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Questions about the first version of the Ask Question Wizard feature, originally launched in 2018. For questions about the current version of the question wizard, use the tag [ask-question-wizard].

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What happened to the Ask Question Wizard / Guided Mode?

I've only checked the Ask Question Wizard when it was in the prototype phase and shortly after it went live. I was just trying to re-visit it now but I didn't have any luck. In the post linked above, ...
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Step 2: Review your question - This seems broken and prevents me from submitting my question

I am trying to submit a new question. When I clicked submit, it seemed to have put into some limbo step from which I can't proceed. On the right side, I see this: At the bottom, the Post your ...
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Our automated system checked for ways to improve your question and found none. Is this necessary?

Is this message necessary? It seems like a counter-intuitive extra step.
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Questions that don't require explaining what was done to try to solve it

When developing it's normal to find an obstacle. To go through it, we generally start with a question, "How can I solve this?" (being solved defined as X) Most of the time we manage to go through it, ...
49 votes
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Why do tags like <input> function as an HTML tag in the title of a question on Stack Overflow? Will this cause security issues?

My friend and I were writing a question title on this site, We wanted to use an HTML tag, but we saw to our surprise that the title of the question had interpreted our HTML Tag. I was wondering if ...
17 votes
1 answer

Choices for "What type of question do you have?" are too vague

The Software Recommendations Stack Exchange has lately been overwhelmed with off-topic questions that belong on Stack Overflow or Super User largely due to the Ask Question Wizard on Stack Overflow. I ...
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Guided mode does not show a preview [closed]

I can't see a preview of the question while making it, it is not updated as you type in the form. The preview in traditional mode works. A workaround i found consists in write anything in the final ...
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How do I exit "guided mode"? [duplicate]

Out of curiosity I clicked on "Use guided mode" when I was about to ask a question on Stack Overflow, and now I can't find a way to turn it off. How do I get back to the normal question form?
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28 votes
1 answer

Unable to post a question because tags won't display in drop down menu

I'm currently trying to post a question but when I enter a tag like python, no drop-down menu appears, and so the post question button remains greyed out.
19 votes
2 answers

Can't post a new question using guided mode

I have attached screenshots of the question page I see after going through the various steps of the Ask Question Wizard (guided mode). Why is the 'Post Your Question' button greyed out here?
20 votes
1 answer

Should Guided Mode allow snippets?

Currently new users are led to guided mode to ask their question. Guided mode does not have an option to add a Stack Snippet. I have a feeling, at least for JavaScript/HTML/CSS questions, this leads ...
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131 votes
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Include "Don't post images of code" in the guide

I was trying the wizard mode of asking a question, and when I came to the "Show some code"-section it said "Don’t paste an entire file", and "Don't paste just one line". My suggestion is to also add "...
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98 votes
1 answer

Please reword the Ask Question Wizard's intro for Software Recommendations

In the Ask Question Wizard, there are 6 options: 3 of these options make a customized message appear. For instance, the "I have a question about some code" option's message is a custom message about ...
23 votes
1 answer

Malformed link at the Ask Wizard's "Show some code" step

Notice the non-rendered link labeled "minimal, reproducible example":
59 votes
1 answer

What is "Well i asked this question in hamework help section" about?

I just saw this comment under a post currently being obliterated, as it is a homework dump (literally a copy-paste): Well i asked this question in hamework help section This, exactly as written, ...
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36 votes
1 answer

Make it more obvious how to exit the Ask Question Wizard

When asking a new question I noticed that there was a link (no explanation) beneath the heading 'Ask a new question'. It read 'Use guided mode'. So I clicked on it. It opens a new page where you are ...
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220 votes
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Why are so many recent question titles starting with "Say..."?

I recently noticed rather unusual pattern in some question titles: these start with word "say", followed by what I would call a real title, in quotation marks. After noticing pair of such questions I ...
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1 answer

Can we add the Stack Snippet editor to the Ask Question Wizard?

Is it possible to add the traditional tools to the ask question wizard? Not having it in the wizard requires someone to ask the question in a poorly formatted version and then after posting it going ...
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Force a bad question asker back to the wizard [duplicate]

Is there a way to force/suggest a bad question "asker/OP" to use the new wizard The Ask Question Wizard is Live! I am one more likely to ask someone to improve a question or even edit it myself then ...
13 votes
2 answers

Can OP use the "Ask-question-wizard" to edit his question

Recently I came across this post (screenshot for sub 10k rep). As you can see, the OP had some serious trouble formulating and formatting his question which resulted in a standard avalanche of ...
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13 votes
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How "mandatory" can we make the help wizard?

