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This is fixed for the count on the 2021 SO mod election, and will be fixed for elections moving forward as well.


The bounty expired, but that doesn't meant the bounty is complete. It just means no more answers can benefit from the bounty. You, however, get time to award the bounty to the (yes, nonexistent) answer(s). As the documentation says, "After the bounty ends, there is a grace period of 24 hours to manually award the bounty." So you have to wait 24 ...


We should now be suppressing this notification when not on a private Team.


As @animuson states, this was an intentional change. We initially hesitated on underlining links in high contrast mode because it was initially technically difficult to implement, but revisited recently and shipped this change. W3C suggests adding underlines to links as to not rely on color to distinguish links from other content. It is a tricky compromise ...


Apparently: "The "Remove" button needs to have a app-disallow class. None of the "remove" buttons have one" As stated here: Removing granted access to an Application is no longer working


cruisepandey appears to have been celebrating the earning of his shiny new selenium gold badge, which he earned earlier today (2021-11-14 07:49:42Z), only 7 minutes before he voted to reopen that question (at 2021-11-14 07:57:46Z). Immediately after reopening, he voted to close the question again (at 2021-11-14 07:58:05Z), as a duplicate of the same question ...


(Note: Some of these were edited out of the post several days after it was posted. Other, equally obvious, anachronisms remain.) To rule out alternative explanations, here is a selection of quotes which were clearly written several years ago, and the author hasn't made any effort to update: With the release of ES6 [...] many expect the same cycle to repeat ...


You must consider blogs to be what they are: unidirectional opinion pieces by authors whose credibility and authority you cannot validate. The result is often suboptimal. Yes, some blogs have feedback mechanisms in the form of a comment box or a link to mail the author. Good luck correcting every blog author out there, and good luck getting your comment ...


With the redesign of the review page, we no longer show the close voters in a post notice for the question being reviewed. Thus this is de facto fixed. (That said, I have also fixed the logic behind the scenes where we retrieve this data, so in case we change the UI in the future to display the close voters again, this will be fixed).


As I just posted in a similar bug report: I dug into this and implemented a fix that I think should resolve the issue. Basically I added in a check when a question is closed: is this question a current audit and is it a "known good post"? If so, invalidate it. That way, any status change like that will remove that type of potentially ambiguous ...


This seems to be a race condition. According to the timeline, the post was deleted at 2021-11-09 16:21:06Z. Incidentally, it shows your flag as being raised on the same second as the post was deleted; 2021-11-09 16:21:06Z. However, the timeline shows your flag as being raised right after deletion: I believe your flag was registered right after OP self-...


Moderators edit for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they're cleaning up a spam campaign, reverting some sort of vandalism, or performing some sort of semi-automated cleanup. And they're not subject-matter experts in all areas: Cody's a low-level (in the stack, not in skill!) C++ developer with an iPhone, editing an android answer. Basically, a moderator ...


/articles was not ready to be released in StackOverflow. I have hid it for now until we can fix it completely.


Link only answers should at least be flagged as very low quality. You can't run out of those, so there shouldn't be any blocking problem. You may leave a comment in addition to flagging or downvote the answer, but not flagging is definitely wrong. If you only comment or vote, who is going to check if the author ever reacts to your comment? Regarding flagging ...

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