Here's a simple CSS fix, from my answer to the meta.SE report: .nav { clear: both } This rule will cause the navbar to be properly pushed down below the announcement. Here's a pair of "before and after" screenshots showing the effect of this fix:    


This is one of the ch-ch-ch-changes mentioned in this post. It's responsive design, as you can see in this gif:


This was supposed to be a funny joke that relates to how the 404 page is rendered on desktop, with an arty "program" displayed alongside the error text: Since this image is not displayed on mobile, the text is a bug.


Perhaps Stack Exchange should make their textareas non-autocorrectable (or at least give a hint to mobile browsers to not use autocorrect). This code works: <textarea autocomplete="off" autocorrect="off" autocapitalize="off" spellcheck="false"> </textarea> I actually discovered this HTML feature here: http://davidwalsh.name/disable-...


Join us in building a kind, collaborative learning community via our updated Code of Conduct. I guess it wasn't built for the mobile browser.


I agree that this distinction should be removed. Nowadays, mobile devices that can run JS are perfectly capable of running it properly. The only issue SO would have with implementing this, would be the layout on smaller screens, but I'm sure they can figure that one out.


No they are not available, neither in SE app. Just checked them both. This is quite interesting and IMHO should be available on both platforms.


The announcement banner was created prior to the rollout of responsive pages. We're working on fixing it.


Click the "full site" link at the bottom of the page.


This bug was overlooked when fixing on the main, non-mobile display. Fixed in the next build, which will be going out shortly.


Those aren't the tags on the questions. They are the suggested tags based on the content and title of the question. The actual tags for the question are in the editable textbox directly below. Clicking on a suggestion would add it to the list of tags.


You probably accidentally clicked on the 'mobile' link at the bottom of the page (when the website is in 'Normal' mode). The solution is quite simple: on the Mobile version of the website, there is a link 'full site': This setting is stored in the theme cookie – 0 is normal, 2 is mobile. That's why your Incognito mode still shows a normal Meta Stack ...


In response to Erik von Asmuth's comment, here is a suggested redesign: The idea is to maximise the width space for the answer content, and move the gray vertical strip to a horizontal one.


A better editor (with better support for editing code) would be really nice. Here's a Chrome extension that'll give you one... But... Please don't try posting large amounts of code from your phone. Even if you manage to do it without screwing up the formatting, there's very little chance you're actually testing the code on your phone or able to respond to ...


No; the mobile version of Stack Exchange does not support viewing vote counts: The gotcha is that a lot of android phones really don't have the click accuracy you need to distinguish between up vote, down vote, and show vote split clicks. It's really quite frustrating trying to vote and accidentally displaying votes or vice versus. Since it's such low ...


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click that link. You're looking a the mobile version of the site - presumably you clicked the "mobile" link in the footer at some point...


You don't need a format-as-code button to use code formatting. Just use one of the following two methods (which are what the format-as-code button uses anyway): Surround inline code with backticks (`) Use at least four spaces to indent block code Block code also needs to be set apart from other text by blank lines. However, I have to discourage ...


I've come across similar issues myself and often just clicked the link at the bottom of the page to view the "Full Site", which gives you all of the content formatting controls. It's not ideal but gets the job done.


A fix for that is now in the repository. It should be up on the site in up to a couple of hours. Thanks again for reporting it. I will update question status once it's up.


I've fixed this bug and it is live now. After adding the new mod flair for Teams admins, we moved all instances of mod flair generation to a standardized function. I took a look around the codebase and this was the only instance of mod flair that I could find that wasn't using this function. It would seem that you found the only remaining item that was not ...


You can access the review queue using the regular url: https://stackoverflow.com/review. The 'experience' on mobile devices isn't very good so reviewing is quite hard to do. I am not sure if that is an important issue to fix, I don't think this should be a concern of the development team now. It 'works' and I am unsure how much reviewers will participate ...


I can find it present also in another browser and OS. My configuration is completely different from yours: Device: Galaxy Note8 OS: Android 8.0.0 Browser: Samsung Internet All my comments appear in small letters, similar to your screenshot. Any other comments have standard font size. Since I could see the same problem present also on another website, I ...


Thanks for bringing this up! I work on our design system called Stacks. A ton of Stack Overflow inherits the CSS and markup from Stacks, though not as much as I’d like. We want to fix this, but the problem with simply switching to 16px is that compared to the rest of our interfaces, the input text is huge. We’re tracking this issue on our repo and I’ve ...


Combining and redacted the answer provided here from waiwai933 and the comment from Kevin Montrose Because it's really easy to make a typo when using a mobile browser, and you don't want to clutter the tag-space with misspellings, so it's prompting you to recheck. It's very rare that a new tag is intentionally and correctly created, and mobile device auto ...


Although the mobile view is the default for new visits from a mobile browser, you can always manually switch between the web and mobile views with a link in the site footer: When you do this, the preference is stored in a cookie. Either you have clicked on 'mobile' in your desktop Firefox ESR browser at some point, or Firefox ESR synchronizes cookies ...


We've updated mobile CSS a little - code elements are now more easily distinguished in comments. Thanks again for reporting this. status-completed


You can acces documentation by manually navigating to https://stackoverflow.com/documentation or loading any link references to documentation in answers. Documentation is, however, not optimized for mobile nor available in the native app [yet].


Being able to view the vote counts on mobile web was only available for a very short amount of time when mobile web was first made available. It was removed shortly after because "click" precision on a mobile device is not accurate enough to hit the correct thing when there are three somewhat-small buttons all stacked on top of each other. There is no ...


In the Mobile view the Edit button is removed once there is a pending edit. That is a bit counter intuitive as the full site does have this edit (1) indicator instead. The timeline seem to confirm that an edit was involved: https://stackoverflow.com/posts/57736280/timeline There is an open feature request from a couple of 6 to 8 weeks ago that you might ...

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