Essentially, on Stack Overflow, click on your user info in the top bar, click on "edit profile and settings", scroll down to "Preferences" under "Site Settings". It should be the first preference on the page. (click the image to see a gif of the path)


Fixed! Sorry the deploy took a second. We often have things of way higher priority that need to get merged and deployed before a little visual bug, as I'm sure y'all understand 😇


You can change it back using the Preferences page in StackOverflow. Here is a direct link to the Preferences page for your account: https://stackoverflow.com/users/preferences/current Pick the "Light" option.


It will check what your OS / browser settings are. For example on mac you can setup dark theme. So if your system is running dark theme, then it will use dark mode. If it's not using it then it will use light mode.


This should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting it!

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