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A fix has been merged and will go live in the next build. With certain question titles, with the button floated up to the top right, the wrapping gets insane. There's a better solution, but this isn't it. 🤔 Reverted for now!


This issue has been fixed. Thanks for your patience and to @JustCarty for your work in suggesting a fix.


This is very probably a bug in Firefox for Android. The culprit is the meta tag <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0"> A StackSnippet would be useless since the parent page is reproducing the issue, but here is a plunker. Run it as a "separate window". The latest Nigthly version (68.1a1) has it fixed. Thus, I'd ...


The only useful thing for me is "Viewed", especially on my own posts. Well, others might find it useful so I see no reason to outright discard it. Why there is "Asked" if I can see time of post at bottom? All the information you see there already existed previously, it was just positioned awkwardly to the right hand side. It's a lot more convenient now ...


It appears to be fixed as of the 25th of July, but don't ask me how:

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