It's (almost) winter on the Northern hemisphere, the coldest period of the year and associated with knitwear, especially Christmas sweaters. With this tool (available after clicking the 'Start Knitting' button), you can 'draw' your own creations and post them here. There might be a challenge involved (maybe the top x answers get a knitted sweater with their ...


The answer is highly probably no. In the past, hats which trigger on Meta sites have always been explicit about this, such as Member of The Hand (+3 post as new contributor, meta or main) and Freehand Circle (earn the Nice Answer badge on meta). Other hats trigger only on main site events, see e.g. Can I get a Maverick hat for answering Meta questions? You ...


Some hats require the qualifying posts to have a positive score. This is the case for Silencium as well. Your question is (while I'm writing this) still at 0 score (timeline) and does not qualify (yet). Implicit quality requirements To prevent people from posting nonsense just to earn a hat, most hats that require creating content, especially questions and ...


You can earn the Still Fresh hat on another site in the network you haven't joined yet (and wear it on Stack Overflow if you like). FWIW, I can't. You can earn the Guru badge multiple times, so it doesn't matter that you've already earned it; if you earn another Guru badge, you'll get the hat. You earn the Team Player hat by just visiting the Teams page, you ...


Winter Bash is something that happens almost exclusively on the main site. While some hats can or must be earned on Meta Stack Overflow, it's something that is stored on a level which combines Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow, and similarly for other sites in the network. The leaderboards are per site as well; Meta Stack Overflow does not have its own ...


There is no way to see this (this would also make some secret hats too obvious). You have to know the exact trigger for this hat: an answer created by you during Winter Bash accepted with a score of at least 1 (and some other things we can't filter on). This leads to the following search query, with eleven results: c# "Index was outside the bounds of ...


Each year has its own list of hats; hats don't get 'removed'. A successful/popular hat might be chosen again the next year, but there is no guarantee. Note that we haven't discovered all secret hats for 2018 yet; most likely there will be one for participating on Christmas and/or the Winter Solstice.


You will get it in few hours later. I had the same issue - I had opened a lot of times the SO Teams landing-page and I had thought that it is a bug or something like that. But few hours later I got this hat. My suggestion for SO developers: please write for this hat something like follows: "Don't worry! You will get this hat in few hours later."


According to the winter bash website, it says the following: which means all you need is to have 6 hats and just wear one hat each day, no need for them to be consecutive days though.


Hope my answer would help you, recently I got the clean-up hat, before getting this hat, my recent activities were EDIT - 2 : supporting review queue (I almost cleared 25-30 Q/A) this got me the Peacekeeper Hat, I checked it after @U9-Forward reminded me of that. So, flagging duplicate/off-topic questions (All this done on SO main), is the activity Also not ...


I had the same problem, and finally I found the reason after some investigations. For me, the Chrome addon Midlight Lizard caused this issue. For those who do not have Midlight Lizard installed, you can try to pause Greasemonkey, Stylish and so on.


Quoting this answer by @Eran on Meta Stack Exchange: We have a countdown! It looks like Winterbash 2018 will begin on Wednesday Dec 12 '18!


Unfortunately, it's simply impossible to see hat progress. It has never been shown, and you can't see it. It the challenge of Winter Bash, so you're unable to know, so you should just vote as usual and see your luck. You could try to compose a query on Data Explorer, or ask a question on Stack Overflow for asking how to do your expected query. So you can ...


Is there a way to check the progress on a specific hat? For example, for the "Gonna Find Out" ... It depends on which hat, as you are aware "Gonna Find Out" is obtained after you "cast 150 votes on questions or answers". You have 9 votes system wide. Some are easier to track than others, and some are obtained by means not yet understood. So get a piece ...


Bumpidy-bump. This is still not working for me. Any hat, any browser, anytime. I suppose it has something to do with me not being able to login at http://winterbash2018.stackexchange.com:


Its started! You can visit now https://winterbash2018.stackexchange.com/ Keep Earning Hats!

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