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I cannot say it any better than Hans Passant did, so I'm going to quote him: Let's not. "Stripe" is the company, stripe-payments and stripe-connect are the existing tags for their products. We do not encourage users to ask questions about a company. Thus, for now, based on the information that is available to me, I'm declining this request. If you ...


Chrome 78 has automatic dark mode behind the #enable-force-dark flag. Visit chrome://flags search for #enable-force-dark. Enable it This enable inverted dark colors everywhere and certainly works well for Stack Overflow


I'm also in this situation. As described in a comment, mods can ask for access to the Stack Moderators Team site by using the generic StackExchange contact form: update: it worked! I'm in!


While that would be very useful to the end-user, we cannot expose information about the owner or other members of a Team to users who are not members of the Team. Giving out information about who the owner you need to contact is would be a privacy breach for that person. Remember that anyone who just happened to retrieve (or guess) the URL to a Team can view ...

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