should be closed. But, I find a disturbing pattern when somebody closes a dupe with a more general dupe and even not the correct tag i.e. suppose a person ...
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Deleting a post should not interrupt my reading

Well, if the question gets closed, and especially if it gets deleted, that should be immediately signalled in a very conspicuous way, because there's normally a very good reason for it, and anyway it ...
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Allow post-banned users to see all of their posts, including the old deleted ones

Hiding a user's own deleted questions from them has always a been a bad idea*, whether they're banned, whether they're <10k+ users, whether the questions are more than 60 days old, whatever. So ...
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Why did Community delete this upvoted question with an upvoted answer?

This question was posted by a user currently serving a suspension, who created a suspension-evasion account to post it. Deleting the user caused the question to be deleted as well. I've undeleted it, ...
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What happens to tumbleweed badge when question is deleted

From the badges FAQ on meta.SE The Stack Exchange administration has stated repeatedly that "regular" badges never go away unless they were obtained by heinous cheating. Tag badges, on the ...
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Make deleted posts searchable for 30 days

Based on Brad's idea I would suggest that any question that got an answer can't be deleted by OP for 24, 48 or 72 hours. During this time the community should identify valid and good answers and up ...
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After posting the question, I found that I had a mistake in the code. Should I delete the question?

You asked the question. You found the answer. So answer your own question and accept your own answer. It is totally allowed if you genuinely found the answer yourself. (Note: Answer the question if ...
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How can I track down my answers to deleted questions?

I have found that >10k users can use deleted:1 in search terms to find their answers. This seems to be what I wanted (although, it's still not helping me find the thing that I could have sworn I ...
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Is it bad practice to delete my questions I'm no longer interested in?

I could not see the question as it seems you have already deleted it. In my view, if it does not have anything embarrassing, there is no need to delete. Consider it as community property. Given that ...
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User re-posts downvoted question, then deleted old one. How to handle?

Users asking a post repeatedly is quite a normal scene. The users do that to either Get more attention to their post (as they feel that no one else will see their post just because it's a few hours ...
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Regex question was closed as lacking details, but I think it was objective and clear

I have no idea why that question might have been closed. Regex questions that are perceived as asking for a regex to be written are often closed for this reason, rightly or wrongly, but this question ...
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Is it okay to clean your profile?

We have users do this all the time; where it becomes an issue is when it appears the user is doing it simply to "take their ball and go home". If that's ever your intent on answers that have been ...

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