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Where are my Like Clockwork and Too Cool hats?

The Like Clockwork app is for visiting the site for 10 consecutive days during Winter Bash 2017. For the 'Too Cool' app, you need to be using the official Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange app (and the ...
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Fanatic/Enthusiast badges missing in Teams

These badges were intentionally removed from Teams, in addition to a few others. A full list: Critic Citizen Patrol Peer Pressure Enthusiast Fanatic We wanted to remove badges that do not apply well ...
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Why Consecutive days are not public?

Why Consecutive days are not public? Because this is private information that the public at large has no business in knowing. I can only imagine some boss or client spying on this info and going for ...
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Enthusiast badge problem

The visitor badges badges use the UTC "day". That is they count midnight UTC (00:00:00) as the start of the day and 23:59:59 as the end. The visits don't have to be 24 hours apart, just in 30 or 365 ...
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Have the fanatic and enthusiast badges been discontinued?

No, they're very much alive. Recent activity of both Fanatic and Enthusiast badges indicate that they were awarded within the last hour of this writing. What you want to do to check/audit this for ...
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