2020 Update I tried to add my Pluralsight to my story but there is no Stackoverflow icon on the site any more. Is the support for Pluralsight integration stoped? If yes why is there still the Assessment button to add it? When no can someone tell me where the new location is of the Stackoverflow icon / button


There are LOTS of ways to get around that rate-limit. It is intended to encourage good behavior, not prevent bad behavior... If someone's being a jerk with their display name, or even actively changing it in a way that "breaks the community" somehow... They're gonna get a talking-to from a moderator, regardless of whether or not they stick to the rate-limit. ...


Here is the StackOverflow link It took me quite a while to find out where the SO icon was. I did a quick test to check how it works and could not find the SO icon. I spent perhaps 30 min on this. Including then making a gif :) I do not think PluralSight inspires me any confidence. I did not have the feeling that questions were well thought. More of the ...

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