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Why not? Because answers are for answers. Comments are for comments. If the answer to a question isn't appropriate to be in the answer box, then the question isn't appropriate in the first place and should be closed. If someone has posted an answer in a comment, do as Robert Harvey suggests and Post an answer with the solution in the comments, and make it ...


I posted this as a separate question but someone pointed out that it has already been asked. Nevertheless I feel it is worth a revisit so will post it here: Reddit recently introduced Moons. They are awarded monthly based on the contributions made by each user (with each sub-group deciding on the exact methodology for allocation). See:


Good news: This feature already exists for users having a given reputation on other stack exchange sites (known as association bonus). In that case, the user starts at 101 points, so can upvote, comment, and will be able to downvote in a few. The system considers that if you were able to have a positive contribution on any site of the network, you're ...


I applaud you for thinking like this! I think there’s already a solution for this though: your profile. I have seen several people with personal tip jar links (eg to Ko-fi) here so this would definitely be within what we allow in profiles. (Note: Questions, answers and comments are for Q&A, so it would not be accepted to put the link there.)


Stack Exchange sites are free. As soon as you have something like that, it essentially becomes an implied request for a payment for the answer. I'm not comfortable asking people for that (even if it's indirect payment via donation to a charity). Personally, the main payment I receive for answering and site curation is the fact that I get others to help me by ...

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