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Yes, this most definitely is a bug. I went digging into the SQL mines and found other cases of duplicate badges being awarded when they shouldn't have. Based on the award date, I looked back through our records and am 99.9% sure of the cause. More specifically the issue has to due with the fact that we are using Always On Availability Groups. This allows us ...


This is a GOLD badge which I can get based on the publicity/sharing of my post, but I can not see that badge in my profile's badge list. That is because in the select next badge dialog you only get offered badges you can earn yourself by contributing one way or the other. The publicist badge doesn't qualify for that. You can share a link to your post but ...


You've been a member of Stack Overflow for many years. You can get the Yearling badge for every year you are a member, if you earn at least 200 reputation for each year. Since you recently gained a lot of reputation (to pass both 200 and 400 total) you earned the badge twice. You'll earn another when you pass 600 reputation.

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