I was reading the featured post of the Question Wizard, which is great that it's finally out and has recorded positive metrics! However, I am still a bit unclear on the actual "must use" nature of ...
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Ask a question wizard is unusable on Internet Explorer 11 [closed]

When trying to use the Ask a Question Wizard using Internet Explorer 11, the Tags and Review pages expand and shrink constantly, much quicker than the animated gif below, making it unusable. ...
9 votes
1 answer

'Ask a question' wizard and non-code-related questions about software tools

I'm wondering if questions that relate to software development tools but that don't involve code are allowed on Stack Overflow. The example I have in mind is non-code-related questions about Xcode's ...
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Will the ask question wizard be on all Stack Exchange websites?

I was on and went to ask a question and noticed that the wizard was not present. Do features roll out on Stack Overflow and if the features work they go to all ...
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684 votes
49 answers

The Ask Question Wizard (2018) is Live!

Editors note: For the Ask Question Wizard 2022 see Feature Test: Ask Wizard for New Users (trial has completed) I'm really happy to announce that the Ask Question Wizard is now live on Stack Overflow!...
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1 answer

Identify duplicates in "Ask a question" wizard

On a daily basis I encounter lots of duplicates and bad (or just not) researched questions. It is endurable, but annoying. I think that SO should recognize duplicate questions more easily. This ...
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Why does the direct link to the Ask a Question Wizard lead to a 404 for users who aren't in the test group?

I was trying to access the Ask A Question wizard, for the purposes of answering a question over on Meta Stack Exchange. The link to the wizard is supposedly at
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How to get improved editor for asking Stack Overflow question? [duplicate]

Whenever I ask questions on Stack Overflow I get one of two different "question editors": One is the standard editor where you select all the different features you may want in your question. (images,...
28 votes
0 answers

The question wizard didn't carry over my post body from the Description to the Review step

I am trying to ask a question with the new question UI (very,very slick), but I've run into a very weird problem. When I click the review button on the description page, it gives me a blank textbox ...
6 votes
1 answer

Option to disable the "Ask a question wizard" [duplicate]

I haven't asked a question since the end of last year. Now it seems I have to go through a few more hoops in order to get that done, whereas before I was presented directly with a nice, well laid-out ...
3 votes
2 answers

"Ask a question process" different on Chrome to IE

When I ask a question using IE (11.472.17134.0) I am taken through to a page with 5 headers "Type, Tags, Title, Description, Review" and asked to fill in these sections as I go. Each section has it ...
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Stack Overflow Chrome Question only Guided Mode

It's really annoying for me that in Chrome on Stack Overflow I just can use the Guided Mode to ask a question. In Firefox I get an normal editor. Chrome is so annoying because the whole editor is ...
56 votes
2 answers

Spooked by robotic/repetitive questions in the First Post review

While going through the First Post review in the last few days I have noticed something weird. A lot of new posters are now putting lines like "Did research, found nothing", "No code", or "Look online ...
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3 answers

New Ask Question UI doesn't allow asker to upload image

I recently encountered a small yet important problem. While, asking a question on Stack Overflow, there is a new UI, and there is no option to upload any image. On clicking on image, it just gives ...
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17 votes
1 answer

How to use the regular code snippets in the 2018 Stack Overflow update

I am a little confused with the new update of Stack Overflow, particularly on using the regular JavaScript/CSS/HTML code snippets we used to have to write our questions. Now the new update made it ...
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46 votes
2 answers

More useless long sentence titles from new contributors

I'm seeing more questions from new "contributors" that have a long, descriptive title that is, despite that, worthless. For example: Following exception is getting thrown while trying to create ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Can the new 'Ask-Question-Wizard' appear to users at-will as well?

Can the new 'Ask Question Wizard' appear to everyone at the click of a button? I seem to find the Wizard quite effective in its job, and think that it is unfair if it appears to new users only, and ...
56 votes
1 answer

My first experience with the "Ask a question" Wizard was infuriating

I understand what you're trying to do with the new wizard, but so far it has me pulling my hair out. Is there no way to disable "guided mode" for those who don't need it? Am I the only person ...
429 votes
38 answers

The Ask Question Wizard Is Now In Testing!

A long overdue update to our last prototype announcement, our developers are pleased to announce that they've finished the review process and responsive design updates to the Wizard and it is now in ...
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78 answers

“Ask a question” wizard prototype

You're all probably wondering who I am and where Joe is. I'm one of the developers on the Developer Affinity & Growth team with him, and I'm excited to tell you about a prototype that we'd love ...
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