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As noted in your question, the /help/question-bans page of the help center (network-wide) contains the quoted line, which has a link pointing to the MSE version of the "I've thought better of my question; can I delete it?" help center page ( specifically. As a result, it ...


The tag has been renamed and a synonym created. I've also updated the tag wiki so it starts with "CloudCaptain (previously BoxFuse)" instead of "Boxfuse (now CloudCaptain)"


Thanks again for patience! For the time being we would like to ask you to send us a message using the support page (link: and add which Collective you would like to become Recognized Member of and the user account that you're using. We will forward this information to the Collective owners. We'll be adding a category '...


Thanks for submitting this issue. There are a few things to address from this post, so here goes: As was pointed out by @animuson in the comments, what you're seeing is "feedback" for the article, which is a way for people to notify the article's author that the article needs some sort of update. These aren't shown in the UI for articles like ...


Per Adam Lear's response on MSE, this bug has been fixed: This is part of our new tradition here at Stack Overflow... Whoops Wednesday. Thanks for the report! The fix is out now.


As noted in your answer, the /help/closed-questions page of the help center (titled "What does it mean if a question is "closed"?") has this line at the end of the article: For more about reopening questions, see "What if I disagree with the closure of a question? How can I reopen a closed question?" This text links to the /...


First of all: thanks a lot to everybody for notifying us about this issue. We have been able to reproduce and fix the issue. Please do let us know (in a comment to this answer) if you're still encountering any issues with this.


This should be fixed now. Audits broke on November 8 on the First Question and First Answer queues when a deliberate switch fall-through in the typescript ... un-fell-through?... and a critical part of the audit code was no longer being correctly referenced. I fixed this in December and fully forgot to also update Meta about it, my apologies. You should now ...

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