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Not sure about the hat from the Hat Dash but as per your current collection of hats in your wardrobe, all of them are available from the open market like Stack Overflow, Meta Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange Network. It doesn't looks like there will be any secret hat either. Even the top scorers from the Overall Stats of Hat Dash Leaderboard doesn't have any ...


Depends on your definition of dead serious. I call those devs smart. They did what we're good at: automating repetitive tasks. Some might call that cheating. I call it a friendly competition between "hackers" and Yaakov. See also: Do you see a way to cheat at Hat Dash?


Why does anybody play any game? Some may enjoy the game itself, some may enjoy the accomplishment of topping the leader board, and some may just really like unicorns. In other words - there's no prize associated with the Hat Dash. If you want to know why someone spends time on it, you'd have to ask them directly.


I don't think it's possible to get secret hats from Hat Dash, because it has no parent site. What I mean by parent site is that it can't give the secret hat to a specific site, because the Hat Dash has no parent site. It's pretty unfortunate... 😃😡😡😓

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