Not directly from the 'hat' interface. You can check it for yourself; you'll need to go to your profile on Meta, check the All actions tab and the Votes tab and figure out which action (posting or voting) came first (after the start of Winterbash 2016). I can only see your post (this question), but voting records are anonymous so you won't see them for ...


Hats have no value beyond holiday cheer. They do not incur any privileges and they're all going away in early January. They're a little like badges, except these can be used to keep your ears warm.


It has just started on December 16th at midnight UTC, just as predicted by the official countdown. Visit https://winterbash2020.stackexchange.com for more information.


On Meta Stack Exchange there will be a concluding post, revealing all the secrets and the exact rules for the hats. To reach a broader audience there is also a blog post. The Winterbash site normally stays live throughout the year. The 2014 results were live till October, 29th based on this answer from balpha. By some reverse engineering you can preserve all ...


The answer is yes, I just tested it by opting out for hats upvoting two answers on Meta sites waiting long enough for the hat script to award the hats (I was even removed from the leaderboard) opting in for hats Immediately after opting in, I received a notification for two new hats.


It will not be disclosed to you officially. However, there's already a list of secret hats and a chatroom dedicated to finding out the triggers.


It means exactly what it says. If you have a hat, while the other members of the same community have at least 20 (different types of) hats, you'll get this hat. Or, if you understand SQL: USE <the database corresponding to your SE community>; (SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT hatname) FROM awardedhats) >= 20 AND (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM awardedhats WHERE ...


How fast can you change hats in real life? (be aware that you need to set the hat correctly on your head, and that you need to put the old one on its designated spot on the shelf). Everything is rate limited. The hat changing limit is even mentioned in The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide on Meta Stack Exchange. It would be hard to DDoS Stack Overflow just by ...


As you can see from the list of Winter Bash 2017 Hats it is for: Enjoy your secret hat!


Most date-based hats have a rather large window in which they are awarded. You just have to remember that if it's December 25th anywhere in the world, your actions qualify for the hat. The exact details for Bûche de Noël have just been published by a Stack Overflow developer: Bûche de Noël is awarded between 10am UTC on the 24th (12am of the 25th in some ...


After you "hate" your hats, you can re-enable it. You don't lose your hats. I can confirm this as I pressed the button by mistake and still have all my hats.


Winter Bash hats are meant as an event for the end of the year on the Gregorian calendar. It also serves as experiment for new badges and how to foment some behavior. So, no, hats will go away when the event ends.


Extremely unlikely. Because only Jon Skeet is worthy of wearing that hat. And he doesn't need to because he's already Jon Skeet.


No, the Community User cannot upvote. But when a user is deleted, in some cases their votes are transferred to the Community User. See Cody Gray's MSE answer about the Warm Welcome hat. And also the MSE FAQ Who is the Community user?: Owns up/down votes from very active deleted users. This way, the Community User can earn the hat and a mod can set the hat ...


Moderators can (and will) set Community's (user id -1) hat at will, so long as she has earned it in a faithful way.


Do you think these edits improve the post? Okay, maybe they're not the most substantial... but did any harm come of the edit? Would you have rejected such an edit with this reason? This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more accurate or more accessible. Changes are either completely superfluous or actively harm ...


Other than grabbing a screenshot on the last day, there's no sure way to keep your hats. I shan't speak for the SE team, but as I understand, this is part of the fun, it's a seasonal fun event, not just another badge system.


Yes, Winterbash 2016 is coming: https://winterbash2016.stackexchange.com/ No, it won't be here by the 14th. The event starts 2016/12/19, to run until 2017/01/08.


Stackoverflow will get a NullpointerException.


Winter Bash Hats are the virtual version of a Stack Overflow office tradition as explained in the video. The actual advantage is to increase community engagement through gamification.


No. You cannot earn hats for actions on Meta sites (unless the hat itself explicitly mentions it, like 'I Am Your Father'). So you cannot earn Maverick by posting an answer on Meta Stack Overflow. From the last paragraph of this answer: Most hats are awarded for things you do on the main site, but there are a few that are awarded for performing an action ...


Because the system doesn't support it, see this Meta answer by a user who was a Stack Exchange employee back then: Sorry, I'm going to status-declined this idea just because layering that many images on a gravatar isn't really feasible for us -- not without severely sacrificing performance. That said, there's a fairly easy "cheat" around this -- ...


If you push the red button you will be presented with the green button:


Added this answer because the accepted one basically said "It means exactly what it says." when I wrote it. Own any hat while the entire site collectively has at least 20 distinct hats Take all the hats everyone has gotten on the site, and count the number of different hats. If there is 20 or more different hats awarded and you have a hat, the condition ...


No; you only get one hat at at time. If you want two hats, you can always take a cropped screenshot of your avatar wearing one hat, then place the other one on your avatar anywhere else.


Under some circumstances, you can get this hat by flagging for closure (as a duplicate, off-topic, etc.). What the specific circumstances are is unknown; a Stack Overflow developer has stated that flags never count for this hat, but a lot of users (including yours truly on Hardware Recommendations, English Language & Usage, Mathematics, Puzzling, Bitcoin,...


Yes there will be a winterbash, there's already a countdown to it There's more information on MSE where there was a competition to guess the start date.


You will get a HatOverflow Error.


Personally, I see nothing wrong with people editing a few old posts to get a hat, as long as the edits leave things in better shape than before. Old posts don't get attention because, well, they are old. That's probably why we have a hat dedicated to this task, just like we have badges dedicated to it (Excavator, Archaeologist). If these things help old ...


How can I see a milliner's activity? Just add ?tab=topactivity to the URL in your browser's address bar, or replace "profile" with "topactivity" if that URL already ends with ?tab=profile. (1)I posted this answer because I don't see why cigien should get all that Meta-Rep for using my profile, while I get zilch! There may even be badges ...

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