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Answering a question, then closing it as duplicate

I think it's bad form to answer a question then immediately close it as a duplicate. If it's a duplicate, just close it. By answering it then immediately closing it, it sends a signal that you're ...
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How to use gold dupehammer without abuse

Is this standing moderator policy? If it is, it needs to be changed. Dupe-closing with a question of your own as the target - hammer or not - should not be treated as inherently problematic. – Pekka 웃 ...
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My gold badge allowed me to instantly close a question despite the tag being edited out beforehand

That's correct and by design. Only the tags in the initial revision count for the dupe hammer. Normally that is meant to prevent you from adding tags just to be able to use your hammer. Here it ...
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Is the dupehammer (Mjölnir) still being evaluated, and if so, what is the current outcome?

It's something we're always going to continue to keep an eye on, because it is quite a bit of power to wield. It's working very well in the hands of people that currently have the ability. That ...
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How well should gold badge holders prove the correctness of their unhammering?

Re-opening properly closed dupes in order to answer them is not acceptable. It's textbook abuse of one's privileges. Mod-flag the answer. These flags will add up and eventually will result in a ...
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Should I post a question that I'm going to immediately close as a duplicate?

This is a great idea. No elaboration needed; you explained why quite well already.
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Only prohibit those who edited the tags from using the dupe hammer

This is a good idea. I don't think we should immediately assume that it's open to abuse. This feels like the right way to solve this annoyance, and we should at least try it out before jumping to ...
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Is it okay for somebody to reopen duplicate questions regularly?

We had an interesting discussion in comments that deserves to be pulled into an answer. oguz ismail pulled up a SEDE query that searches for posts that were dupe closed by you and unhammered by the ...
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What should I do as a gold badge holder if I feel the duplicate target isn't the right one?

A lot of gold tag badge owners are still unaware of the "Edit" button to add original questions as duplicate targets. This feature was introduced a few months ago and is very useful to add more ...
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How can we downvote the use of the mighty Mjölnir?

You can't downvote the use of a close vote. That'd be some kind of meta-voting that doesn't really exist here. You can reopen improperly closed questions though. And you should! This is trivial to ...
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Is it okay to leave a question wrongly dupehammered, type up an answer, and then re-open and post it?

It is possible that Robin started writing an answer, then found evidence that the question should be closed as a duplicate and decided to close rather than answer. (Evidence could be a search done ...
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Mjölnir doesn't work when changing tags after close "vote"

You cannot dupehammer a question if you added the tag (for which you have the gold badge) yourself. This is intentional, to prevent people from (wrongfully) adding a tag in order to abuse the ...
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How to use gold dupehammer without abuse

A conflict of interest does not necessarily equal abuse. But the problem with a conflict of interest is that it can be difficult (for both us and you) to tell whether or not there's abuse or ...
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Do you lose the right to answer a question if you used your re-open hammer?

The problem isn't necessarily in answering a question you re-opened. The problem is when these questions were closed properly. Re-opening a rightfully closed question in order to answer it is not ...
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Would it be useful to have an extension of mjölnir close voting powers for (language) tag related close reasons?

Of the 5,372,568 users at Stack Overflow, there are only 3,058 users with gold tag badges I think expansion is a good idea, because that was the original idea. I remember well, I authored it. It all ...
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Please incentivize duplicate finding when gold badge closes as dup

Eeeeeek! In this use case, finding a duplicate is the same as providing a correct answer. Sure, if the duplicate is accurate. If you have one or two, you have a high probability of accurately ...
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Should I use my dupehammer superpowers to close a question about things I have no idea but OP said it's a duplicate?

I think it's better to leave the post alone. Using your privilege to mark a post duplicate when you are not fully certain that the question is a duplicate is an abuse of the privilege. You could leave ...
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What's the best response to questions with multiple dupe-hammerable issues?

In order to answer this loaded question, we need to establish a couple of premises: Every simple programming problem has been asked at least once before. Oh, yeah, "new frameworks and libraries ...
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A question was dupehammered by two users with gold badges

The first user cast a close vote for some reason other than as a duplicate.
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I dupehammered a question, the OP got nasty... and my comments got nuked

I took a look at how the flags were handled. First of all, the comments you posted on the question were handled automatically; they are all marked as deleted by the Community user. At no point did ...
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How to vote to close questions and be welcoming at the same time

Voting to close a question as a duplicate isn't necessarily a judge of the question's quality or even someone's ability to search for similar questions. We do so to prevent good solutions from being ...
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Is it okay for somebody to reopen duplicate questions regularly?

I'm going to pick on akrun for a moment, since akrun asked this. By no means should anyone assume akrun is alone in this behavior. I simply have a ready example here involving him, and it really ...
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Is it OK to give an answer to a duplicate question, before hammering out?

You should just close without leaving an answer. What we want is all the answers in one place. Users shouldn't have to go from page to page looking for the answer to the question. It's also comes ...
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Is it possible to know who single-handedly reopened a question?

Yes, you can find who re-opened a question in the revision history of the question: https://stackoverflow.com/posts/<questionId>/revisions I use a userscript called "SEModifications" (github) ...
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Reopen-hammering my own question

As mentioned in this Q&A: Should the Mighty Mjölnir have allowed me to reopen this question? Either the question is really a duplicate or it's not, and you've earned the right to make that call ...
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Misleading dupehammer message

The problem is that the wording of the message to the user is patently false. I see this as a bug. The question was not marked as duplicate by Damien_The_Unbeliever, Jon Skeet, CodeCaster c# 6 ...
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Dupe Hammer too powerful?

I am the person who closed the question. There are some factors you are not considering: While you were outraged that the question was closed, the person who asked the question never came back, ...
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How do I give up the mighty Mjölnir?

As I wrote elsewhere: We've no plans to make "opting out" an option. This is in keeping with existing behavior: once you gain the ability to vote to close, you can no longer flag for ...
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Does the dupe-hammer break the grace period?

As Tiny noted, comments only end the grace period if they're visible when the next revision is submitted. Since the duplicate comment is instantly deleted when the vote is binding, closing as a ...
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How well should gold badge holders prove the correctness of their unhammering?

Just a thought for a solution for future cases: What if when you use your magic hammer to smash a question free, you cannot post an answer to it for 48 hours. Or, if you hammered a question free, any ...
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