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Being logged in with a Google account automatically creates Stack account

If you give Stack Exchange permission to access your Google credentials to create an account then you'll get an account. If you don't want that to happen, all you have to do is rescind that Google ...
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Bug when trying to post a question with code in it

I discovered a workaround for this issue. My solution involved copying the draft content to a text file, clearing the draft content, and replacing it with arbitrary plain text (without any code or ...
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Unable to login: Email/password login form broken due to duplicated hidden fields

This issue has been resolved and lasted for approximately 6 hours. Just some older html that was clashing with new authentication stuff.
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The Tag Synonyms page is a bit repetitive

Thanks for reporting, this was a copy + paste error related to the new button group component release. The issue has been fixed.
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How to disable "Ask with AI" pop-up

If we consider that being annoyed by a pop-up is a problem, turning off Enable OverflowAI Search [Alpha] is a solution that end-users can implement without extensions and scripts. Another solution ...
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Markdown error in "Why have I been limited to one question per week?" help center page

Checking the page again, I see the issue has been fixed:
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