From an answer on Meta Stack Exchange: Helpful means a [Moderator] specifically marked the flag as helpful, or the action that you were suggesting through a flag was taken by the community. Declined means that a [Moderator] specifically declined the flag. Disputed basically means neither happened. A [Moderator] never actually looked at the flag ...


It actually goes further than that: To even see your flag summary, you have to know that the "X helpful flags" link in your profile is clickable The sorting options in the flag summary are terrible. You can't sort by keywords, can't sort by time handled, can't sort by specific flag types. If your flags get handled out of order (they always do), then you ...


While this isn't personally identifiable information (as covered by our privacy policy), it's treated as non-public information. Only you and someone with moderator or above access can see your flagging history. It's designed like this because flagging is something we want you to do, if you end up doing a horrible job of it, it's us (moderators and employees)...


I take full credit or blame for this one. While we've been knee-deep in translations, a few rather ambiguous strings have been catching our attention, and this was one of them. Nothing changed with your flags – it was a simple copy change. Three sites translated this incorrectly, and the very same day I realized we'd have to go back and change all instances ...


I've created a userscript that fetches the four different types of declined flags in the past three days and display it in an inbox-style dropdown in the topbar. DeclinedFlagsNotifier


Since a lot of questions are marked as a duplicate of this one and there is no explicit answer in this thread: A flag raised during triage becomes disputed if the outcome of triage is not unsalvagable. In any case, even if the post is eventually deleted or closed, the flag stays disputed and will not turn helpful even if it was raised correctly during ...


Click on the number next to "helpful flags".


Pending seems to be the new active. Perhaps "active" suggested more urgency than was really intended. When I think of "active" I tend to think "Oh, they're working on it now...", as opposed to "pending" which seems to say "They'll get around to it..." Just speculation, but I doubt the change in language signifies any change in function.


It is the UI telling you that the post has been deleted.


There's no direct way to refer to a flag. The preferred way to do so is either to Add a new flag onto the same post as the previous one Link to the post the previous flag was added onto in the flag body or both. If you can't remember on which post you've added your previous flag to, you can use the My Flags page to find it (accessible from your profile ...


I'll bet you this is because of an internal design that is shared between all flagging histories. You're right that this isn't necessary on your own flagging history. However, mods can see anyone's flagging history - and on that it's more necessary, so they know who they're looking at. If you've got one system for flagging history, why change it for a use ...


The reason red-flagged posts are censored is to avoid NSFW moments and alike, if you randomly happen to end up on such a page. If you visit your flag history you probably do it on purpose, not accidentally, so you know the risk. Censoring all rude and spam posts would cause the flag history to be a list of indistinguishable posts, and thus pretty useless ...


This is working as intended. That text refers to the post the comments are placed on. In addition, clicking the hyperlinked question title leads you to the post, rather than the comment flagged. It becomes a bit more obvious when you flag multiple comments on a single post:


On SO: http://stackoverflow.com/users/flag-summary/<user-id> On Meta: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/flag-summary/<user-id> In my case, for example, user-id is: 1835379 As @slugster mentioned, you can find this page by clicking the number next to the "helpful flags" label, in your user profile. (In the stats category)


"Helpful" means that there was someone who voted to close in this case that agreed with your close reason. One single vote is all it takes to be marked as helpful; whether it's successfully closed isn't actually relevant. As noted in this Meta SE post: Flags to close a question will be dismissed as helpful as soon as another user votes to close it. ...


Disputed flags mean nothing. They reflect a dispute among peers; there is no effect, positive or negative, on your flagging history in so far as flagging privileges are concerned. That said, if you find a large number of your flags are disputed you may wish to alter your flagging strategy in order to waste less of your own time as well as reduce the burden ...


On your flag summary page, hover over the flag status ("helpful", "aged away", etc.) and you'll see the date on which the flag was resolved.


There's a very easy way to do this! Just hover over the status (helpful, disputed, or declined) and a tooltip showing the time of handling will appear. Here's an example:


There are 3 levels of flag warnings that you can get depending on how many "recent" flags you had declined. Recent in this case means over the last 7 days. For cases where you flagged fewer than 10 posts, you will get a warning based only on the status if your previous flag "Your last flag was declined - please review it before flagging this post" For ...


This has been implemented in the latest build. There will now be a category to include the total number of Aged Away flags. It will look similar to this:


It's just a comment flag. It has absolutely no effect on your flagging abilities whatsoever. Mistakes happen. Mistakes related to comment flags are completely inconsequential and you have better things to worry about. Furthermore, comments are ephemeral and fragile by design. We generally never bother undeleting comments by request, even though we have the ...


Looking at the code, given that the section of the code that populates the tooltip is in the same place as whether to apply the purplish deleted-answer class, I can only conclude that displaying the tooltip is intentional. Just to be 100% sure, I've asked my team to confirm whether that's the case. I'll update this post when I get an answer.


This appears to be the total number of answers on the linked page (excluding deleted answers), if any. It won't be shown if the link points to an answer.


It would be nice if this information was clearly visible. A slight adjustment to the CSS file would do the trick without having to do anything too crazy. .flag-outcome:after{ content: " - " attr(title); margin-left: 5px; } As an alternative, I wrote a userscript a while back that appends the time a flag was handled to the outcome. // ==...


Update: It appears as though you opened the dialog as the post was being deleted. This would've resulted in two unfortunate consequences: You wouldn't get a close option. The moderator responding to your custom flag would've found the question already deleted at the time you raised it. ...thus leaving you confused, and the moderator with nothing to be done....


The link is in the same place; here's my user profile on Meta.SO: But, you won't see it if you haven't flagged anything or if none of your flags have been handled. Here's my profile on another meta site, where I haven't raised any flags: You should see it as soon as any flag is handled, even if it is declined. Here's my profile on a beta site where my ...


The first one is SPAM and you should have used the SPAM flag. That would prevented the mods from having any workload as most spam ends up deleted with 6 spam flags. Hop in the SOCVR chatroom if you need either confirmation of spam or more spam flags. The second one is an answer to a question: You want us to write the program for you or just give you an ...


Sorry about that. Turned out we used the .deleted-answer style in far more places than just the question page itself. I deployed a round of fixes earlier today. The main thing I'm aware of that's missing from that is the flag dialog S.S. Anne mentions in their answer. I have a fix for that ready as well, and it should go out tomorrow. Thanks for the report!


I was going to disagree because I thought it would make even more work for the moderators with people challenging the declined flags all the time, but then I went and looked at my own declined flags: I had no idea I wasn't supposed to do that. I still wouldn't have known if I hadn't read this post today. So, I agree that we need a notification for declined ...


But if I don't have any helpful flags, how can I see them? By directly visiting the URL: http://www.stackoverflow.com/users/flag-summary/3937178

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