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Synonyms created by deleted users cannot be approved or swapped

A partial fix for this has gone live today, Feb 7th, 2023. The tag synonym remains in the list, with the user "anon", and can now be approved. I'm looking into fixing the swap functionality ...
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Trouble adding duplicates to a closed question

This is now fixed, as of Feb 6th, 2023. You can now select one of the suggested duplicates, which loads the question into the popup box, then the "Add Original" button is enabled to confirm.
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Markdown rendering bug - different between preview and actual

It seems the actual unicode character gets ignored even with the front-end renderer, pasting directly the unicode character won't render the bold section: **b.**​a (Rendering: ) But it seems that any ...
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Tags behaving oddly this New Year's Day

Not an answer, but I wanted to log the questions that I got from a recent spurt so that maybe a cause could be identified. All of these were reported at 19:44:38 UTC from
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