Welcome to the club, BalusC! I have found out the only "privilege" that club bestows upon its member is to allow them to go on helping others and learning from them.


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My mentor for near everything of what I have learned about JSF and its related technologies. Congrats and I hope you can keep contributing for many more years! We the community really appreciate your work. As others have stated, here's my suggestion for 1M+ rep contributors:


Last time I heard of BalusC on meta, was about a precautionary account-ban that resulted in quite a few emotions, and for a while it looked like BalusC would quit. I am quite glad he didn't, and that we can now celebrate this. Congratulations!


I will never forget his help during my college days. I came across my first web server and had so many questions and doubts, was messing things up. I asked a question on SO, see here; childishly I was asking Balusc some out-of-routine questions under the answer posted by him and he kept replying to me in lengthy comments. Thanks Legend.


Congrats @BalusC. The community is proud of you. Keep up the excellent work, and thank you from my heart.


Congratulations @BalusC!! Thanks for making this community stronger.


Congratulations, BalusC. You deserve it. The knowledge you've bestowed upon Stack Overflow helped a lot of budding developers (including me) starting out with Enterprise Java and web development. For that we owe you a lot. Thanks, man!


Congrats, @BalusC. That is super.

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