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Because they can. Stack Overflow is not going to stop this, so there's no point in asking them to stop. Use an ad blocker (my favorite is Adblock Plus).


I'm not aware of any policy changes allowing animated avatars in user profiles, so I have reset this user's profile image. In this case, it seems that the image was loaded externally as the user signed up using their Google account which had an animated gif as their profile image. (here is my dummy test account I created verifying this) There was ...


This is fixed. The tag editor was annotated <div class="form-item p0">, where .form-item gave the element padding, and .p0 took it away, so someone doing a cleanup pass stripped both out. Unfortunately the inline tag editor inserts its button with a form.find('div.form-item').insertAfter(saveButton), so the save button was inserted after nothing. ...


I can see some constant background activity with the same ad, though not at the described level. But the absolute CPU usage would be expected to vary due to different hardware, and variation in the environment. For me the process doesn't go above 10% CPU usage, but that is on a very recent desktop CPU. I just managed to catch this ad again on ...


Yes, reputations changes do result from deleted questions (and answers). This is not a bug, just the way the site is designed to work... You only get reputation from contributions that are actually on the site.

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