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How could we make [todictionary] less ambiguous?

Just remove it. The tag provides zero value for C#. The ToDictionary method is nothing special, does not act special, has no special compiler support that would set it apart from any other method in ...
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What should be the name for the new [*vcf*] tag related to bioinformatics vcf file format?

Here's one proposal on how to handle the situation: Add a variant-call-format (or vcf-variant-call-format) tag to cover the relatively new vcf format. A clean up activity will need to be done to ...
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What should we do with [python2to3] and [python-2to3]?

I don't see any reason why there needs to be a python2to3 tag for differences between the two languages. The python-2.7 and python-3.x tags sufficiently cover those questions, so I'd recommend ...
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Clean [fabric] (98% Python, 2% Android)

Is it ok to remove a not matching tag from a series of questions? Yes, that's definitely ok. I assume 20 questions are far too less to suggest splitting [fabric] to [fabric.python] and [fabric....
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Burn the web! [w3c]

Disagree. The w3c tag should not be burninated. Instead, anyone bothered by the current ambiguity should endeavor to resolve it to apply to understanding and interpreting W3C standards as they ...
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What to do about a user trying to change the meaning of the SRS tag?

I'm the guy who request to update the tag srs, I'm sorry if did something wrong. SRS is an open-source project and I'm starting to build the Q&A for developers, so I need a tag like srs or similar....
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Widespread incorrect use of the [redirect] tag

I suggest that the redirect tag be deprecated with an eye toward eventual burnination, and in its place, encourage the use of http-redirect for web redirection questions, and a new tag, perhaps stream-...
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Can we please unlist [tolist]?

Just remove it. The tag provides zero value for c#. The ToList method is nothing special, does not act special, has no special compiler support that would set it apart from any other method in the ....
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Burninate this tag a[sap]

The number-one question I ask when looking at these requests is: Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? If everyone (within some small margin ...
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Let's rename [babel], because people constantly use it instead of [babeljs]

At this point, I think we're going to have to do the opposite here babel is now mostly about babeljs. As such, the Python library is the outlier. 130 are tagged with Python 2 were tagged with only ...
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How can we make [loc] less ambiguous?

I would prefer to rename the loc tag to lines-of-code, and then the majority of the original questions regarding pandas loc should be renamed as pandas-loc. And the rest of the questions regarding ...
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What is win32gui? Because there's the confusing [win32gui] tag

The PyPI entry is a spin-off from Pywin32 (and links to that project as reference) and is unmaintained to boot (last release in 2017), so it having no tag is a non-issue. The same can be said for the ...
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Moving out [transition]

This tag is ambiguous and will never be anything but a meta-tag. Unfortunately 95% of posters do not take note of the tag wiki and will string together multiple meta tags which in conjunction make ...
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Ambiguous tag [msf]

IMHO; disambiguate it and burn it now before it becomes a major problem. It's just starting to exist and already has no coherence. Since it doesn't mean anything you can't be an expert in it.
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Rename [overflow]

I don't think we need to rename the tag; I think we need to remove it... there's already plenty of disambiguated tags to choose from (see below). Besides that, most (all?) properties in CSS do not ...
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Rename tag [espresso]

From examining the entire set of 286 questions, there seem to be roughly 40 questions tagged with espresso that are relating to the IDE. However, that leaves hundreds of others tagged with espresso ...
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What should we do with [arrayofarrays]?

Based on reviewing the existing tags, a multidimensional-array is a unique data structure which is always square rectangular and may have different syntax. While few of us encounter the term regularly,...
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What should be done about [explode]?

I don't think we need a tag for PHP-specific string splitting at all. Assuming the Pandas function is tag worthy, I'd say we burn explode and retag to just php or pandas-explode as appropriate. ...
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Impale the [vlad]!

Differentiate between the two things for which the tag is being used, so that it is clear what is intended. As the OP suggests, "split vlad into two separate tags, maybe vlad-deployer and vlad-vector"....
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Is there a difference between [formal-semantics] and [language-lawyer]?

When I first posted this question I thought the tags were basically synonymous, but after thinking about it some I've changed my mind. formal-semantics is related to formal-methods and formal-...
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Can we have some clarity for [online-learning]?

Proposal To remove the ambiguity from the tag, it is proposed to: Define a tag wiki for the tag that will unambiguously describe it as a machine-learning technique (as the suggested edit does) and ...
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“One frame to rule them all.” How to handle [data.frame]/[dataframes] mistagging

This has been status-completed with the generous help of Shog9. So what has been done so far A new tag dataframe has been created which has the following tags as its synonyms (additional synonym ...
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Tags for "source generators" in C# need some cleanup

I concur with Makyen: Rename csharp-source-generator to c#-source-generator Retag all questions using sourcegenerators to use c#-source-generator Once sourcegenerators has no questions due to the ...
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What should we do with [arrayofarrays]?

Maybe I'm in the minority (I do not have a Computer Science degree, but then again most programmers don't, either), but I have never heard the term 'jagged array' before so I would not know to search ...
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Confusion between tags [df] (for Unix disk-free command) and [dataframe]

How about we just get rid of df? If it's reserved for *nix's df command, then there's no point in its existence. It's currently causing more problems than it solves. No one here is going to be ...
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What should we do with the [sap] tag?

I am an SAP employee and to me this tag is ambiguous, but I do understand where you are coming from. SAP R/3 / ECC / S/4HANA are colloquially referred to as SAP. However, that is not the correct name ...
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Can this tag be [fixed]? Or should we burninate it?

I believe it's a good candidate for going. The absolutely fatal thing is that it has many different meanings and so contributes nothing formally but confusion. Nobody would want to watch the tag. It ...
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Disambiguate the [apk] tag

Tags like alpine are the broken windows of Stack Overflow. They look fine, because they're ostensibly about programming, but are they really? alpine appears to mostly be used for cases where someone ...
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Disambiguate the [shift] tag, it's totally overloaded

TL;DR Yes, we should disambiguate shift, but don't overly complicate things. Let's have at most bit-shifting, arithmetic-shift, logical-shift and shift-reduce and get rid of shift In detail: If we ...
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Should we reduce the use of [reducers]?

The wiki is wrong. If MapReduce even needs a specific tag, then the tag needs to be specific, something like mapreduce-reducers. Reducers are an abstract concept (I hesitate to use the semantically-...
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