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If you are on page A and open a link to page B; page A, the browser and its extensions decide what happens. Page B has no say in it. Therefore this behavior is not a bug of Stack Overflow as it is page B in this case.


That non-informative error is very much by design. The sites are regularly targeted by spammers. A lot of those post contains content with non-latin characters. As in general the posts here are not supposed to contain a lot of those characters, entering them and then posting leads to an blocking error. To not educate the non-legit users of internet real-...


The problem with your search is actually that the on-site search bugs and assumes [c++] is a string literal rather than a tag. Your second search yielding 7000 results are for all posts tagged with one of the version-specific tags, that also contain "C++". You can work around this by removing the parentheses around the or group, and while this ...


This will be fixed in the next build. It looks like the dialog was just never implemented on mobile. It was nestled in the editor initialization code and we don't initialize the full editor for mobile views.


The All Questions page is different to the Search page, the Questions page has the following tabs: Newest Active Bountied Unanswered Frequent Votes The Search results page only has the following tabs: Relevant Newest Active Votes Note that in both of the above lists, those in italics are sorts, and not filters. You'll notice that in search results you ...


This was fixed earlier this week. Light mode version: Dark mode version: Thanks for the report!


I had a similar issue recently. I think it would be easy enough to check the privileges or reputation of a logged in user like me (~40k at the time of writing) and allow Unicode characters in the title and in the post. I hope that spammers are detected earlier and will not 200 reputation.

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