Changing how the downvotes are presented doesn't change the fact that fake points will be deducted, indirectly as a consequence of making a negative contribution to the site. Replace all minus signs with squiggly worms, and you'll still have all the rejects complaining about how "SO is hostile and unwelcoming with its worms". Downvotes will still be ...


While that would be very useful to the end-user, we cannot expose information about the owner or other members of a Team to users who are not members of the Team. Giving out information about who the owner you need to contact is would be a privacy breach for that person. Remember that anyone who just happened to retrieve (or guess) the URL to a Team can view ...


We're not going to be making any other changes to the experiment while it is running, which only has another week to run anyways. We'll consider all the odd scenarios during our analysis afterwards and during any conversations for further experiments, if those ever come about.


I'm also in this situation. As described in a comment, mods can ask for access to the Stack Moderators Team site by using the generic StackExchange contact form: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/contact update: it worked! I'm in!

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