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Thanks for the heads-up! This is now fixed:


This is something that goes wrong at the site and I'm not sure SE is the party that needs to fix this: An url search gives over 7,000 hits for that domain. If anything, this warrants an automatic url rewrite by the Community user but only after someone did reach out to asking them to fix their URL rewrite to https logic. If they ...


This is now status-completed as the ability to retract comment flags re-adds the ability to view which flag you cast on a comment by reopening the comment flag dialog window. See Let us finally retract flags on comments


The lang- key is optional: ```lang-js function test( ){ return null; } ``` function test( ){ return null; } Versus: ```js function test( ){ return null; } ``` function test( ){ return null; } So this might be an alias / configuration issue specific to python.


We just pushed a change to production that should fix the issue. Please let me know if the banner keeps showing up. Thanks for the report!


After having a thought about this after the y-axis "bug" that I posted, I noticed actually, these labels are confusing, like this: And also, the number actually corresponds with right after the number not at the number as you might have expected. (No offense if I used your freehand circle image...), but first, you might say "there's a bug with this image" ...


This should be fixed now. We made a change that was supposed to hide the Similar Questions block in the guided wizard mode, but it ended up being a bit overeager in traditional mode. Thanks for the report!


This a test answer to reproduce the issue. Open this in two different browser and edit it. You will get the notification on the other. body { background:green; /* <-- let's change the color */ }

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