Please don't. As a reader, I very much appreciate knowing what other people think of the question before I read it. It would greatly lessen my experience if I find out that even though people were trying to warn me that a question is probably not worth my time the platform decided to keep that signal hidden for hours.


I would be quite happy to sacrifice one rep every time I change a vote. I am much more concerned with the accuracy of my votes than with my exact rep count – as a good citizen of SO ought to be. Would this not fix the problem? Why is this still a thing?


Votes are meant to be anonymous; users won't know who upvoted [including the OP] their answer. Checkmarks [accepted answers] are always done by the OP; you already know if the OP positively reviewed your answer if the OP accepted that answer.


While I agree that the generic term is "hit testing", which would be styled as "hit-testing" (or "hit-test") in the Stack Overflow tagging system (since tag names cannot contain spaces), what you failed to consider in this proposal is that many programming frameworks have a class or function named "HitTest". As such, it makes the most sense for this tag to ...


There is no way to filter posts in the way you've describing using the Teams interface, nor is that currently on our roadmap of features we're looking to implement. That said, Ben is correct, this could theoretically be accomplished via the API but only if you upgrade to the Business tier of Teams. Basic teams only have access to the read API.

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