I cannot reproduce your experience from a sockpuppet with 16 reputation.


I just tested this on https://stackoverflow.com/review/close/11389027 (edited outside of the queue, then reloaded the review task): The edited version is shown. I don't see any reason it would behave differently if the OP edited. I suspect people are just reviewing too fast, or don't know what they're doing. Probably both.


It occasionally fires a warning because of the content of the code that shows in the email (even though it's prepared HTML, not raw code, not sure what they're even picking up on there). It's prone to happen more frequently with JavaScript than, say, Haskell. Nothing to worry about :)


There is no mystery - just my mouse at home has recently turned a bit buggy (sometimes making double clicks instead of single clicks) and the "Delete" button got triggered twice before the pop-up window closed. There were no evil intentions from me or bugs on SO server (client is not so innocent however). Well, popup window can block itself while closing, ...


Flagging that answer should work on all major browsers.


I remember this (one would hope, given I commented on it...) - for a few weeks, leaving SO tabs open would often - but not always - gradually consume memory and CPU until eventually crashing the browser (or tab group). Brian Ross, myself and a few others spent some time digging into it, and narrowed it down to a badly-written script served as part of ...


It sounds like the first time you attempted to post, the submission was successful, and the acknowledgement got lost (well, in a TCP connection, delayed for an exorbitant number of retries, which is the same from the user's perspective). The second time, you failed a check on the server for multiple answers submitted within a short space of time, which is ...


You may need to clear your cache. Sometimes, memory like that can have its state... "stuck", resulting in unexpected behavior. Starting over with a clean slate for a buggy website often helps.


Unless you can point to a specific example in which this happens, the scenario you describe cannot occur. The way that it works is, since a user cannot drop below 1 reputation, any negative reputation event does not have an effect on their global reputation. It will count against them in terms of the quality filter, but in terms of reputation alone, there ...


According to Cloudflare Status: Cloudflare has implemented a fix for this issue and is currently monitoring the results. We will update the status once the issue is resolved. So hopefully this is working again. Update 2019-07-03 00:30 UTC: An email was sent to Cloudflare customers with the following information: Dear Cloudflare Customer, Today at ...


While I am not able to say why you can't flag that answer. (I am not able to reproduce your problem; I have the option to flag it) You really shouldn't. It does answer the question. It is not malicious. It is not a link only answer. Answers do not have to be several paragraphs of text, to be valid.


You have your times mixed up. Look at the time stamps in your log: +15 02:25 post #1 -15 16:00 post #2 One post wasn’t accepted at the start of the day. You gained 15 points when it was marked as accepted, but then lost those points again when a different post was unaccepted much later in the day. You never dropped reputation events here, you had 1685 ...


It's caused by caching on the CDN and the launch of a new site today, says Adam Lear. It should be fixed now, try a hard refresh. If you continue to see the same problem, please report it in the MSE question.


Instead of using uTorrent the second time, I used Deluge. I was able to use the code provided at the link to decompress all of the files successfully; it took around 5 hours and 210GB of disk space to do so. As it stands, this appears to be a one-off issue related to the initial download; not any problem related to how Stack Exchange zips/transmits the ...


Thanks for bringing this up. Your timing is excellent (or terrible, depending on your view). I had just turned off an A/B test (resulting in the 359 results case), and then rolled out the new successful A/B code (resulting in the 5031 results). It seems that you searched right before I rolled out the code, and then right after, noticing the difference. The ...


At the time the answer was posted (7:14 UTC), you couldn't have accepted it before the grace period for edits to the answer ended, since the answer would have been 9 minutes old before you could accept it (15 minutes from asking to accept an answer). There is no evidence whatsoever that suggests any changes were made to Samir's answer, by himself or anyone ...


Ok, m0sa was kind enough to dig into this for me. We track clicks to that checkbox in two ways: a high-level event log that records various actions taken on the sites, and the low-level request logs that records every request made to any site on the network. The latter are prohibitively noisy unless you know exactly what and when the event you need occurred, ...


You are making assumptions based on the content of the revision message here: OP's question was closed because it was unclear. I understand what he meant though. Edited it. but the edit really was made by the OP. They are correctly named as the editor of that revision, there is no bug here. What happened is that a suggested edit was made which used that ...


Negative. You can't vote in a Triage review. If you have a userscript that enables you to vote in Triage, the vote or unvote will definitely be applied to the actual post itself. If you see voting buttons after completing an audit, well it ceases to be a faked post, and the actual post and actual score is then displayed to you. Whatever action you take ...


Just wait it out; it should all be over soon. If you're getting notifications on your phone, set it on something soft so it doesn't make too much of a racket.


Now it appears to be fixed. I just went to the site and at first it appeared with the old image, after a hard refresh the new image came up. Case can now be closed! Thanks stack devs!


A mod recently purged all comments on that question, so if you were seeing any comments at all you were seeing a cached page. The ajax request was requesting actual data, which didn't contain any comments at all. Conclusion: http://shouldiblamecaching.com/


I'm not able to reproduce the issue, the balloon is below the accept answer checkmark. A screen capture of the issue as you see it might help (maybe you're using a smaller resolution, etc.?).


This is an Indian ISP (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd) MITMing its clients (or being a victim of an attack). Solutions: Switch ISPs. Kick the ISP in the proverbials, or let an elephant of an acceptable size dance on the same. Switch to HTTPS. Nag Stack Exchange to implement TLS everywhere including on site metas.


First - I can't reproduce the issue. I see both images on the old answer and here. Images stored on i.stack.imgur.com are not normally deleted (more on this below). This is under an agreement we have with imgur - that URL and servers are not under normal imgur terms and conditions. On rare occasions we will delete an image from imgur - if we got a valid ...


There was a lot of editing going on with that post. In addition to the edits shown in the revision history, the author made four additional edits in the grace period following the third revision to the post: two prior to you opening the post for review and two more in between the period when you loaded the review and when you loaded the revision history. ...


As you observed after first posting this, "edit" should complete the review immediately - it should never actually let you edit the post. If it does, then either the review task isn't an audit... Or there's a bug. I've not been able to reproduce such a bug in my testing, but if you encounter it again please let me know. See also: Your review was ...


This looks like part of the style or a script wasn't loaded by your browser. The extra text at the top left is from the "Products" menu, and several of the other things in the top bar are not formatted or displaying properly. This is likely just a transient failure caused by a lost packet somewhere.


This is something that goes wrong at the ruby-doc.org site and I'm not sure SE is the party that needs to fix this: An url search gives over 7,000 hits for that domain. If anything, this warrants an automatic url rewrite by the Community user but only after someone did reach out to ruby-doc.org asking them to fix their URL rewrite to https logic. If they ...

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