I was trying the wizard mode of asking a question, and when I came to the "Show some code"-section it said "Don’t paste an entire file", and "Don't paste just one line".

My suggestion is to also add "Don't paste images of code". This is a fairly common mistake by beginners.

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    Users with less than 10 rep get the wizard, but can't upload images at all. Not sure if that's something to consider. – yivi May 28 at 8:42
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    @yivi If I'm not mistaken, they can upload images but not inline them. – klutt May 28 at 8:43
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    @Broman Yeah, Others and myself need to make them inline – U10-Forward May 28 at 10:26
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    @U9-Forward Noone should edit posts to make images of code inline. Those questions should be closed instead. – klutt May 28 at 10:27
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    @Broman No no no, I only care about images of something other than code – U10-Forward May 28 at 10:28
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    @Broman I only edit those. :P – U10-Forward May 28 at 10:28
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    It is a "don't put the poodle in the microwave" warning. Heaping on ever more directions like that has an averse affect, they'll just stop reading when it gets to be too much or too silly. Microwave oven manufacturers do this to avoid getting sued, they don't expect anybody to read the manual. We do need them to read it. – Hans Passant May 28 at 10:42
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    @HansPassant I read "don't put the noodle in the microwave" and was wondering if it is actually dangerous to microwave noodles. Good side effect: I have now learned that the whole "old lady microwaved her poodle and sued the microwave company" story is a legend. – Benjamin Krupp May 28 at 12:08
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    Legends are pretty useful to make a point. – Hans Passant May 28 at 12:14
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    idownvotedbecau.se/imageofcode . Include this content/link in it if possible – Manohar Reddy May 28 at 12:38
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    @ManoharReddy Just remember what Tim Post said. – Zoe the transgirl May 29 at 8:26
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    @hansPassant what happens if you actually add an image? It could be useful if a popup appears then, showing some guidelines for images. With that, the site stays clean and information is shown on point. – Jonas Wilms May 29 at 10:47
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    @HansPassant I disagree. Barely anyone puts poodles in microwaves. LOTS of new users try to put images of their code in their questions. I have txt files with boiler-plate comments of what not to do, including why images of code are bad. I could be wrong, but I don't think anybody has txt files with comments dissuading users from putting poodles in microwaves. I understand that we don't want to overwhelm users, but it needs to be as blatantly clear as possible that we want text if possible, images are supplementary. – zero298 May 30 at 3:46
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    @Zoe What Tim said is conterproductive to his own goals (both in terms of making new users feel welcome and in terms of having quality content). Read through the comments. I wouldn't take his advice on the matter seriously. – jpmc26 May 30 at 8:16
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    This rule could itself appear as an inline image, rather than text, for irony. There could be wording added to encourage the reader to try to copy an excerpt from that rule into their clipboard. – Kaz May 31 at 1:14

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