The moderation team has noticed that neither the moderator tools, nor the post timeline, indicates who tagged an answer in a Collective as recommended (technically called a post notice in the system). Example (link is 10k+ only since the post has been deleted)

Who took this action?

The "Twilio" link takes you to the Twilio Collective. While the list of people who could take this action is short, that information should still be available to the public and the moderation team.

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    If the product team would prefer that it not be publicly accessible for whatever reason, it should at least be viewable by moderators.
    – Ryan M Mod
    Jul 22, 2022 at 20:33

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We have made some improvements on the timeline and revision pages that should allow you to see the recommending user going forward.

Unfortunately, a portion of the data cannot be backfilled due to previous technical decisions.

Posted by Recognized Member/Admin: Posted by Recognized Member/Admin

Recommendation added and removed: Recommendation added and removed


We'll be adding the attribution, and it will look like this: Recommended answer attribution to be added


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