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For questions about the (partially hidden) timeline function, which shows all events (e.g. votes, comments) which happened to a post in chronological order.

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How do I get the entire body text of my questions, answers, and comments from API requests?

I tried USER ID/timeline?sort=creation&page=1&pagesize=100&site=stackoverflow, then USER ID/timeline?...
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The timeline should show who tagged a Collectives answer as recommended

The moderation team has noticed that neither the moderator tools, nor the post timeline, indicates who tagged an answer in a Collective as recommended (technically called a post notice in the system). ...
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Server error viewing revision history or timeline of a specific post

Looking at the revision history or timeline of: Tally counter returns blank page results in the generic server error message: Oops! Something Bad Happened! ... This post was also pushed into the ...
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Audits in Vote Summary page

Just noticed, that my question timeline has audit related items: Why is this needed? Was there any announcement about the change in the timeline?
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3 votes
6 answers

Shouldn't close voters' names be hidden also from the timeline?

I just got over 3k and gained the close/reopen vote privilege, but I'm kinda wary of using it just right now because — as the title suggests — the timeline does show the voters' names. We all know ...
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Timeline of answer acceptance

I notice the timeline of an answer does not include when the answer was accepted or un-accepted. Was this intentionally left out or simply overlooked? It seems like as interesting a statistic as the ...
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Show close reasons in timeline per user

Check this timeline. The question is now closed, but 3 close-votes were different. I want to see what close reason was selected by which user directly in the timeline, therefore feature request. P.S.: ...
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Cramped up in the timeline

Yesterday, the timeline would have looked like this: Today, I went to check the timeline of a post, and this is what I saw: …and it just instantly made me very tired. Now, it's not only cramped up. ...
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Add more filters in timeline of a SO post

In a question's or answer's timeline, the user has the ability to hide or show vote summaries. But since this activity page shows comments, the question, votes for >1k users, edits, and answers, I ...
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Can someone explain what "reopen invalidated" means in a Question timeline?

I am trying to understand the timeline for this question: How can I generate 2 clocks in testbench with systemverilog? The question is currently closed. I can see from the timeline that it was ...
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2 answers

Could we get the red highlight in the timeline?

Could we add some highlighting to the timeline to emphasise critical actions like delete/undelete. Now everything looks the same. Could we get this emphasis back for major actions, so that the stand ...
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Timeline: Duplicate of .. what?

When a question is closed as duplicate, then reopened and no edit was made to the question, we have no way to know who reopened the question and what was the duplicate target unless we do a trivial ...
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Vote Summary in Timeline [closed]

In the new feature the timeline, you can see the number of votes up and down. Since anyone can see this no matter what the reputation is, then this makes the following privilege: https://...
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Settings/Options Icon Hidden Issue

Today I was updating new items in my Developer Story Timeline and ran into weird issue. I was adding a new item as shown below and it worked well. It was added to my timeline. After that I realized ...
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Preserve duplicate nomination comments in timeline

When a gold badge holder closes a question as a duplicate of another (called "hammering") any comments suggesting that the question may be a duplicate are automatically removed. This is sometimes ...
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Can we export timeline statistics of a post into a CSV file?

When I find a good post, I like to see its timeline. Just in case that some people don't know what it is and how to get it, here is an example with the most famous r Q & A: How to make a great R ...
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I am able to view the count of delete votes in timeline view (without having 10k rep)

When I visit the timeline view of the question:, I see the following: Given that I ...
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Why doesn't the revision history of this answer say it was deleted?

I noticed something strange in this answer's revision history. It says that the answer was undeleted, but it doesn't say that it was deleted: I also checked the timeline, and the timeline doesn't ...
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Is it possible to know who single-handedly reopened a question?

When closing a question (using Mjölnir or not), you get to know who closed it; this information is displayed in a notice below the question. Now when the question is reopened by five people, it is ...
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53 votes
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Add a link to the timeline of a post

There have been many questions on this topic already. For instance: Add a link to the timeline of a post Why is there no link to timeline of the post? Answers posted in 2014 or 2015 said that this ...
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How can I see close and reopen history of a question that wasn't edited?

When a question was edited, the close and reopen events appear in the edit history. But when a question wasn't edited at all there's no link to the history, so we can't see these events. Is there an ...
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How is it determined which review queue entries we see on the /timeline?

From observations, I believe that users are only allowed to see currently active pending reviews on the timeline, is this correct?
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Timeline page (aka activity log) does not show bounties

As vividly illustrated in a recent question of mine the timeline view of a question continues to be useful, but fails to include information about bounties. Could they be added there, please?
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18 votes
2 answers

Can you see the voting history of a question / answer

Bit of idle curiosity here. I logged in this morning to find that one of my answers had recieved both an upvote and a downvote last night, and it got me thinking. Is there a way to see the voting ...
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Why is there no link to timeline of the post?

I can see the timeline of a question: {site}/posts/{post_id}/timeline But there is no link to it. Maybe I can't just find it or it is located in the place hard to see. But if there is really no link ...
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