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This should be fixed now. Thanks for the report!


Though, when you want to tag a Julia Flux question (by writing Flux in the tag field) it only recommends Facebook Flux tags. Is it possible to somehow assist by renaming (Facebook) Flux aswell and then use Flux as some sort of decision help? Aka Flux: see/use flux-facebook for Facebook language/framework and flux-machine-learning for Flux machine learning ...


Thank you for bringing this up. I know this has taken a while but I finally got a fix out for this issue. When you're looking at your achievements, we're setting a ViewedDate on all achievements so they won't be highlighted the next time you're opening the list of achievements. For Teams, we failed to update that ViewedDate properly. I fixed that. If you ...


I think that there is a larger problem here when a bug is presumed by the community to be an intentional change to manipulate us. I hope the staff recognizes how this indicates a serious lack of trust and considers the consequences of not repairing that trust. I assumed this was a bug because: It was network-wide, and new stuff generally happens just to ...


This was a bug which has been resolved. See Dean's answer on MSE for more details. No need for user scripts, this was an unintentional slip-up. We were fixing some Google crawler errors for deleted user cards on questions/answers and a set of brackets got missed in the code path that renders attributes. That meant that this: ...


If they're going to hide the reputation of the questioner and answerer, they should at least be consistent. It doesn't matter if you hide how much reputation you have on the question, I can still see it in the question "queue"/Search Page prior to opening it. This is pointless "feature" if it is one. Oh, but I saw from the previous screen, User, you have 84 ...


If it's an experiment, let this serve as feedback: Please put back reputation and badge counts!


We initially supported bounties on Teams, but then removed the functionality to resolve some outstanding bugs. Your question has been in a limbo state since then. We've resolved the issue regarding in regards to that particular issue. We're currently testing bounties again to bring them back to Teams. They're live now!


flux-machine-learning was created and applied to all problematic questions I could find. I also added a simple excerpt explaining what is it about, so we can finish this already. Let's hope this solves it already.


TL;DR All of the issues happened in legacy code which hasn't changed in years. It wasn't using our standard caching primitives, and porting it to our new modern caching primitives opened up a can of worms. Upon first inspection, nothing changed directly in the logic. What changed is how we handle caching around it, which ...


Looks like at some point the "stop animating this plz" code we had for Google avatars stopped working. It's entirely possible that it was never supposed to be working in the first place. But either way, thanks to this answer, we now have new code in place that appears to work. For how long? There's one way to find out. :)


I work in the Ad Ops team. Thanks for the heads up - this creative was trafficked incorrectly and has been updated.


lang-php comes with HTML highlighting on the side, so I went with that instead of lang-default. Let me know if this causes unintended side effects on a significant number of questions.


I have mixed feelings about having a tag for Grid in WPF (and even the tag for WPF styles seems better repurposed as one for XAML styles, even if implementations differ between WPF and WinRT), but then again, html-table exists. In any case, I've renamed the tag for now.


This has now been fixed! Please let us know if you find any other issues like this.

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