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How do you earn the Row of Many Candles hat?

As you can see from the list of Winter Bash 2017 Hats it is for: Enjoy your secret hat!
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Does Community use the Android or the iOS app?

According to the FAQ, the Community user Own[s] downvotes on spam/evil posts that get permanently deleted ... Owns up/down votes from very active deleted users Those votes/...
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Why is the Winterbash 2017 removed?

This is likely the same bug as described here; the Winter Bash system just didn't respond in time to queries (I've seen load times of more than a minute). That means it should be resolved now. If you ...
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Why isn't Internet Explorer showing the Winter Bash icon or hats?

Winter Bash is disabled in Internet Explorer. This is due to a compatibility issue. The hats appear black in Internet Explorer, so Stack Exchange decided to disable it there. This is why you see it ...
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2017 Winterbash

Yes there will be a winterbash, there's already a countdown to it There's more information on MSE where there was a competition to guess the start date.
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How many secret hats available in winter bash 2017

We don't know (it's supposed to be a secret). Past years show that about halfway Winterbash, when most secret hats are discovered, we poke one of the employees and ask if there are any more to be ...
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Where are my Like Clockwork and Too Cool hats?

The Like Clockwork app is for visiting the site for 10 consecutive days during Winter Bash 2017. For the 'Too Cool' app, you need to be using the official Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange app (and the ...
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Stackpromo's SSL error

This was reported on MSE already with this answer from hairboat: My bad. Word on the street is stackpromos.com probably isn't supposed to have a valid cert, but I linked it in the blog ...
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Why there is no hat for taking back downvotes?

There are generally two reasons we don't have hats for a particular action: We didn't think about it; We can't track whatever the action is in a way that makes a hat feasible. (For example, a hat ...
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How many secret hats available in winter bash 2017

Secret hats are just that. Secret. The number of them won't be disclosed, and how to get them won't either until Winterbash wraps up for the year. If we were to know how many there were, we would ...
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Tooltip is missing on Winter Bash menu

Good catch – added. Thanks!
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