We don't take away achievements (unless they were awarded following fraudulent behavior). You achieved the privilege - right? That you lost rep and therefor also lost the privilege doesn't mean you never achieved it. You will not be notified again of regaining the privilege once your reputation goes back up.


You had keyboard shortcuts enabled in your profile Pressing r will activate the achievements popup you saw. There are a lot more shortcuts available. Once enabled, then press ? on every page and try them out.


This happens when somebody upvotes one of your questions/answers (gaining you 5/10 reputation), but decides to retract his/her vote within the 5 minute vote lock window. The reputation is retracted as well, and this doesn't show up in your reputation history. The notification for new privileges is sent out almost instantaneously after the upvote, and ...


Our aggregation queue got jammed up with a bad item here (and we'd rather stall that discard data since it's terribly expensive to analyze and fill gaps after the fact). The bad entry has been handled (data wider than the column in 1 path) and we're now draining. Since we were at 2.25 million items it'll take 10-20 minutes or so to drain out. Once that ...


Here is why I think this is a smaller and distinct feature from what's already been discussed. When you gain rep, your new max is the baseline for getting notifications. If your rep drops below that amount, you don't get a notification for it. This, we already know and have discussed. To me that means that they must be storing that baseline somewhere ...


The reputation cap is based on UTC. Therefore, it's useful knowing what UTC is when looking at achievements, because it helps you determine if you're going to reach the reputation cap for that day. It isn't so useful for other tabs.


The stuff in the Achievements dialog comes from a network-wide rep history table that's populated by what we affectionately refer to as "the aggregator". A change was made to the aggregator earlier today... and then we forgot to actually, you know, build the project that runs it out to production in addition to the normal Q&A prod builds. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...


The achievements box won't light up if you only received downvotes. You received other achievements, and the change in reputation includes the downvotes to explain why you only got +8 or other such reputation changes.


Tag badges can be taken away. If an answer is deleted or downvoted, you could drop below the threshold and lose the badge if you now have fewer than 20 qualifying answers or your total score for the tag dropped below 100 again. You gained the badge, lost it, then gained it again. When you lose a tag badge, it is removed from your activity log as well, ...


tl;DR: the post from which you got those 8 points was deleted. Maybe, and I say maybe, 4 posts in which you suggested edits were deleted, in which case you lost 8 reputation (which would make sense considering that you reported this just an hour and 45 minutes after roomba ran), or an answer that got an upvote and one downvote (net +8) was deleted. Both ...


This will be fixed in the next deploy. Small change, but in a very particular (and finicky) place.


If you're referring to the achievements dialog in the top bar, no. We don't show post removed events in that dialog. You'll only be able to see those events in your reputation history, and only if you have the box next to "show removed posts" at the bottom of your history checked. All of the +2 events from those deletions do show up there as expected.


The change shown is relative to the last time you clicked on the icon. You gained 6 points since you last did this. Assuming you didn't downvote any answers (which would cost you 1 point but even moderators can't see in your history), then you probably last did this before April 13th. Since then you have had the following reputation changes (in ...


The publicist badge isn't awarded for simply finding a post that's been viewed 1000 or more times and sharing it - it's for having 1000 or more unique IP addresses visit the link you shared. It's highly unlikely that your tweet has seen that kind of traffic in five hours.


The counter on the top shows the change in reputation since you last clicked it. You haven't clicked on the icon since the UTC morning of December 18th at least. Since that time you gained +40 in votes and accepts, and you lost -20 when a user account was removed. That means that your net gain since that time was +20.


It looks like you are seeing your association bonus. If we look at your reputation points, we see that ~44 minutes ago when I loaded that page you got your association bonus of 100 reputation points: All very good, but here’s the exciting part: there is a +100 reputation bonus for every association you make, if either the source or target account in the ...


This is by design. There are existing posts out there that go into detail, but the gist of it is that the devs prefer not to show "negative" notifications. Otherwise, your feelings might get hurt and you may come to Meta to complain about downvotes. Display lost/negative reputation in topbar achievements The live update feature is there to show you the ...


Your current reputation log shows just +15: I guess someone cancelled their up-vote. Note that your question got 3 upvotes today; the 4th upvote was given much earlier (on the 21st). Your summary page then shows you the total for the most recent 24 reputation change events, or fewer if there are more than 4 posts involved. All 4 upvotes on the ...


Thanks for bringing this up. I have pushed a code fix to create both the appropriate amount of spacing for the numbers in the achievements list, and to use a proper minus sign instead of dash. It will be live in the next production build (meta: > rev 2014.9.11.2543, q&a: > rev 2014.9.11.1840).


Your comment about being distracted by the icon leads me to two different conclusions: you're so awesome that it's going off like a fireworks display. Congrats. Now get back to work. you have an attention disorder. There's pills for that. Or just don't look there. No... Don't. Look. There. Now back to the serious part of the answer... I think your ...


You get a notification as soon as you hit the reputation requirement. If you subsequently lose a few points and drop below the requirement the notification isn't removed as it's highly likely that you'll regain those points very soon. Unfortunately if you view the site during that window it looks like you've been awarded the privilege early. If you got it ...


Anna Lear confirmed the issue and reverted the change that broke this: just an errant CSS change. Reverted the commit and presto


Ken White basically nailed it in his comment. It sounds like it's acting as intended: Each column (gold, silver, bronze) displays the rarest three of that type, unless there's already a badge displayed (in another column) that makes it clear you have that type. If users could only see one type at a time (silver, say), you'd be right that it's weird not to ...


I'll come out and say it, when we originally created meta we took a platform that we clearly stated was not a good fit for discussion and asked everyone to go use it for discussion. What could possibly go wrong with that? :) This, from an engagement standpoint, created a lot of deficiencies: While we don't have negative reputation, we still have down votes....


Thanks for pointing this out. I posted this on Glorfindel's report as well, but it was supposed to have more padding on both the top and the bottom so it doesn't look as crushed. It should be fixed now! Thanks again


Your reputation never changed in a positive direction. You received a downvote on your question, and you marked an answer as accepted. As a result, your net reputation change was 0 (-2 + 2). As your reputation did not increase, the achievements icon does not light up.


Silver and gold badges are always considered veteran-worthy, so you'll always be notified of those. On real child metas (that excludes Meta Stack Exchange), you're always considered a veteran; on all other sites, you're considered a veteran if you have received the association bonus, i.e. you have 200 rep somewhere. The following bronze badges are ...


Unfortunately, this is by design. I absolutely agree that such a feature should be added. Why is only positive reputation points change shown? Yes, people may get discouraged if they see reputation points loss, but this will make them care more about how and what they ask and how and what they answer, and this should greatly improve the overall quality of ...


We effectively had a Redis outage earlier today, but things should be back to normal now.


We're working on some accessibility improvements and one that was requested was to make unseen alerts in the inbox and achievements dropdowns more distinct from viewed ones, which previously were only different because they had a slightly different background color - a pale blue. The general recommendation by accessibility experts is to avoid color-only ...

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