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The idea that Stack Overflow would maintain automated tools that test code and check it is, quite frankly, absurd. The top 10 tags are: JavaScript Python Java C# PHP Android HTML jQuery C++ CSS Each of these has a variety of versions available. And a variety of tools to test the code for what is good or bad practices. The code can also run on a variety of ...


We switched this activity indicator to our shared Stacks component. This is not a bug, but alignment could be improved, especially on Windows.


Sure, I'm sometimes frustrated by sorting through outdated answers, but as a developer, the responsibility to figure out what works currently and safely is on me. There are ways the community can help guide people: commenting to say that something is outdated and suggest a way to update the answer, posting new answers with updated code, or commenting or ...


As @animuson states, this was an intentional change. We initially hesitated on underlining links in high contrast mode because it was initially technically difficult to implement, but revisited recently and shipped this change. W3C suggests adding underlines to links as to not rely on color to distinguish links from other content. It is a tricky compromise ...

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