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This was status-completed this last July: This will be fixed in the next build. Each queue has a general filter to exclude non-skip reviewed tasks when picking new ones, but a handful of queues have cross-validation on post ID. The apparent thought is that we don't want the reviewer handling the same post in multiple queues. (For example, the same post ...


Thanks for catching this! This is related to the High contrast mode beta mentioned by @VLAZ. We have a fix in the works!


Thanks for posting this bug! We're doing some JS refactoring at the moment, and the Messages pages (which is different from all the other pages) often causes bugs because it gets overlooked when we're testing things. In particular, today's bug was because the Messages page was including some JS that was intended for the Talent side. Should be fixed now, ...


Workaround For whatever reason, when I initially go to a question, the answer button does not work (won't bring up pop-up text or editor window). However, if I back out of a page and then go forward into it, I can then post an answer. Simply refreshing the page does not have this effect; I explicitly have to go back-and-forth in history to get it to work.

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