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This should be resolved. TL;DR; The cause was a very unhappy SQL Server due to a bad execution plan for the query to get linked questions. I noticed an alert this morning for one of our primary SQL Servers, investigated the issue, and found a terrible plan. After updating the statistics on a table, we stopped throwing exceptions and the query started ...


Remove firefox-esr and install latest firefox,sovled the issue.


This is the first time you've been active on Meta SO. You already had 10 badges on Stack Overflow (the badges dating back to 2010), as can be seen here. We can assume (due to the presence of your New Contributor icon) that you're new to meta participation and so all of the badges were (semi-)simultaneously awarded on meta, as can be seen here.


Nope! Nothing wrong here! We don't create a meta profile for users until they actually visit meta. We base meta yearling badges on reputation earned on the main site. But, we also seem to consider site membership, even on meta, to be the day they joined the main site. This isn't usually noticed because it's pretty rare for someone to have an profile on the ...


Thanks for reporting this! It was a side-effect of some refactoring I've been doing the last couple of weeks - previously the pagination would reload the entire page whereas now it works AJAXily (in line with the rest of the job search UI). I've tweaked the code so that it now scrolls to the top of the page after the AJAX call completes.


This will be fixed in the next build. A small refactor to bring those progress bars up to date with our current CSS (there's not much visually, just some rounded corners, but the change lays some groundwork for better responsiveness and variable contrast modes) broke the JS that dynamically updated their values. Just a few selector tweaks (and using ...


Thanks for pointing this out! We've removed these logos from the tags that are not "Owned" by the client. More info can be found here


Thanks for reporting this! The grey overlay and the popover had been styled to have the same z-index. I've reduced the overlay's z-index a little so the issue should be fixed now.


Thank you for reporting this bug. A fix has been deployed, it should work as expected now.


Thanks again for pointing this out. As some of you have spotted already the logo has been removed from the excel tag, the same will happen with ms-word and other tags that the client does not own the copyright for. This is a bug in our system, we're working to create a solution for this. Update Feb 14th All the logos from tag that do not have copyright are ...


I have a fix for this in the queue for deployment, but this being Friday night, it probably won't happen till Monday. Thanks for the report!


After the survey, you are presented with a screen similar to the one below. You can either accept the badge on the site you were on when you clicked the banner, or click "View other eligible sites" which reveals options to redeem from various sites, including SO. Once you accept the badge (on any site) it cannot be transferred.


Update: The duplicate comment is no longer automatically deleted when the post owner rejects a duplicate post suggestion. Thanks for your feedback. The behavior or deleting the suggested duplicate comment when the post owner rejects the suggestion is intentional and was added last week (at the same time as fixing a bug where sometimes the post owner ...


As pointed out by Nick A, this was indeed a regression bug that came about when I converted the Pending Edit notice to use the Post Notice model instead of injecting its text inline. Thanks for reporting, the issue should be fixed now.


You don't need to retake the survey. Your responses have been recorded. The issue here was with the code that dismisses the announcement banner. I turned that off while I figure out what exactly went wrong there, so nobody should be seeing this error page at the end of the survey anymore. Thanks for the report!


This is a bug, which seems to have started happening today. The post notice is not displayed as long as there is a pending suggested edit. Once the edit gets approved or rejected the notice appears. It looks like it is only a visual bug. The question is closed and you can't answer or close it again. You can even cast reopen votes. It is only the banner ...


Thank you for the report, Baum mit Augen! It should be fixed now.


There was a bug with this component where it only worked part of the time. It should now work in all cases. I have also added functionality to it to delete the "is this a duplicate" comment that is associated with the flags that have been rejected by the asker (flags as still valid for closing even if asker rejects them).


China-friendly solution: jsDelivr. They have an ICP license and works reliably in China. Popular resources like jQuery and Bootstrap are available at ease (from NPM) and I just migrated my personal website from Cloudflare's CDNJS to jsDelivr. Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with jsDelivr.


This new message is uselessly hostile. How about: Your question appears to be in the wrong place. Stack Overflow is about programming questions and avoids questions about general hardware or software. You can: Edit the question so it is on-topic for Stack Overflow Ask on a better-suited Stack Exchange site. We have many sites for questions. The ...

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