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Duplicate Off-Topic Reasons

For users having <3000 reps, Blatantly off-topic is available as a flagging option across all SE sites. Though both the OT options look similar but it is not a bug as per this comment: we're ...
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Where is Low Quality flag?

The system hides the option to flag a post as Very Low Quality in a few cases, namely when the post is: in Triage or Close review queue older than 7 days of positive score Speaking of your examples ...
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13 votes

Flag dialog claims I flagged a question or answer as VLQ when I didn't (raise a flag)

This bug has now been fixed network wide. In a certain case of flagging logic, it was checking all flags instead of just your flags to see if you've already raised a flag. I've fixed the check and you ...
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8 votes

Closing -> Duplicate: no matches with number of results. Is it a bug?

The results are cached from your previous search terms: If I just type "migration gcm", I get 11 results, adding "to fc" produce 0 results, so the modal just keep the previous results around in case ...
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Please move the Flag Button back to the right side

For those who want to return to the previous flag and vote modals, use these styles in a user styles browser addon such as Stylus: /* revert close votes remaining and submit vote/cancel button ...
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Broken HTML and unhelpful guidance in URL shortener warning for mod flags

Unfortunately we can't exempt flag content from the URL shortener checks. We also can't do too much about the message - there's a single bit of guidance we can show in all places where the check runs -...
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Please move the Flag Button back to the right side

Partially related, since we are on the topic of having to click less - My ReviewQueueHelper userscript: adds numeric keyboard shortcuts (1-7) to the flag/delete/reject/close dialog options (even ...
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Please move the Flag Button back to the right side

If it was moved for consistency, then all buttons everywhere in the interface should be moved to the left, including the review buttons. I'm not a fan of having to retrain myself to look in new places,...
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Please move the Flag Button back to the right side

This is a modification of TylerH's styles in the previous answer, but aimed at low reputation users that do not have close vote dialogs. I consider it a workaround. It addresses the dialog size, font ...
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4 votes

LQP Delete reason radios misaligned

Fixed now, see Misalignment with radio buttons in add comment dialog in LQP queue.
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4 votes

Invalid Code of Conduct anchor links in the comment flagging dialog

Thanks for the bug report! I've updated the links, please let me know if you have any other issues with them.
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When opening the flag menu (To flag a question, answer) then scrolling down, The flag menu does not move

It's not "disappearing". The "flag" and "close" dialogs scroll with the page. You can drag them around manually by grabbing onto the header with your mouse (e.g., to move ...
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3 votes

The flag menu moves down every time you navigate

Fixed earlier - see The "Flag" modal keeps going down for details!
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3 votes

Link "Full page" under a code snippet appear in the flag dialog

This is now fixed, it'll be live after our next production build.
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