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I have just had a quick look through the CSS and there is an overriding rule in the secondary.css file: .user-show-new .user-rep-full .rep-up { color: #45A163; } The matching part being the .rep-up, therefore if we adjust that rule slightly to read: .user-show-new .user-rep-full .rep-up:not(.bounty-indicator-tab) { color: #45A163; } It will then ...


Thanks for letting us know! We've moved some z-index constants around, and this one got lost in the shuffle. It'll go live in our next build.


This issue has been fixed, as reported in the main Meta.SE Q&A about custom lists: These numbers are back with today's update. – Brian Nickel♦ May 6 at 22:26


This appears to have been fixed: It looks like it was just caused by a rogue Jobs banner with a low z-index. As you can see, the blue button in your screenshot is the same as the blue button in mine, so the banner was fixed. IMO, the banner still seems a bit clunky - it has a weird open/close animation that doesn't quite go along with the rest of the page.


I don't think I see a visible difference in the layout between the two screenshots. We're (albeit slowly) working on deprecating mobile views in favor of a responsive UI. Given that this doesn't seem to be breaking anything, we're gonna leave the mobile styling as is at this time.

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