Go nuts. Technically, we own them, but you're free to use them as you see fit. Obligatory hat tip: (Yeah, I did that.) They were brought to life by talented illustrator Elias Stein, who we'd recommend wholeheartedly should you find yourself with any freelance illustration needs.


It's a countdown clock in minutes, until the nonsense...err...fun of hats begins!


Unless otherwise stated in the hat description, everything contributing to a hat's requirements has to have occurred during Winterbash. So all 10 of those consecutive days need to occur during the event.


Yes. It will start on December 14 and end on January 3. Source: The email notifying moderators of the event.


I came up with this hat. The original idea here was that we wanted to be helpful and welcoming to new users with edits. And since people aren't supposed to submit junk edits, the posts generally should be upvote-worthy after they've been edited, so that was made part of the trigger as well. I understand that not all first posts will qualify. Sometimes an ...


Hats are fun! But low quality posts, and off-topic mischief are not. Here's a list of the common hats that may cause mischief and how to spot it: You can take a look at the full list here of (non secret)hats here. Timey Wimey: this hat is received by editing old posts, so you may find users making pointless edits just to get it. Thalia & Melpomene: ...


Not sure why this was down-voted so much. Here's the current weather where I am: Yeah, it'll hit 90F by noon tomorrow. We might be looking at monsoons over the holiday. I'm roasting a prime rib, four chickens and breaking down a salmon. It's hot in the kitchen. But Stack Exchange doesn't live close to the equator; nor do most people that use it. We had to ...


I agree, this hat is definitely problematic. I think the intent behind the hat (more positive feedback to new contributors) is great, but in practice the hat all too easily just encourages robo-reviewing and mindless upvoting of bad questions. Based on personal experience I'd even say that, even for people trying to review carefully and responsibly, the ...


You can't have any downvotes during that UTC day. I see that you have one, so that's why you weren't awarded the hat.


You have to figure it out. Or if you really don't want to, some people will spill the beans about secret hats as they figure out what triggers them.


No, we don't show that anywhere. In fact we don't store or even query it anywhere, all we care about is the ids of the users who deserve any particular hat.


Last year we had a similar hat: Warm Welcome. Unlike this year, it was a secret, which might be why it didn't cause any noticable problems. But the other difference is that it did not require an edit. Therefore it was impossible to detect the posts that people were voting on to obtain the hat. Even with full voting data, it's difficult to determine which ...


You can see the revisions you made here and click through them. https://stackoverflow.com/users/1317053/aᴍɪʀ?tab=activity&sort=revisions Potentially quite tedious but only took a few attempts to find this edit that fits the pattern. https://stackoverflow.com/posts/34472804/revisions


Use a friends phone if you have to... it isn't impossible... but since they are imaginary hats that disappear soon, it really doesn't matter that much.


Nope, hat season is always temporary and they aren't a permanent feature on the site. If you wanted to keep your hat then you should have taken a screenshot of your pic with a hat.


Is it because he earn some of the hats on different sites? That's right. You get Specialist Hatsman if you earn 11 hats on one site. I think this makes more sense than if you would get it if you got 11 hats over the whole network, because in case of the latter, it would be hard to decide on which site you would get Specialist Hatsman.


You have to hit 200 reputation or more on 3 days. How that happens is outlined here. If you fall short on the upvote count but cross the threshold because of bounties or accepted answers, it will still count. In other words...you have to submit enough good questions or good answers to the site on three separate days that somewhere between 20-40 different ...


The best answer based on comments seems to be from @MartinSmith. Since there is no quick feature to hide the "hat" from a profile, without the 'I hate hats' (which I don't) opting-out, just open the user's profile in an incognito window Which is just a right-click away..


If the hat is consistent with other time-base hats, it will be eligible to be awarded when it is 12/23 somewhere in the world. One of the first places to see the new day is the Christmas Islands (UTC +14), and at the current moment, it is 10:54PM. You need to wait a little more than an hour to find out. Of course, there is always a chance it is based on ...


The code behind the animation is in home.js. Other code in the file seems irrelevant. ! function() { function e() { return Date.now() / 1e3 } function t(e, t, a, n, r) { var i = e[a] - t[a], s = e[n] - t[n]; e[a] = i * W(r) - s * Y(r) + t[a], e[n] = i * Y(r) + s * W(r) + t[n] } function a() { ...


Taking a cue from What are the requirements to get the “Weed Eater” hat? The first point is The answer was posted during Winter Bash and is not a self-answer. And hence I answered my own tumbleweed and accepted it, but was not awarded this hat is not a bug but intended.


Quoting myself from here, Most hats are awarded for things you do on the main site, but there are a few that are awarded for performing an action on the site's meta. Their requirement generally includes the words "on meta". You still earn these hats on the main site, but you earn them for doing something on its child meta. Implied here is that unless the ...


I almost tried it yesterday, with a question that was a real duplicate, but I felt bad about reopening that question, so I didn't. I ended up getting the I'm a Batman hat doing something similar, but not quite. I found a question in the Reopen Votes queue that was closed as duplicate. It was in the Java tag, in which I have a gold badge. It appeared that ...


As the hat's description states, you need to edit a closed question that you did not participate in closing (i.e. you didn't cast a close vote or handle this question in one of the review queues). Editing a closed questions automatically nominates it for reopening (in the Reopen Votes review queue). If the question actually gets reopened, you'll get the ...

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible