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While I still don't know the intent of the designer, there's evidence the design may have striven for gender-inclusion. To use a parallel example, in 2017, Paul Hunt contributed gender-inclusive representations to the Unicode emoji character set. From this article, look at the design evolution: The hat design still appears masculine to me despite wearing ...


No, the Community User cannot upvote. But when a user is deleted, in some cases their votes are transferred to the Community User. See Cody Gray's MSE answer about the Warm Welcome hat. And also the MSE FAQ Who is the Community user?: Owns up/down votes from very active deleted users. This way, the Community User can earn the hat and a mod can set the hat ...


The Quarantine Hair hat is quite clever Yeah, I agree. It is pretty awesome that the team was so thoughtful to include a hat that was close to real life events for a lot of people, had grim consequences, yet brought some light in these dark times. is this hat gender-inclusive? The jury is still out on that. There was no prior art or experience what ...


Why does anybody play any game? Some may enjoy the game itself, some may enjoy the accomplishment of topping the leader board, and some may just really like unicorns. In other words - there's no prize associated with the Hat Dash. If you want to know why someone spends time on it, you'd have to ask them directly.


Depends on your definition of dead serious. I call those devs smart. They did what we're good at: automating repetitive tasks. Some might call that cheating. I call it a friendly competition between "hackers" and Yaakov. See also: Do you see a way to cheat at Hat Dash?

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