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I'd still like to see this implemented more formally. I can't tell you the number of times I've made a meaningless wording change to an otherwise fine question, where the only thing that really mattered was "adopting" the code fencing or indentation already suggested by a lower-rep user so I can actually view the question's code in a reasonable way....


The change that introduced this bug has been reverted.


Thanks for the report - here's what happened. Basically, in order for Recommend Close (or Needs Author Edit) to function properly, the JavaScript relies on a (hidden) close link in the post menu to be present on the page. However, we only included the close link for users who had close permissions. Therefore, when you tried to perform that action, it just ...


This has been fixed. You should see the pointer cursor when hovering over the bounty award button when it can be clicked.


I have put this on our bug board and will have our designers take a look. Marked as status-deferred instead of status-planned simply because I don't have an ETA yet on when this could get fixed. Update: this has been fixed. The error toasts are dark mode friendly now:


Sorry about the delay. The page has been removed.


This should be resolved. There is a query that is used to identify users who qualify for the Excavator badge that has been silently timing out for several months, which resulted in the badges being awarded sporadically. I rewrote the query and it now executes in 10 seconds versus the minute plus which resulted in the time-out.


We don't need a mod for this since there are only a few questions. I've retagged them as rust-ink. The ink tag will get deleted by the roomba later since there are no remaining open questions.


Thank you for reporting this! The closing functionality has been modified to make this work a little better. When a question is closed, custom flags are no longer automatically marked as resolved. The moderator interface shows the flags at the bottom of the screen, which was easily missed. Moderators will need to mark each custom flag on a closed post as ...


Yesterday a large backfill was executed across the Posts table network-wide. Updating the Posts table is usually fine - our search engine and the service that efficiently handles tag queries look at last updated time timestamps and perform a delta update of the things that changes. Unfortunately the delta yesterday was on the order of 60m rows and the ...


google-drive-shared-drive ← google-drive-team-drive I've merged the tags and created the synonym mapping shown above. There are currently 203 questions tagged google-drive-shared-drive. I lack the subject-matter expertise to make the call whether this is a useful tag on its own, or whether it should be merged into google-drive. If you want to discuss that, ...


It works as designed. I've hand-picked lang-php in your two example posts and syntax highlighting came to life. Both posts only had the laravel-7 tag The laravel-7 tag doesn't have a syntax highlighter configured. That leads to no attempt to do any syntax highlighting The laravel tag does have the lang-php highlighter selected. On posts with that tag the ...


There are events recorded for those profiles on June 9, 2020 that the profile picture was switched to an Identicon, likely caused by this since-fixed bug. The solution here is to go to one of those profiles and manually switch them back to using Gravatar instead of Identicon and save the change across the network, but that currently doesn't work either. So, ...


you can do it yourself and "empty" tags are removed automatcally Done: retagged all 26 questions to pytorch-dataloader. Glad I have the Edit tags tool available!


electronics has been burninated. Thanks to everyone who participated. Progress: The electronics tag is in the process of being burninated. You can help out by reviewing the questions with this tag, and... editing questions to improve the question and remove the tag (retag-only edits are best left to users with full edit privileges; i.e. > 2k reputation)...


The tags azure-kubernetes and azure-aks is both used for Azure Kubernetes Service - (AKS). It already has 3 synonyme votes Getting this under a common tag was good. Naming Azure Kubernetes Service - (AKS) is known both as "Azure Kubernetes Service" but also just "AKS" (corresponding to "GKE" for "Google Kubernetes Engine&...


There is no such thing like "off-topic tag". There are only off-topic questions. That a tag attracts many bad content, is not a reason to delete it. The worst option to handle bad content is that we make it harder to find. That electronics in general is off-topic here, is not a reason to delete it. It is a reason to close them as off-topic, and ...


This was fixed in October of last year. Basically, this happened because there was only one client-side check to see if there was a pending suggested edit, which occurred when the page was loaded. Thus, if you loaded the page before someone suggested an edit, and then proceeded to edit the post yourself, it would just direct you to the post editor since ...


Thanks for the report! SVG icons recently moved from /img/svg-icons to /img/stacks-icons and we overlooked updating the CORS policy along with it. The issue should be resolved now, though you might have to "empty cache and hard reload" in the Chrome parlance.

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