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Should we burninate [godaddy]?

I agree with most of the community in saying that godaddy needs to be burninated. The SO Close Vote Reviewers are already in the process of cleaning it up, but the (off-topic) questions within the tag ...
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Should we burninate [godaddy]?

Progress You have helped out by reviewing the questions and answers in these tags by performing one or more of the following actions: flag or close questions that are duplicate/off-topic/unclear/too ...
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Should we burninate [godaddy]?

Rename it shared-hosting per Drew's suggestion above* and vote to close anything that is not specific to the problems affected by shared webhosts: limited permissions etc. which is helpful to know; or ...
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Should we burninate [godaddy]?

As someone who has fairly often worked on complex web applications hosted on GoDaddy, who has some level of interest in such, I'd say go ahead and vet and prune the questions and burninate the tag. ...
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Why blacklisted tags `define` are showing up in auto complete?

There is nothing in our system that determines a tag is blacklisted when suggesting it, because the blacklist is not attached to each tag, but is instead a list of regular expressions which match ...
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Was the [hidden-features] tag "unblacklisted"?

Thanks for noticing! As animuson noted, we used to age away these tag blacklists. Which is annoying, because I had to re-type that whole message. That done, it's now back in black...list:
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To Burn, or Not to Burn [multiple-choice]

For the questions I looked at with the multiple-choice tag, dropping the multiple-choice tag would not hurt the understandability of the question IMO. As @suraj mentions, the questions involve so many ...
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Trying to tag a question with a blacklisted tag gives a tag creation popup

Thanks for the detailed report! We pushed a fix for this yesterday such that blacklisted tags will no longer be picked up in the new tag warning.
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Why is the [testmigrations] tag blacklisted in Stack Overflow Teams?

Good catch! Each team has a schema in our SQL database and when it is initially created we run a sequence of baseline SQL to make sure everything is ready for use. One of those baseline SQL scripts ...
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