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Being able to access the "Related" dialog is more common than the "Looking for a Job" dialog so it makes sense to make the "Related" dialog more prominent or accessible by swapping them in the column order. An alternative would be to make the "Looking for a Job" dialog have a minimize control on it so that a person ...


The change that introduced this bug has been reverted.


Whether such feature request will actually be implemented is hard to say. To give a more immediate solution: I usually use console-like formatted code for one/two lines of code demonstrating something simple and/or small. Anything longer will go to a copy-paste-able code block, and a separate code block (maybe with `lang-none`) for the outputs (errors ...


I have put this on our bug board and will have our designers take a look. Marked as status-deferred instead of status-planned simply because I don't have an ETA yet on when this could get fixed. Update: this has been fixed. The error toasts are dark mode friendly now:


Yes, this is definitely a bug. The problem isn't exactly related to selecting a second option though. It's with the first dialog, as it does not close properly when selecting the "I need to delete my user profile" option. When selecting that option and then clicking away, the dialog closes and immediately reopens. Then, when you select another ...


status-completed This issue is now resolved Brian Nickel♦ has posted an answer on Meta Stack Exchange announcing the fix: I decided to go big here and just make the whole page responsive, replacing the table with carefully calculated header rows that collapse in a reasonable but Designed-by-a-Developer™ way.


This has been fixed. You should see the pointer cursor when hovering over the bounty award button when it can be clicked.


Based on our current roadmap, this isn't work that we will take on, as it doesn't coincide with functional areas that we plan to improve in the near future. We recognize that time and thought was put into this request, but unfortunately, we can't prioritize it at this time.

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