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Just pushed a change to hide the Products link for moderators at the smallest breakpoint unless you’re on a product page. Phew!


The element <div class="js-accepted-answer-indicator grid--item fc-green-500 p4 ta-center" title="The question owner accepted this as the best answer yesterday." tabindex="0" role="note" aria-label="accepted"> Is the problem. Technically, this element also exists for ...


Fixed per Positive AND Negative reputation show as +-1: I had to tweak the code to pass a number around instead of a string, and I mistakenly replaced rep.IsNullOrEmpty() with rep == 0 instead of rep <= 0.


The search parameter score:0 is special in that it only matches posts with an exact score, unlike score:<positive-or-negative-number>, which match posts with a given score and higher. The search results page does tell you that only score 0 is being matched: Search options not closed score 0 answers 0 Compare that with your score:1 search, which ...


This appears to be resolved now. Let the lifesaving continue.


That's actually a [bug], Snippets already do count as code in this check. What happens here is that to create the snippet, you probably did cut the original code-block. Then before or when the snippet-editor was open, the check for jsfiddle got triggered. And the problem: saving the snippet won't make the check run again. So you end up having the flag ...


Because score:0 and score:1 do not have the same behavior. You can see what the criteria each query is using by looking above the search bar. The difference is score:3 is returning all matching posts with a score of 1 or more whereas score:0 returns posts with a score of exactly 0. The Advanced Search Tips on the search page define the behavior To get ...


This should now be fixed. We’ve had a back and forth on our z-index strategy in CSS, and it should now be fixed... until the next z-index issue pops up, heheh. Thanks for reporting!


I changed a variable name from somethinglong to s But ... why? Does a "oneliner" make your answer better? Or does having some clearer names instead of that cryptic s and sn2 make your answer better? I think the latter. Dim result = String.Join( ",", File.ReadAllLines(newFile1) .Select(Function(input) input.Split(","c)(1)) ) Your code ...


Thanks for reporting this. We used to have a "Career" section on the Edit profile and settings page, which we got rid of in April 2019. We were incorrectly falling back on this info if the Title field was null. We've fixed the bug and are currently in the process of dropping that obsolete table completely.

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