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Relating to the discussion and controversy around questions that are explicitly stated as, presumed, or suspected to be homework questions (i.e. those given to a student in a formal course of study). (Copied from

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A Stack Overflow user said using this site is like cheating - How so when it's my own question?

On a previous meta question of mine, a user left this comment: "we don't have many places to go to ask questions and get help." - I have a B.S. in Computer Science. You can always contact ...
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Would posting an answer with a Base64-encoded hint be ethically ok?

From time to time, we see those questions with phrases such as "ASAP", "Urgent", etc. Most of the time it seems to come from students, who messed up in the course. If they followed ...
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Comments about the Satisfaction Survey [closed]

I filled out the satisfaction survey, but my answers are not going to be particularly useful, because the problems I have with Stack Overflow are mostly things that are not under the site's control. ...
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To close, or not to close, that is the homework question

Consider the following question, which is representative of a certain class of questions that get posted with some frequency on Stack Overflow. How to find length of array in C++? I want to write a ...
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I've rethought my question about a homework assignment—why can't I get it deleted?

I asked a question related to a course I was taking. I followed all the Stack Overflow rules, and I got a useful answer. But it's coming to the end of the [grading period here], and my professor has ...
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New question close option [duplicate]

Nowadays, many questions on Stack Overflow are nothing but a homework dump. But there is no proper option to close such questions. These are the existing close options: Duplicate - This question has ...
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Is it acceptable to provide links to a "do my homework for money" site?

I just came across a question which was an obvious "homework dump". Someone commented (appropriately) to the effect that we don't do peoples' homework here. But they also added a link to a ...
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Is this a new form of homework abuse / help-vampirism?

A user posted this question seeking help with debugging. I answered, and shortly after when I looked at the page I saw that the user had deleted their account. A little later I noticed that there was ...
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Should there be a Stack Exchange site dedicted to "My homework to write a linked-list does not work" questions

I swear I see two or three nearly identical C or C++ questions about broken hand-written linked list implementations every day. The ways they are broken are all the same three or four varieties. If ...
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How do I flag lazy homework questions? [duplicate]

There's already a question on this topic here: What should I flag homework/tell me what this does questions?. Unfortunately it doesn't have an answer. There's another question about how to ask good ...
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What is the protocol about answering homework assignments? [duplicate]

I recently saw a question about a homework assignment and the OP had tried his best to show the code he had below the assignment text. But he clearly did not understand the assignment and he got ...
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What should be done when OP replaced his MCVE with the text of his homework question?

In this question, the poster asks what I think is a genuine question with some explanation and a short snippet triggering a bunch of answers. Then, OP erased his snippet and replaced it with a good ...
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When did SO turn from "A site for professional and enthusiast programmers" to a "Help me with my school works" site?

I have been active on this site for many years, yet I have never seen the level of programming questions so rudimentary as it has been in the last 12 months. Yeah sure, there has always been beginners ...
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What is "Well i asked this question in hamework help section" about?

I just saw this comment under a post currently being obliterated, as it is a homework dump (literally a copy-paste): Well i asked this question in hamework help section This, exactly as written, ...
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What really amounts to "be nice to new contributors"? [duplicate]

This is the post that made me thinking: Python - Array - homework. Screenshot for <10k users: I totally agree with all the comments that Stack Overflow is not a homework forum. However, when I ...
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Caveat emptor. Making students aware they cannot delete their homework questions

It's the usual trick of people asking a homework question, then as soon as it's answered, they delete it. For example: How can you put 20 turtles on a circle in Python? Visualize a sparse matrix using ...
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Should homework questions disclose that they are homework questions?

The FAQ on "How do I ask and answer homework questions?" had an accepted top community wiki answer from the beginning (Oct 23 '08) that said: Admit that the question is homework. Trying to hide ...
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Should Meta FAQ provide a summarizing introduction?

The FAQ Index on meta lists several questions that might be linked to from relevant questions. One of these is "How do I ask and answer homework questions?" New programmers often get their start in ...
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Why do "homework dump" questions get migrated?

I came across a question with its title in Russian (see here). Nothing but a homework dump: You have been hired to write an application for a parking garage to automate the calculation of the fee to ...
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SO is being used as a real-time cheating platform

What can SO do to discourage users from abusing the community? See This is obviously not a screenshot of my answer but never have I felt more disgusted ...
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Closing homework questions as duplicates of other homework questions

I have recently came upon a homework question: Implementation of Dijkstra's Algorithim It is surely not a good question, I have referred the user to How do I ask and answer homework questions? ...
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Raise the limits on down/close votes at weekends, (and especially Sundays)

The weekend homework dumps are becoming unmanageable. User-moderators are running out of their vote allocation much too early. I've run out of dv/cv with 5 hours still to go. I can manage OK with ...
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Homework statistics

This is more a curiosity question. In the last few years that I've been member I've seen the same trend every year. Summer ends, and the basic questions start to pour in. Autumn progresses and the ...
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Is it the right time to make homework questions off-topic?

