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Should moderators run automated bots under their accounts?

No, the bot should not run directly under Andy's account. In other words, the bot should not have moderator privileges. Why? One reason: If we do decide to let the comment-flagging bot run under a ...
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Should a veil of anonymity have a say in how we flag offensive comments?

That would be my fault. I saw the rude/abusive flag, but when I read the comment I missed the "f'ing" and "mofo" so while the comment needed to go I didn't think it was rude. Now ...
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Did comment flags just change?

Yes, there has been an open feature on MSE to change the comment flag categories for some time. It was implemented today. From Shog's answer: This is the new UI for flagging comments: (for reference ...
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5 seconds is too long, but if it must be, then give me a visual cue

What I would like to see is the ability to select multiple comments in a conversation, then flag them all in one go (and possibly show up as a single flag to the handler). Flagging 7 comments in a row ...
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Should moderators run automated bots under their accounts?

Allow me to provide a bit more context to the numbers bluefeet has in her post. Since August 1, 2016 the bot has had 7 declined flags: 2 in Sept. 2016 2 in Nov. 2016 1 in Dec. 2016 1 in Jan. 2017 1 ...
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"Thanks a lot! Thx!" comment - Flag declined

You were not wrong. Every new moderator is required to make at least one mistake to confirm that they are, in fact, human, just like the rest of us. Aaron Hall has passed the test. You can rest ...
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Lower five-second comment flag to three seconds

Proposed solution: Make the limit once per second and 50 per hour. That removes the problem for users entirely (because 1 second is really low enough) and limits abuse even further (down to 50 from ...
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Should moderators run automated bots under their accounts?

I think it's a great idea... Quite honestly, I've been waiting three years for Andy to get elected in the hope that he'd want to continue running this thing as a moderator. Heck, I don't think he ...
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Are "You clearly don't understand X" comments unwelcoming?

Comments disparaging someone's background like this are almost always unacceptable. A comment like You clearly don't know how SQL Server works then. isn't going to lead to a constructive ...
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What is the correct procedure for handling large amounts of trashy comments on a post?

I have had good results by flagging all applicable comments. My understanding is that moderators see them en-bloc and can deal with them as a group (confirmed by meagar ♦). Also, if enough people ...
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Is there any action moderators can take to stop a user from posting the same comment on all the questions they answer?

Can we stop them from just making comments? No. There's no such thing as a comment suspension. Raising a mod flag on one of the posts (with links to other posts doing that) are preferred. Comment ...
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Comments asking for clarification or an MCVE are not rude/abusive

As someone who posts these links quite often under questions that are in severe need of a facelift, I completely concur. We've even graciously been given access to shortcuts that make it easy to post ...
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How to deal with non-formalized quasi-vote-to-close-comments?

climbs atop soapbox, groaning I agree that this is problematic behaviour, and a very slippery slope. This has little to do with a Programming Q&A, it's a judgemental mob. Yes, the question is ...
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Should a veil of anonymity have a say in how we flag offensive comments?

That flag should not have been declined. Even under the now long gone Be Nice policy that comment was off-limits. With the new Code of Conduct the rules got more strict and clear: We don't want that ...
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Is it fine to call users "nerds" in comments?

I would have flagged the comment as well. It's obvious that OP wasn't saying "nerd" in a positive manner, the comment seems offensive and I expect it to be deleted regardless of the entire question ...
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How to flag comments with constructive as well as non-constructive content?

Flag as "Other" and explain the situation to the mods. Mods can then choose to edit the comment or delete the comment. Mods can edit comments, and this seems like the perfect use of that ability. If ...
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We-are-not-a-code-writing-service comments. Are they the good, the bad, or the ugly?

So... There are definitely people who treat the site like a code-writing service. There are students - freshly-minted every year - who never got the message that the expensive education they're ...
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Should a single flag be able to delete a comment from the post owner that includes the word "downvote" (or variation thereof)?

Sometimes even if the original downvoter doesn't see the comment, someone else can contribute a guess as to why the downvote occurred. Even if it's wrong, it's still probably useful information. For ...
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No longer needed comments flagged but declined, why?

Well, not much I can say about this, other than offering an apology. I honestly don't remember handling these flags, but there's absolutely no way I'd deliberately decline them. As yivi commented, ...
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Struggling to get an irrelevant and incoherent comment deleted; why decline this flag?

I was one of the two moderators who handled those flags, so I can at least explain my take on it. I'll be honest, comment flags that don't involve insults or other kinds of abuse are pretty much near ...
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Are users still punished for "unfriendly or unkind" comments left on deleted posts?

Yes, the "punishment" that exists for users who leave a large number of "unfriendly or unkind" comments still applies when the comments are left on deleted posts. That's a bit of an overstatement, ...
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Should I flag comments that are encouraging OP to use ChatGPT to write their code?

Mentioning ChatGPT in comments isn't banned. Posting content generated by ChatGPT is! Comments can be used to ask for more clarification and/or provide constructive criticism about the post. All other ...
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What can we do to police abuse when moderators are unavailable?

There are automated systems in place already. They were working. Let me explain. Early this morning (just before 07:00UTC), when I was getting ready to catch a train, I caught the first 'rude or ...
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What is the etiquette on "calling out" individual users?

I am the person that posted the comment being discussed. First, Lankymart, I apologize that my comment made you feel hurt and singled out. Neither of those things were my intent in leaving the ...
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What happens when I flag an unwelcoming comment in a blatantly poor question?

I flagged an unwelcoming comment in a blatantly poor question and say, moderator agreed - what next? We delete the comment. You get a helpful flag. (You can celebrate if you hit a milestone like 500 ...
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Why were my comment flags declined for comments that provided answers?

I declined these flags, and I fully expected this to become a point of discussion on Meta. Your growing insistence was clearly evident as you continued to flag the same comments repeatedly. I'm not ...
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Should I flag a comment for editing if it is a mix of chattiness and helpfulness?

We try to avoid spending too much time moderating comments where possible. We only edit a comment if the comment is extremely valuable save for either a small but significant error that needs to be ...
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Should moderators run automated bots under their accounts?

This question is fascinating because it has turned into a showcase for what is described in Thinking, Fast and Slow as the substitution principle. More specifically, "Should moderators [be able to] ...
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