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This seems to be the message in Chat that's being referenced, and is thus the ultimate reason why the post is unfeatured. Tim discussed this with me in a private channel. He wanted to unfeature it because of legal concerns. I was sympathetic to his position, but continued to press for more details/explanation. He explained that they're under a lot of ...


Has Stack Exchange rescinded moderator access to the featured tag on Meta? Add a link to the timeline of a post Reason for nomination: important changes, highly visible features.


Nope. The roomba works the same on main and meta. However, since on meta posts often get more votes and less answers, the odds of writing a question that meets the roomba criteria is substantially higher. Too lazy to write a SEDE query atm, but 99.9% sure it's true


Here's another way to achieve this: Get this Chrome extension (here's the github repo), and use it to execute this code on every page load: document.querySelector("#sidebar > div:first-child").remove();

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