When I click the flag icon to flag a comment, a dialog box opens with four options. The first two contain links to the Code of Conduct:

  • It contains harassment, bigotry, or abuse.
    This comment attacks a person or group. Learn more in our Code of Conduct.
  • It's unfriendly or unkind.
    This comment is rude or condescending. Learn more in our Code of Conduct.

The URLs are:

  • https://stackoverflow.com/conduct#personal-attacks
  • https://stackoverflow.com/conduct#unfriendly-language

However, clicking those links takes me to the top of the Code of Conduct page, since those anchors don't seem to exist on that page.

Some anchors that do exist are: expectations, unacceptable-behavior and reporting.

I suggest that the links in the dialog box be updated — the first one to unacceptable-behavior, and the second to expectations, perhaps?

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Thanks for the bug report! I've updated the links, please let me know if you have any other issues with them.


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