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Because they can. Stack Overflow is not going to stop this, so there's no point in asking them to stop. Use an ad blocker (my favorite is uBlock Origin).


I'm not aware of any policy changes allowing animated avatars in user profiles, so I have reset this user's profile image. In this case, it seems that the image was loaded externally as the user signed up using their Google account which had an animated gif as their profile image. (here is my dummy test account I created verifying this) There was ...


The error message is actually not empty, and contains the error about URL shorteners as you mentioned. The problem here is that SE added recently overflow: hidden to the post layout (.post-layout). This has apparently broken too many things and I am not sure why it was added, since I haven't seen how it (positively) affects something. If you want to see ...


This is fixed. The tag editor was annotated <div class="form-item p0">, where .form-item gave the element padding, and .p0 took it away, so someone doing a cleanup pass stripped both out. Unfortunately the inline tag editor inserts its button with a form.find('div.form-item').insertAfter(saveButton), so the save button was inserted after nothing. ...


This is fixed as of late last week - thanks for the report! Background Click "share" below one of the answers on that page. You'll see the little pop-up that lets you copy the URL. Now scroll the page until the pop-up would start to go out of view... It flips around to stay visible as long as the share link itself is in view! Nifty, eh? And that's why it ...


This is a feature that was implemented in 2017. To quote Shog9's answer to the MSE post annoucing this feature Authors of deleted answers have always been able to see them*. As of a few weeks ago, authors of deleted questions can now view them as well, regardless of reputation. As of February 28th, 2017, authors of answers to deleted questions can ...


I can see some constant background activity with the same ad, though not at the described level. But the absolute CPU usage would be expected to vary due to different hardware, and variation in the environment. For me the process doesn't go above 10% CPU usage, but that is on a very recent desktop CPU. I just managed to catch this ad again on ...


That answer is four years old, which means it is eligible for reputation retention upon deletion since it also has a score of 3. That means all of the reputation changes from the answer are permanent in its deleted state, including the downvote that recently came in on it that caused you to re-look at it.


From the FAQ (emphasis mine): If you don't have the moderator tools privilege, you can see any of your own questions that you have the direct link to, and your own deleted answers to any question. Additionally, you can see any deleted question you have answered as well as your answer(s) to it provided you have the direct link, but you can't see other ...


Thanks for bringing this up! I work on our design system called Stacks. A ton of Stack Overflow inherits the CSS and markup from Stacks, though not as much as I’d like. We want to fix this, but the problem with simply switching to 16px is that compared to the rest of our interfaces, the input text is huge. We’re tracking this issue on our repo and I’ve ...


As double-beep and Inquisitive Lurker have noted, the root cause here was an overflow:hidden style on the post container. This has now been removed; thanks for reporting this! More info: Question's first two line and the upvote arrow are clamped The "New Contributor" dialog is masked


I ran into this error today using Chrome on a Mac. I solved the problem by logging out of StackOverflow (including all domains on all devices) followed by logging out of Pluralsight. Then I logged back into Pluralsight, chose the Skill IQ I wanted to display and clicked the StackOverflow share button. After logging into StackOverflow the skill appeared ...


Fixed at last: Slightly more space than normal will be allowed for the stats column in cases where a field has... this much content... But only to a point; after about 316 pixels, it should not get any wider. Text will overflow off the page if need-be rather than forcing the central bio column to collapse.


The correct link would be this: How can I run the Ruby on Rails console in production without executing Spring? which is Note the addition of a missing digit '3' in the id. Questions and answers are actually stored in the same underlying table in ...


Thanks for reporting this! That's a pretty blatant one that slipped through the cracks. I've just pushed a fix so you no longer have to choose between Log in and Log in ;)


Great catch. Fixed! Thank you for reporting.


As you and Yvette both suggest, the problem here is caching. The posts used to generate audits for the Triage, Close and Reopen queues are expensive to query. To avoid huge delays (and excessive db load) when generating an audit, the system queries all eligible posts and then caches the results, pulling IDs from the cache on future requests until the cached ...


This has now been fixed! Please let us know if you find any other issues like this.


If you feel a question needs other actions taken than what the review queue you're in offers in its interface, you can click on the question title to open the question in the normal Q&A interface. From there, you can use the usual flag/close links to assign a close reason. In the meantime, the question has been closed as off-topic.


Thanks for the bug report, and apologies for the delay in getting this fixed. We'd accidentally enabled XSRF protection on the API which Pluralsight calls when they send us your IQ information. Of course the request coming from Pluralsight is a cross-site request (it's authenticated using a shared secret). I've turned XSRF back off for that route, so ...


Yes, reputations changes do result from deleted questions (and answers). This is not a bug, just the way the site is designed to work... You only get reputation from contributions that are actually on the site.


This has been fixed! And by fixed, we removed the links from Teams. We still don't have any plans to have moderators on Teams, so we decided to remove the links until we revisit that feature.


This should now be resolved. Please let us know if you're still experiencing the issue.

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