This isn't actually a bug. The developer story lets you pick which top tags to show. As an example, here's mine: Which results in: And, as you can see, the unselected Firebase tag isn't included in the list. The owner of the developer profile you used as an example probably didn't pick the react-context tag for whatever reasons they may have (...


This is now fixed. And congrats on having so many top tags.


We don't offer any way to edit the information shown on those pages. If you'd like to change any of it, you'll need to simply delete it from your story and create a new list using updated information, as you've already done. As such, we also do not offer any way of moderating who lists those companies in their developer stories. There's no way to forcibly ...


Go to your Developer Story page, scroll down to the Education section. In the section, you can see the gear/settings icon in the right top corner of the box, clicking on that it will open two options. By using Edit option, you can change the URL of your Education entry.

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