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This is fixed. I shipped a change yesterday that allowed users to return to their skipped LQP tasks, and boy did I let them go back to them. Basically, I fixed the "can a user review this post" sub-query to support returning to skipped posts, but the "give me the next post for a user" query was depending on that to exclude previously ...


Ah, it looks like some scheduled maintenance was postponed a few times and is likely ongoing: We're starting the maintenance shortly and will have some instability during the work I'll try again later. Edit: This issue persists after the maintenance was finished. Brian Nickel believes that it is related to a recent change and is investigating.


It looks like (based on discussions and some troubleshooting with Adam Lear) that some CDN nodes got locked into an older version of a JS file from last week. He forced a refresh and that seems to have fixed the problem.


I think the history entry is useful, if it were formatted differently. At very least, it should mention "duplicate targets": Duplicate target(s) changed from 123 to 456, 789 Or maybe even show the question titles in there.


You must’ve posted the answer by mistake, it was posted 5 minutes before you voted on the question, so it wasn’t the voting that did this. your answer was posted at 11:31 UTC (timeline link, visible to the author and users with 10k+ only) the question was upvoted at 11:36 UTC; the OP only received one vote on the day so the exact time is easy to spot. You ...


While I agree with @Braiam that there are certainly things that can be improved upstream, one issue that can be addressed on Stack's-side (or our client-side) is how Stack styles the code tokens that HLJS spits out. In Stack's current site CSS, there are 9 token types that are mapped to the orange color visible above, 4 of which are used in your block above. ...


This will be fixed in the next build. There are actually two problems here, one making the other more obvious. The first is that we shouldn't be showing non-edit revisions in the list. They're throwing off the count and the link in the date goes to a 404 page. The second is that the comment contains raw HTML but we're escaping it. In most of the codebase, ...

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