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Voting and closing were always designed to accomplish 2 separate goals. Up/Down Voting reflects the value and quality of the question. It was designed to identify questions and answers that a user may find interesting or want to read. Close Voting reflects the fitness for the site and does not have to have any bearing on quality. While rare, it is ...


Truly and entirely unclear posts are less than worthless. They are clutter that only an often absentee OP can clean up. Moving them out of the limelight as soon as possible allows for better content to propagate up. Since downvotes and closure combined are the tools for it, it makes sense (well, to me) to allow lack of clarity as a reason for both.


This query list the up and downvotes per post Input 0 for the userid to get the votes for all posts or enter an userid. select top 1000 postid as [Post Link] , sum(case when votetypeid = 2 then 1 else 0 end) upvotes , sum(case when votetypeid = 3 then 1 else 0 end) downvotes , min(p.score) score from votes v inner join posts p on ...


I would reference what Stack Overflow has written about the downvote privilege ( and why you think the post you downvoted fit the description of what the site says is an acceptable post to downvote. I would also be open to the idea that perhaps you cast a downvote that you shouldn't have and try to ...

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