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Yes, it's definitely in violation of site policy (and in fact, network-wide policy) to use a sock-puppet account to upvote one's own content. While it's true that there is no reputation to be gained from having one's Meta posts upvoted, there are other very measurable benefits. For example, with enough upvotes in a particular tag, one gets a gold tag-badge, ...


Yes, you can vote on duplicates or any closed questions. It’s only locked or deleted posts that can’t be voted on (none of these categories are mutually exclusive though). In the same way that you can downvote a closed question for not being helpful, you can upvote a closed question that you found helpful. (Some duplicates have much better wording than the ...


Yes, closed questions can still be voted and commented on as long as they're not deleted or locked. However, they cannot be answered.

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