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This has been fixed - thank you for reporting this.


Only the top 60 tags are auto matched and converted per this Meta Stack Exchange answer. Note that this Meta Stack Exchange answer suggests that for Stack Overflow the number is 120 rather than 60. The first answer also explains that There is a way to override it. You can simply surround the word with quotation marks. So "security" would search ...


This will be fixed with the next prod deploy. Thanks for the report!


And there's nothing wrong with my Developer Story. Are you sure? I have my developer story tab with an exclamation mark, and Stack Overflow does not show any suggestion when I click it, but I knew I did not complete my profile when I saw this picture: Yep, finish your profile. That's it.


Finally deployed a fix to this one! Hopefully the fix is an improvement. Thanks for filing!


Still chipping away at those old tab components. Fixed! Thanks for reporting it.


The education item on your Dev Story needs at least 2 technology tags and a 75+ character description to be considered "complete".

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible