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Voting to close is the process by which users can vote to close a question as off-topic or otherwise disallowed by the FAQ.

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Is OP's stubornness a valid reason to close a post on Meta?

There is a user (whom I'm obviously not going to name) who frequently appears in the comment sections of my posts and whom I'm frequently in disagreement with. Shortly after they join the discussion, ...
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How to vote to close as a "duplicate" after votes for "needs details/clarity" are no longer relevant? [duplicate]

Here's the question that gives more context: internet connectivity status with react js. The question was first asked without including any relevant code (see revision 1). Later, code is added (see ...
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Closing a question for lack of clarity or focus or objectivity should require elaboration from the closer

I see a lot of questions about, "Why was this issue closed for lack of clarity/focus/opinion-based?" I'd like to propose something that could preemptively answer these questions before they'...
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How can I handle questions which provide an MCVE or "what I tried" generated by ChatGPT?

I came across the following question: Is it possible to import dcm files into Next.js?. It says the following in the body: is there anyway i can solve this issue? i tried to ask chat-gpt and it didn'...
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At what point does "Search and Research" become too much to ask? [duplicate]

The guidelines specify that we should "Search and Research" before asking a question. I recently asked a question which someone downvoted and voted to close. Their reason to close was "...
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Review system keep question in review but not close votes

A question can only be in the close vote review queue is someone already vote for. I just came on this review for How to Rewrite Custom Post URL With Taxonomy or Category Slug Appended Before the Post ...
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If I already close-voted, why doesn't it say "Close (1)"?

It seems I already voted on this question, although the text below the question says Share Edit Follow Close Flag where I expect it to show Share Edit Follow Close(1) Flag or a higher number.
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Close vote modal thinks I retracted my vote, but the question was closed and then reopened [duplicate]

The close modal that is shown for questions you have successfully closed but which have since been reopened is showing the wrong header: The text says: You cannot vote to close again after ...
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Add option to search for posts that were voted to be deleted, closed, etc by the user

I frequently come across questions that are very similar to questions that I voted to "closed as duplicate" or "delete" etc. So currently I have to manually go to the votes tab and ...
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Let gold badge holders assign a duplicate, after already voting to close

If a gold badge holder for a tag votes to close a question normally, and then later discovers a duplicate of it, can they be allowed to "cast a second close vote" as a duplicate? In the &...
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Fix timeout for the "You may only open the close dialog every 3 seconds" notification

Several of the interactions with the site are rate-limited and will bring up a warning notice if you do them repeatedly. For example, you can only flag comments every 3 seconds. Typically, these ...
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How can I appeal unfairly closed questions?

How can I appeal unfairly closed questions? I noticed that difficult and annoying* questions often get closed, not because they are unclear or lack details, but because the voter finds it difficult to ...
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Closing a question as a duplicate of 5 other questions that were all answered by the closing user

Today, I answered a question which later got closed by a user with the Gold Badge, as a duplicate of 5 other questions, which were all answered by that close-voting user. While I understand not every ...
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Disable Close votes if no more votes possible

If I don't have any more votes to close a question, the dialog should be disabled or at least show the information more visible. At the moment I can browse through the windows, write a text why I want ...
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Adding "lack of effort" as a close vote reason [duplicate]

I frequently come across SO questions that have code snippets just copy/pasted from poor online sites and asking what is the problem with that code and why it doesn't work. The main problem with these ...
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What should I do if there are two duplicate close votes that I think are wrong, and the question is not clear?

I just voted to close How can I get the input argument of a function being called in Python?. The question doesn't really make any sense at all, so I voted to close the question as unclear. ...
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Close votes "invalidated" [duplicate]

I had voted to close this question as "not reproducible" and provided a CodeSandbox link to prove it. Today, I got pinged by a response from OP and noticed the vote was gone. I tried to vote ...
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Enhance close and delete links [duplicate]

While we are currently running A/B testing on button styling for vote arrows, I am wondering whether the Close and Delete links on posts could also be enhanced in terms of UX. Here is how the Close ...
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Is "because it is about elementary material that should be learned by reading a C primer" a valid close vote reason? [duplicate]

I just noticed someone voting to close a post with: I’m voting to close this question because it is about elementary material that should be learned by reading a C primer or textbook and working on ...
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Prevent flags from being marked helpful by your own close votes

I had flagged a question as duplicate before reaching 3k (the question itself isn't relevant here) and later came to it and close voted it. That marked my original recommend closure flag on the same ...
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Why did this question accept four close votes instead of three?

I visited this question and elected to vote to close it as a general computing question. As I clicked on the close link I noticed it read Close (3)*. I clicked on the close link and was able to cast ...
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Chat with close voters about question closure

Read through the following scenario to see why I think being able to chat with the reviewing users of an issue is crucial: Scenario A question I posted recently (this one) was closed for needing to be ...
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I did *not* retract my vote

I flagged / voted to close a question as duplicate. It did get closed for that. Someone else reopened the question. I tried to flag / close it as duplicate again but I can't and I'm told: You cannot ...
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Is "I'm voting to close this question because it doesn't show any attempt or work" a valid custom close reason? [duplicate]

It was pointed out to me that "I'm voting to close this question because it doesn't show any effort" isn't a valid custom close reason. This was discussed in the comment section of How to ...
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Question Close Reasons - Definitions and Guidance

This community-wiki Q&A is a compiled set of guidance for the close reasons used on Stack Overflow. It's meant to be a canonical repository and a resource for the community – both for authors of ...
39 votes
5 answers

Question Close Reasons project - Introduction and Feedback

A few weeks after I joined Stack Overflow, I was given a project by my manager, Cesar, called “Question Close Reasons.” In short, the project was to create a community-wiki post on Meta Stack Overflow ...
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Why does the close votes review queue have so many audits?

I just reached 3k reputation. So, I just started to review Reopen votes and Close votes. Especially while reviewing in close votes, I did a lot of review audits. I'm actually at 16 reviews, and I made ...
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Should questions with answers obvious to experienced programmers be closed?

We all see lots of questions where the answer is you didn’t initialize that counter to 0 that pointer was not initialized to NULL your if(!(a==10 || x= 11)) logic is inside out ..... If the poster ...
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What should I do if a question is not a duplicate just because of some tag, but the OP accepts an answer that does not use the tag?

To give a specific example, I recently came across this question which seems to involve a somewhat common problem, so I searched for duplicates. I found a similar question, but it didn’t have the java-...
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Please add "tutorials" back to the off-site close reason text

The old close reason text for the off-topic close reason of 'off-site resources' used to explicitly enumerate "tutorial" in the list of examples of what wasn't allowed: Unfortunately, the ...
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What does Close (1) mean in Stack Overflow?

I posted a question on Stack Overflow 1 hour ago and I just checked back and found that there is a close(1) below my question. It looks something like this: When I click on the close button, it ...
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Is my question about a fake player in Minecraft not focused?

Some days ago, I posted Spawn fake player with Minecraft. Such as I see a flag as "Need more focus" (and the downvote), I was really waiting for some opinion about it. But, the close vote ...
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Old popular question asking for library requests with a valid non-library answer (Java regex capturing groups)

As presented, Regex Named Groups in Java is not a valid fit for this site, as it is seeking for software recommendations, which is disallowed on Stack Overflow: It is my understanding that the java....
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Does a user have any practical options for dealing with blatantly incorrect close votes?

Pretty often (to the point where I have a canned comment addressing one category), I see close votes that are clearly, objectively wrong. I'm talking about stuff like: Voting to close IDE questions ...
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Should I select "Leave Open" if a moderator had commented on (but didn't close) a post?

When reviewing close-votes on posts, every now and then we would encounter questions where a moderator had left one or more comments, but didn't close the question. Given that the moderator hadn't ...
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Why does it take so long for duplicate flags to be resolved?

Whenever I flag a post as being unclear, for example, it is addressed within a matter of minutes. On the other hand, when I flag a post as duplicate, it seems to take days/weeks to be addressed, and ...
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Is being "not sufficiently useful to the public" a reason to vote for closure? [duplicate]

Suppose someone asks a question duly and properly - shows some effort, provides an MRE or equivalent, is clear and everything. The question even gets an answer, that gets accepted. However, the ...
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Reopen votes aging time isn't directly mentioned in the help center

Quote from cast close and reopen votes: Close votes age away harmlessly if the threshold is not reached after several days. If the question has at least 100 views, close votes will age away after 4 ...
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What the purpose of close "my own" question instead of just deleting it? [duplicate]

I've unlocked the View close votes privilege recently, but I don't clearly understand it. This privilege allows you to view and cast close and reopen votes on your own questions. Viewing votes is ...
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Close vote and voting rights [closed]

Does the voting rights of a person get revoked if they close vote on every question that they encounter? What do we do if we know such persons which the system can verify?
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3 answers

How can we prevent or discourage people from closing questions about which they know little or nothing? [duplicate]

There is not a week that goes by that I do not see a question that was closed for "This question needs details or clarity" and yet the question is perfectly clear to me. My hypothesis is ...
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Allow voting to close questions as duplicate of Articles

As far as I understand Articles are official "how-to" guides and as such represent and can serve as canonical duplicate targets. Allow voting to close questions as duplicate of Articles. ...
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Is there a way to know who voted to close my questions?

I want to know who voted to close my questions. My two old questions were voted to close yesterday. I think there is a stalker who voted to close all my questions.
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What would be the right vote-close option for this question?

This question get intersection & union of two arrays from different documents in mongodb: Having 2 questions in a question: Needs more focus This question currently includes multiple questions ...
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Why was this discussion closed as a duplicate of another unrelated one?

A user recently asked a question, which was asking about the order of answers displayed in one's activity tab in their profile. Screenshot because it's deleted (credit to dbc). The question itself was ...
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Is it possible to find statistical data on voting, including the reasons for closing posts?

I am looking for a help for my research. I am planning to examine the degree of certainty of the specific reason for closure among the questions to be closed on the Stack Overflow. For this purpose, ...
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Congratulations greg-449, on reaching 100,000 close vote reviews!

A few minutes ago, I saw, on the SO Close-vote Review Stats, that greg-449 has reached the six-figure mark on close vote reviews: That's a remarkable feat that only EdChum has managed to replicate (...
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Should "failure to assign the result" questions be closed as typos?

I see a lot of questions where the poster has assumed that a function works in place (for example, the way JavaScript Array.sort works) and consequently failed to assign the result of the function ...
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Why did question 2487921 get reopened?

We have two almost exactly the same questions in PHP that deal with converting date format from one to another: Convert one date format into another in PHP Convert a date format in PHP <- reopened ...
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Is it valid for a gold tag badge holder to annul other users' votes?

This is very similar to the question Is it valid for a diamond moderator to use their powers to override the closing votes of other users, in order to reopen a question? My answer to that is yes, and ...
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