The sheer amount of homework dumps, especially in the c++ tag, is challenging to say the least. What used to be weekend noise has now effectively spread to the entire week. Can we please finally make ...
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What if we migrated "do my homework" questions to Code Golf? [closed]

This might be slightly facetious on my part, but wouldn't it be fun to start migrating "do my homework" questions to Code Golf? Not for any benefit towards the asker, of course. I just think it ...
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Is it okay for students to ask Stack Overflow to do their homework? [duplicate]

I think it is good learning for them. But what do you think?
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Not all off-topic reasons flaggable?

I know there's already a meta post about how to handle homework questions: Please clarify the policy on homework questions But my question is a little different I think. I've read the possible ...
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How to handle homework questions that DO violate school policy?

This Meta question discusses various SO policies regarding asking and answering homework questions. One of the statements says: Be aware of school policy. If your school has a policy regarding ...
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Can we sticky an Open Letter to Students?

Can we please sticky/feature a post similar to Programmers' Open Letter to Students post in the side bar like it was a few weeks ago (probably because it was 'hot')? Several1 homework2 questions3 ...
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Are homework questions that do not allow use of built-in methods valid questions [duplicate]

Is this kind of question a valid one on SO: I have a homework to write a code that do XXX but without using YY built-in method because our mentor denied that or because we did not get to the ...
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C++ beginners and homework [duplicate]

I find too many of the questions, at least in C++, are homework or just very simple. I wish these could be somehow separated from questions that require an expert. How about Stack Overflow ...
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Add a policy and a tag for self-study / homework

If you go and read the self-study wiki at CV (Cross Validated), you will find it to be well conceived and written. I feel that this would be a valuable addition to Stack Overflow, both in the FAQ/Wiki ...
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How to deal with a slowly learning user? [duplicate]

So I met a certain user who posted their homework problem on SO. They put some effort into answering their questions IMHO and are slowly getting there. They got here already public class Assg2 { ...
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Should bounties be used as a "currency" to hand out "work assignments"?

I recently came across a question with a bounty Calculate average exchange rate for time period where the person asking the question set the rules for the reward description in such a way that he ...
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Can we have a homework close reason on the "off-topic" close reason submenu? [duplicate]

Note: I am aware of the previous questions about this, but I'm not suggesting that all homework-related questions should be closed willy-nilly, nor that "homework" should be a top-level close reason. ...
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Good homework questions: answer with hints or full answers? [duplicate]

When a homework question is properly formed and includes an attempt at a solution what is the recommended way to answer? Provide a full and complete answer Provide guidance or hints that will lead ...
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What should I do when I see a question asking for the solution to homework? [duplicate]

Very recently (as in seconds ago) I saw this question. The question, if it gets deleted, spelled out a problem, and asked for the solution. I understand that it's (or used to be) perfectly acceptable ...
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What is "on-topic" for Homework? [duplicate]

Under the existing Asking policies, homework questions are acceptable as long as they have "a summary of the work you've done so far to solve the problem, and a description of the difficulty you are ...
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Contrived homework questions

Looking at this question got me thinking. A lot of people post homework question / programming assignments on Stack Overflow and that's fine if they make a legitimate effort (the linked question, not ...
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new off-topic closing reason : programming assignment

I would like to suggest a new closing reason to be added under "off-topic" : programming assignment This should be used for questions where the person asking it clearly just pastes his/her homework ...
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Proposal for policy change re on-topic rule 4 "homework"

We get a lot of "homework" questions, many of which have no attempted code and so fall foul of Rule 4 from the on-topic help page: Questions asking for homework help must include a summary of the ...
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Please clarify the policy on homework questions [duplicate]

"How to exclude letters while adding numbers in a for loop?" appeared today. It's clearly homework. There's no attempt at a solution, just a bare-bones statement of the problem. The policy in the ...
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SO is for answers. Should it be a cheatsheet for exams and tests as well?

There are some questions about homework but I weren't able to find one on this particular problem: What about answers for particular exams/tests? Say, there is a test used by some school/corporation. ...
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Stack Overflow and homework questions [duplicate]

I've used Stack Overflow over the years, but lately it seems the main purpose of Stack Overflow is for students to post their homework and ask for "help" without even trying to run the code ...
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Should I send students to Stack Overflow?

I teach an introductory course in which the focus is on learning how the machine works: memory, registers, caches, assembly code, and all that. But it is also the first course in which C is used, and ...
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How do I ask and answer homework questions?

Can one ask questions about homework here on Stack Overflow? If so, how should I go about doing so? What guidelines should users follow when responding to homework questions? Return to FAQ index