If you can't stand it so much that you're constantly trying to clean the screen, have goosebumps, shake uncontrollably, sweat and show signs of nervous tics, I have a solution (as long as you use Firefox or Google Chrome). It consists of 8 simple steps: Install stylish 1.1 If you use Firefox, go here 1.2 If you use Google Chrome, go here 1.3 If you use ...


feature-request Include the chosen tags in the search criteria for "Questions that may already have your answer." Please include the tags (when present) in the list of suggested duplicates. Without the tags, the titles are rarely relevant even when direct matches of what would be viable solutions. I have also mentioned this in the "Ask Question Wizard" ...


Yes. Head over to your user profile and select preferences, you can enable them from there. Alternatively, you can jump straight there.(Thanks Pokechu22) Once enabled, you can use ? to bring up the help menu Of course, the help is context aware too, so you get different options for different pages.


It is not that there are too many commas, but that there are too few links. Your browser is hiding the Google+, Twitter and Facebook links: If you have an ad-blocker, you probably want to tweak it to not hide those links. Or you have a user script that is broken, or a local office network that tries to hide all things social to keep you focused on work ...


My suggestion: Live demo (HTML/CSS/JS only) It makes clear what languages are supported, and is a clear indication that this is not just a "code snippet" or "code block" feature but an actual demonstration tool that will require language support to run. It's also pithy. :)


It shouldn’t become a button (or input) element. The a element is the correct choice here, because clicking "Ask Question" leads to a page (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask), i.e., it’s a plain simple link (not submitting/toggling/etc. something), which just happens to be styled like a button (but styling shouldn’t affect element choice).


I agree; the old design had the button right-aligned to distinguish it from other buttons: The new design squishes them together, so it might be a good idea to either separate them like the old design (the legacy is preserved in the code: the first five buttons are in their own div – mainnavs – whereas the "Ask Question" button is in one called askquestion) ...


First let me preface by saying welcome, and that I like this change! This has been mentioned before somewhere I'll unlikely find but please do not display closed questions (unless closed as dupe) or questions without answers. It appears I'm not a part of the trial group, but looking over your screenshot one of the questions it links to is "WD my passport ...


Place it near the top of the page so that that can be quickly found. Sadly you can't tell but it's visually near the top of the page; the lack of a tabindex attribute puts it at the 15th place on this page. The real problem lies on the homepage—tabbing wise—it's placed after the questions' list. Searching, answering and navigating are apparently the ...


Popular questions have had high activity over time. Hot questions have more recent activity. So hot and popular means lots of historic activity and recent activity. Popular but not hot denotes a "classic" question that has had activity for a longer period of time. See here and here for reference


bug If the similar questions contain code (either inline or code block) in the body preview, the content is all escaped meaning it becomes pretty difficult to read. E.g.


This type of link is already active on other areas of the site. Most notably, it occurs when you return to a site and aren't logged in initially. I feel this type of link should be do able for the "Now Closed" message as well.


I support this basic idea, although it seems to reveal a bit of extra information about the CV process that low-rep users don't necessarily have, normally. Is that intended, or should we perhaps limit displaying this only to those who can normally see close votes anyway? I would say we should not limit it, since a large source of careless upvotes is ...


A lack of tag wiki exposure is very problematic. I strongly believe that users who find the tag wikis would avoid asking frequently asked questions and common pitfalls. Many topics addressed in the wikis, especially for highly active tags, are the broad solutions and guidance that common questions are looking for. There are links in there for recommended ...


It's a thoughtful proposal, but I'm pretty indifferent. The value gained, it seems to me, is just a few seconds saved per added MDN link. (Or Python docs link, or Microsoft docs link, or whatever, if this were to be expanded to other docs sites.) The downside is that you've then made it easier for people to insert links to documentation they haven't even ...


I came to Meta today to raise this exact issue. My question was going to be "So, do you click 'looks ok' or 'recommend delete' when the question needs a downvote, but not deletion? Because it neither looks OK, nor does it meet the criteria for delete. So I totally support "Don't Delete", or similar sentiment. I'd also like to be able to downvote from ...


It should be possible to add an "ask question" link into header so that it's not visible to regular users and only accessible to screen readers. Header seems like a natural place to contain links to important functionalities of the page to me.


For right now, you sort of can. But it's temporary. My understanding is that once the update is actually complete (it's still in testing/development right now), you won't have the option any longer. Check the footer of any page that has the new site layout, it's the last link under the site name: Couple this with disabling the left sidebar and that's as ...


To me it looks like an undirected graph, kind of like the one you'd create in D3.js or even Processing, was used as part of the background. It doesn't have any significance since even the 10M page makes use of the graph as a background in parts, but not in any significant data points. Here's what it looks like with a dark background.


I might be a pessimist, but this is my explanation of your observation. Confused Guy (posts question): I want to model a nuclear reactor using expression templates. It has to be very fast because I'm going to model a lot of very complicated processes. According to Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming, I should use a prime number for my hashing ...


This fixes an accessibility issue. Depending on a system setting for scrollbars, the last line of <pre><code> blocks was blocked by the MacOS scrollbar in all browsers. This has been reported on meta here, here, here, and here. It impacts a minority of folks for sure, but that still amounts to thousands of users having content blocked because ...


Noticed it, it seems a bit excessive to me. Especially the left-side padding makes it seem like there's an extra empty column in front of each line, which can actually be meaningful in some cases. Also the top and bottom paddings start to take a lot of space in posts that have multiple short code blocks (which isn't all that uncommon in e.g. unix.SE, what ...


I think we can keep it as it is without moving it anywhere. Mark its wrapping element as complementary landmark and give this wrapping element an aria-label as "question tools". Screen reader users first check the structure of a page by scanning for headings and landmarks.


I'd suggest just changing the existing search message to: Your search returned no questions with upvoted or accepted answers This applies whether or not more information about the criteria used is provided somewhere. This would be more in line with the message you get when you provide a URL: This question does not have an upvoted or accepted answer


I believe this would be better handled by bringing back (after finishing its implementation) the mentorship program. There are plenty of new users with badly received questions in need of guidance, and there are more users willing to help than the users in the pool of moderators, and helping other users to polish their questions (when possible) doesn't need ...


This is a client-side feature, not a server-side one. If you want automatic text correction, then you should find a browser that supports it natively or install a plug-in that does this. That is best because it gives the user choices. They can choose not to use anything, they can choose to use something that eagerly automatically reformats their text, or ...


The form on the "Ask Question" page automatically saves your input. This feature was designed to prevent losing your work, for example when you accidentally close the page. This shouldn't happen if you already posted that question, and it might be a bug, but anyway I don't think it's worth fixing. You can always click the "discard" link next to the "Post ...


Answers with a score of -3 (-8 on meta) or lower are automatically greyed out. A greyed out answer does not mean that it's deleted, because deleted answers get a reddish background (and you can only see deleted answers if you are the author, a moderator, or have 10k rep or more).


Updated late 2016 Colors on the “Answer Count” in the question list: The black text means that the question currently has no answers. The green outline means that the question has at least one answer, but not an accepted answer. The white text on a green background means that an “accepted answer” has been chosen. “Hotness” colorations View counts and ...


All you have got to do is click that button, then "Back to Stack Overflow" You could also do this: And if you use Stack Overflow frequently, you can even do this: and click on the Stack Overflow icon. I hope that helped.

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