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Current sorting gives a huge advantage to answers that are posted early on in the game. An answer that gets more votes is sorted higher, and therefor has more chance of getting more votes. While this is essential, it also means that good recent answers aren't easy to find, and aren't likely to get the attention they deserve. Imagine an 8 year old popular ...


The feedback can be found in a few places: SEDE. A query can be run by anyone, even people without an account, but creating new queries requires SQL knowledge. The PostFeedback table contains the following columns: Id, PostId, IsAnonymous, VoteTypeId, CreationDate. See here for some queries I made for this. 10k Tools. There are only two advantages that ...


Reading the answers to this question leaves me baffled. This forum is searching for input and new ideas to solving SO problems. Then why are serious ideas about solving downvoting problems downvoted? (minus 13 at the moment I am writing this). If you do not like the idea just don't upvote. These are - in my opinion - honest ideas to solve the problem; ...


I would be quite happy to sacrifice one rep every time I change a vote. I am much more concerned with the accuracy of my votes than with my exact rep count – as a good citizen of SO ought to be. Would this not fix the problem? Why is this still a thing?

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